التجنيد الإلزامي يعود مجددا




Ana raylee yeroo7 9 months tajneed yel3oboon feeh… o oho ibro7ah il 7sasiya makletah imsaweetah chinah red lobster…  o 24 hours rasah ye3awrah!

O ana wain aroo7?! Wain Awalee? Ag3ad 9 months irboo7ee? Bedon my husband y3ni?!!! a7achee mino?! ? akalim mino ashkee 7g mino?!

Insha2 allah arj3 ag3ad dari ib beet oboy 9 months?  

wella a7e6 li Skype o a7acheeh ihnak????

Ahajer y3ni? Asheel gashi aro7 UK akamil li masters for 1 year 3la ma yekhalis il tajneed?

Shakhbaree tajneed… wain ga3deen!!!! Mo ako shabab their job goes to working bel jaish?!

Mo sadam shalooh? O il amrecan rabe3na mawjodeaen?! B3d Jaish ish7aga? Shino beseer ben7areb minoo?

and yakhzoon my husband o a3eesh wa7eeda? yeraj3oonli ayah makfookh o yo3an o im6ag6ag?

O ilee 3ndah business shesawee? Ye3azel his business? khalas? yesaker y3ni? 9 months????

O il young male dr’s who just opened their own private clinics, they will close it for nine months mo?

Inzain mako agsa6?!?!?!?!?

Inzain itha yebt shahada min imam il masjed inah raylee khoosh ryal o mitrabee o 7asan il sair o il solook… yeseer ma ahdem beete for 9 month?!

Shino hatha?!!?

in7alat mashakel il balad 3shan yeraj3oon tajneed?!!!! LAISH!!!!


*starts sobbing*


7asab jaredat il anba2 in november, the new law might include girls who are over 18 and not married and finished studying!!! Yalla ya daloo3atna il 7elwat kil wa7da tetzawaj gabil takharoj min awal wa7ed ye6eg il bab or you will be scrubbing the floors in tanjeed, 3bood 3la il 7dood style!!!!

And if you think that tajneed will make crooked men right… well, ilee yesm3 il7een yegol il older generations masha2 allaaaaaaaaaah imga63een il denya min il tharaba o il ettiquette o il akhlaq o il isteqama mo? Mahom ra7aw il tajneed …. yoba bu 6bee3 ma ye’3ayer min 6ab3ah o 9 month confinement bel tajneed does not change it…

Seems like the next q8 bloggers meeting will take place in J1!



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  1. wallah we need tajneed in q8 isan3oun hal shabab eli imga3da bil malls! bas may9eer married one’s ou il yeshtaghloun 3ad! is it true wala bas 7achi jarayed?


  2. I’m thinking most men will enjoy this. They love playing cops and soldiers. Besides, 9 months isn’t really a long time. I’m sure you’re gonna miss your husband but it’s not like he’s going to War. You can do stuff while he’s gone, like take plenty of courses, redecorate and stuff. Maybe a 9 months space can re-spice your marriage life too. Who knows. Considering this information is final and true of course. Stop whining 😛 They might change their minds as usual.


  3. lazem ya3niii???
    haw witha ilrayal mayabeee!
    mayseer chthii!


  4. A total “Daddy’s Girl” moment 😛

    Let them go get disciplined, toughen up a little. It might have some advantages…


  5. wtf tajneed. our generation mo mal tajneed, mal akil oo noom, btw do they have a tv in tajneed cause i have to watch desperate housewives !!!







  7. wai3 tajneed! =\


    oo my uncle ga3ed yammy egool a7san 3shan elshabab e9eroon reyayeel oo my dad radd 3aleh gala mako amal lol!


  8. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 17, 2009 at 9:21 PM


    Seems very true…
    inzain give people a choice, or keep it like before 30 years and below… ana my husband almost 30!!!! almost passed… leen 35 min feeh 7ail 3athab?!


    9 months will make me move to my old bedroom in dads house. Then by the time he is back i will have to re root my life all over again. I would enjoy the roller coaster if i had control and i chose it. But i did not. I have been hyperventilating and freaking out since i read that piece of news…


    Apparently mo ibkeefah. Lazim yetraba il rayal :`(

    My husband is tough. i do not want him to go away for 9 month :`(

    Q80 Boy
    Ay desperate housewives… u would be lucky if u had a radio there!!!

    See the movie 3bood 3la il 7dood and u will know what is waiting for u…

    If ur still in school plan to go and complete ur studies abraod until ur 35… only way to avoid this…

    Delicately Realistic

    :`( not fair NOTFAIR


    EE walla mako amal…
    El tarbiya il san3a ihe itsawee il ryayeel ryayeel… mo 9 month tajneed…

    inzain welle already rayalen sn3?


