The Mystery of Falafel & Co. …



Falafel & Co. is a new modern concept for the taken for granted falafel sandwich. The owner is the same owner of Slider Station and whether you like slider or not, you know that a new restuarant by the same owner would be something worth checking out…

In their own words “Prepare yourself to encounter the freshest, tastiest, juiciest falafel sandwiches that just spells scrumptiousness” … and “Bombard us with your order”

So every since last year, i have seen the sign of Falafel & Co. on the place next door to Slider. Ever since i read the word Falafel i was smitten. My favourite number one meal on earth is Falafel! If you give me falafel for food for the rest of my life, i would be the happiest person on earth. and i will tell you a story about a falafel in the end of this post…

Anyways, so ever since last year, i have been waiting and waiting, it did not seem open yet. I read in the 2008 edition of Bazar’s food & restuarant guide that it will take a while to open. So i decide to be patient. 

Now,  in the 2009 edition of the Bazar’s food & restuarant guide, they say it’s open. They mention the food, the prices, the menu, the way to order, the combinations, things like “Pomegrenate Rib Eye Beef Shawerma” and “ten flavours of mini fatayers and selection of desserts” along with what i presume is pictures of the place and it’s food and oven made me very joyful and decide to try it with Butootee today after work *we both left work extra early for that*…

I knew what i wanted, what my combination would be, give or take two ingredients, Saj bread with falafel, salsa, red grilled peppers (if they have them) topped with melted mozzerella cheese…

So we go, we find a parking behind the place, we stroll down, and the place is closed 😦 Further more? The sign Falafel & Co. was taken down as well…


I am sure i read that article right, i have just read it, actually the place is mentioned twice… a friend of mine actually told me about the place based on a friend’s description… so i was not imagining it was open :`(

3yal WAIN RAAAAA7….?

Butootee went into slider and asked, they said the place won’t be open for another month :`(

Meta beyefta7 y3ni? malait o ana an6er ma sarat!!!! Was it open then it closed? or what ?!?!?!?!?!?! WHERE IS THE PLACE?

Now im intrigued, i cannot wait, and i want to go more than ever… I WANT TO GOOOOOOOO … :`(

I would bombard you with my orders, it is about time a falafel lovin vegeterian gets to have her beloved food in modern settings, kil mokan burger burger burger… carnivores carnivores carnivores… but pleaase yalla open!!!  

Yeah, the story of falafel now…

When i was a child, maybe 5 years old, we always watched how in egyptian movies they would be soooo happy when they have “la7maah” *meat* over a nice raise or something. One day while watching, the children in the movie start complaining “We wanted meat… we dont want falafel anymore, we are tired for falafel”… fa i go to my mom matter of factly “mom they are soooooo stupid!!! They get to eat falafel every single day!!! and they want meat instead!!!!” yeah thats how much i love falafe.. 😀


8 responses to this post.

  1. I can’t say that i’m in with you cuz i don’t like falafel :/


  2. 3ayal u should taste falafel nadia’s=P its a new concept that will be launched soon i’m guessing by the same owners of waterlemon and cafe blanc;D


  3. U’re right it sounds gr8!

    Check out Fashion Cabinet to buy the latest trends!


  4. flafel all the way !!!


  5. We adore felafel! My husband almost cried when his favorite, absolute favorite felafel place in Doha went to sweets instead of felafel. They made their own sesame crusted bread and their own tahina, and their felafel were full of parsley. We had felafel today, disappointment. Let us know when they open – and where!

    Did you know the Burger Hub owner used to blog? He had a really intelligent blog, featuring great hotels, great destinations and fabulous recipes. Alas, I guess he is too busy now, but we hope he is happy and successful.


  6. i used to eat falafel long ago

    the best falafel i ate

    in egypt

    i just hope ba3ad kel hatha its worth the wait!


  7. Rest assured that Falafel & Co. will open very soon. The delay is due to the dumb labor restriction in this country. We need the best people to serve the best falafel ! But you don’t have to wait longer 🙂

    P.S. Gastronomica Blog was mine “Slider Station, Burger Boutique etc.” 🙂


  8. Posted by Daddy's Girl on March 20, 2009 at 10:38 PM


    Meta very soon :`(
    i want to be able reserve a free day from my diet for it…

    Plllllzzzz open soon… plllz


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