After 18 years of searching… i FINALLY found this song…

Do you remember this song!?!??!?

It used to play on KTV1 daily. Several times aday actually.

It is my most most MOST favourite song ever. and one day it suddenly disappeared from the face of earth, and internet. I looked all around q8 for it, even the old cassete recording places in Q8. and i mean ALL of Q8. Fruitlessly.

& 2day i found it at You Tube!!!!

I remember sitting my baby sister down, infront of the tv, she had barely began talking then, only a year old, and made her memorize the song.

You might remember it. You may never heard of it.

But i believe it sums it all. My tears willl not stop.

Thank you K0003 for putting this up. You totally made my day.

If anyone needs translation, just let me know.


5 responses to this post.

  1. OH MY GOD !

    How come ma nathker !!

    That was during the invasion .. kent a’3ani ma3ahum w 7af’9at-ha ..

    I was surprized eny still 7afa’9-t-ha !!

    Bs sha’3lt el clip bedait a’3ani m3ahum


  2. Posted by Girl on March 1, 2009 at 4:42 PM

    Omg i remember this!! i remember the video but i cant remember the song kilish belmara :/!! aahh memories!


  3. OMigoooshh

    wallah listening to this triggered so many memories..!
    yethakerny eb the time just after ghazo.. going to school, being told not to pick up anything strange from the floor..

    thx 4 the clip!


  4. Dont know it ;/


  5. oh mi god

    i remember this song!!

    bghait abcheee!!

    allah lay3ood hal ayam


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