  9. Yalahweeee !
    I’m 22 and single o un employed !
    rather asawey 3amaleya ente7ariya 3ala elajneed !
    wela shrayej tdawereeli rayel?


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 18, 2009 at 12:32 AM


    Unemployed b3d? Intay awal wa7da itro7een il tajneed… 3ad don’t worry you will be able to use guns o machinery well after you finish…

    y3ni next time anyone yekhezech you can just pull out a grenade o itkhar3eenhom feeha…

    Shino mowasafat rajol a7lamech??!?? 3ndi okhoy wa7eed omah o mo metzawej… 3la wesh zawaj y3ni… fa his wife will be lucky he won’t be whisked away to tajneed!


  11. Posted by yara4ever on February 18, 2009 at 3:06 AM

    Awal mara asma3 bil maw’6oo3 ;/ badish 3ar’6 shway… shrayech tro7eeen el maldives???? the best time to go is feb and u wont see a soul and 3 days is more than enough


  12. ‘6aim o rab ilka3ba!! fe ashya’a aham isawonlaha laws!!


  13. Posted by Seattle Dude on February 18, 2009 at 12:06 PM

    what the hell?! 9ej ma3endehom salfa hathool. yeah 5al en76 some useless program to humiliate people and call it national pride.

    walla i’ve heard tons of stories about dumb officers who do stupid shit under the banner of military discipline.


  14. Thats even worse news !!
    Im sure they will be after doctors mo sa7 ?!



  15. Yaah yaah , a brother o wa7eed omah ya3ney mertah ra7 t9eer ” ya dhaina la tenkatain” mo? :Pp
    yeah please whisk him myside 😛
    above 25 i hope:P


  16. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 19, 2009 at 12:17 AM


    Maldive gal3at wadreeen o yegoloon kilha big lizards because of the sea… akhaf 😦

    B3dain ana o 7jabee o dinyetee ana wain o il ba7ar wain?

    By the way, i have a chronicle fear of swimming. I never set one toe before la on a beach nor on a swimming pool, including our own swimming pool downstairs. I do not even know how to swim!!!


    ‘6aim min ‘6aim!!! il denya shofay wain iwsalat o i7na lel7een tajneed o man3 ikhtela6 o sheelaw il underwear min il shop windows!!!

    Seattle Dude

    Yalla get ready o pack ur bag!
    o 3ad humilation min humilation… 😦

    Delicately Realistic

    Yeah i guess u would be very valuable in the battle field… especially for man3 ikhtela6 and all of that…

    Give me mowasafat rayel a7lamich lets see what we can do :p


    oooh min il7eeeeen imdal3een il channa min gabil la ityey… tabi teshterelha sayara o her flat zahba o tabi itsaferha wyahaa in the summer… 3sa bs it7ebeen UK?

    Unfortunately he has just turned 24… maykhailf one year shino y3ni?!?!? i know a guy a drop dead gorgeous guy who married a girl who is 5 years older than him o la khe6bat ahal b3d…


  17. Posted by yara4ever on February 19, 2009 at 12:21 AM

    its 3 hours away from dubai, super private eli ana ba3ad mit7ajba khathait ra7ty without 7jab no one is around 9ij kan paradise:) we had a massage on the beach, 9oot el light breeze o el ba7ar wel birds allaaah i wish i could go back 🙂


  18. Posted by Peony on February 22, 2009 at 1:48 AM

    i’ll move till im 30 🙂 or till i’m married…

    no way im gng!! min kither the wars we have ili they also need us women to go to tajneed?!

    a9lan is it even safe for women to go? even with the segregation… ya3ni come on..

    wait waiit… law ana bint wa7eeda, haam etilooni? they can’t, right? if they’re treating us like men, wa7eed omah can’t go so basically i can’t go either.. yeah?


  19. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 22, 2009 at 1:20 PM


    Mino beydareb il 7reem balla?! Ryayeel?!

    o if 7reem? Imgaine il 3oqad ilee 7orma will inflict on another 7orma…

    It was written in Alqabas ams!!!

    O il nekta?

    I have two sisters not married, and one brother.

    My one brother won’t go because he is w7eed omah
    My two sisters will have to go!

    So the girls go and the boy stays!!!

    Maskhara mo?!


  20. Posted by Zabo0o6a on February 23, 2009 at 1:18 AM

    La 5ala9 ana mwafga , meta nakteb elketab?
    elsalfa feeh Uk so no one would raise an eye brow regarding my heavy accent :/
    7bait ur mom already , la t7aty though my car is brand new 😉


  21. Posted by sulaiman on March 24, 2009 at 1:49 PM

    you will see him every day

    its not like the old tagneed

    he will get back home at 2pm


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