7:45 am… i am just sitting on my desk. I am just sipping my coffee that tastes a bit like fairy liquid because i just washed the cup and seems like it didnt rinse thoroughly…


My office phone rings. A strange number. I think about ignoring it for a moment but knew i didn’t want to call back… so i pick up.

Caller: Helloo (a man that could be palastenian/jordanian but with a heavier than usual accent)

Me: Hello?

Man: Is this the *work place name*

Me: Yes it is?

Man: jeshsahjioahjoihgoigh

Me: Huh? Sorry i did not get that?

Man *impatient now*: North Q8 Clinic

Me: North Q8 clinic? ishfeeha?

Man: Badiiii asajel north q8 clinic

Yesajel north q8 clinic in shino?!?!!?! Shelsafla?

Me: Im sorry but i think you need to call the badala (the operator) for that

Man Exploding in Rage: LA SHOOOOOO (WHY?)… LA SHOOOOO BADEE DOOO2 3LA IL BADALEEEE LA SHOOOO HAAAA (why do i have to call the operator WHY?)

Yatnee khoosh zaffa min soba7 allah khair?!!?!?!! Ishsayer hal yomain?!

Me in anger: You must call the operator because i do not know what you want and i cannot help you!!! Call the operator!!!!

Man in anger and disgust: Khalas Khalas (CHRAAAAAAAAAAAAK) slams the phone in my face…

6oo6 6oo6 6oo6 6oo6…

Ya fata7 ya 3leem ya Razaq ya Kareem!!!


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  1. Yallah 9oba7 5eer !!

    3ad entay allah ehadeech LA SHOO MA SA3ADTAY EL RAYAL .. LA SHOOOOOOO !! :p

    9ij 3ad .. akrah shay ena e9eer shay bel dawam men 9oba7 allah 5eer e5areb el mood :@


  2. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 19, 2009 at 10:01 AM


    Loool mo wedee asa3dah ana… bs wallah madry shino yabi!!! Chan geltlah take this extension or call flan or 3lantan…

    But seriously shino north q8 clinic i basajelha … shino intekhabat?!!

    Madry min wain yete7athefoon 3lay hal awadm min ams!


  3. 3adi ana 24/7 mazfofa, 9ar shay 3adi


  4. hehe a very good morning to u danderma ;**

    ana dag 3lai wa7ed yabe maktab elwazeer o mo9er ena ana sekrtairtah!
    3afwan elnumra ghala6
    hatha maktab elwazer
    la walla elnumra ghala6
    bala ana dag
    bs hatha mo maktab elwazer
    alo wayn elwazer?
    3afwan elraqam ghala6!!
    ana dag 3la maktab elwazeer!!!!!
    ana asfa elraqam ghala6 b-b-byyee!

    walla y7laile ma36eta wayhh sa7?:p


  5. Posted by Shesafla.. on February 19, 2009 at 11:04 AM

    shino ya3ni “shesafla” do u mean shesalfa? u wrote it twice .. the title and in the post .. is it an insider joke? or badliya? 😛




  7. LOL! ez3aj men e9eb7 :p

    You wash your cup yourself?


  8. Posted by yara4ever on February 19, 2009 at 1:55 PM

    Waaaaay e7errr ;/ ya3ni he got ur workplace right he should know that u do things other than give out numbers like an operator!


  9. shfeehum ilnas seriously!! alla ehadehum… ma testahlain ;p


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 19, 2009 at 4:00 PM


    3lamkom? All dr. bloggers yegolon inah yezofonkom o yel3oboon fekom?!?!?! Dr’s wella 7arb!?


    Thanks hon 😀
    EE wathe7 inich khasha il wazeer… laish ma ta36een il ryal il wazeer…

    El 7al min ba3thoh y3ni ana o intay ?


    Im going to assume ur a guy cause guys just love to hunt for badlyat :p

    Yes you caught me. No its a huge badliya and a very funny one too loool…

    keep in mind that i wrote this post before 8 am! and while not yet equipped with my daily intake of caffeine… hence the result 😀


    Ee walla yalla soba7 khair… 3yonna ma teba6elat lel7een…


    I washed it at home before i made the coffee… but i was running late so it looks like it was not rinsed thoroughly! Those soap bubbles just don’t go! Urrghhhh

    At least it was clean coffee lool


    Ishdaranee 3nah… ma geltlik shay deg 3la il operator… it’s not like i know his job is with me and im telling him call the operator…

    who gave him my direct phone number anyways!??!?!?!?


    Ma adri il awadm 3lamhom!!!!
    Ana agool chood il ‘3bar?


  11. Posted by Seattle Dude on February 19, 2009 at 5:48 PM

    i would’ve messed around with him some more 😛


  12. In Kuwait we r the enemy for some reason.


  13. god i hate ppl ele y9arkhoon 3ala gel sana3 !


  14. so apparently im not the only person who had a crappy day elyom =\


  15. That is hilarious, I would have put him on speaker phone and messed with him for a bit.

    But actually not min siba7 allah khair, min la khilg? :p

    That’s why I try not pick up my phone before my first cup of coffee, coz when things like that happen I lose my temper, chan sharsha7ta 3ala itiliphone khalaita ma idig mara thanya.


  16. Posted by Lama on February 20, 2009 at 10:46 PM

    MY God, I miss you blog,


  17. hi.. i’m new to the world of blogging,, though i’ve been a silent reader of your blog for quite a while.. thanks for keeping me entertained with your wonderful stories,, i’ve decided to try my hand at having my own blog.. don’t know how long i’ll last but hey everythings worth a shot,, visit me




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