A Blast from the Past!!! Nostalgic Lunch at Chi Chi’s/Jeans!!!


After yesterday’s horrid lunch, where we paid a lot for nothing, and we got out hungry, i thought to my self… where do i really really want to eat?!

I began ransacking my brain. Lenotre? I have had enough. Nino? Chillis? Avenues? Asha’s? Burger Hub?

Well, first i was not in the mood to dress up at all. I wanted a place where i would wear my crocks and jeans and not be stared at. Where no one would glance my way twice. I did not want to go into a mall. The weather was too beautiful for that. I wanted somehting a mere 15 minutes drive away so F7ai7eel and Mangaf was  out. I wanted something near the sea. and i wanted something old and familiar. Comfort Food… yes thats what i want…

and then i got this blast from the past…

You will not believe it… it is still working and in business!!!

The Sultan Center by the sea… The one with Chi Chi’s!!!!

If there is one thing Sultan Center Restuarants are known for, is their good food. Good yummy food that remind me of my childhood, good value of money… and not one person speaking a q8y accent!!!

They have the best Mexican in kuwait. Perioud. Theior chicken fahitas are amazing and not one other place in Q8 makes it the same. It is fresh, lemony, and bubbling hot.

I remember when we were little, before the invasion, we would dress up every friday after finishing our homework and having the friday bath… we would go to Sultan Center, and i would order escalope and sit upright and pretend to eat it like a grown up!!!

But today i wanted two things really…

1- Om Ali… it’s gooood

2- Salad bar… i want a plate with hommous, motabbal, tabbouleh, and coleslaw mixed all together and drizzled with thousand island dressing. and a little pot of yoghurt with cucumbers. Bu tootee wanted either a escalope or a steak…

So we go, through the doors of time, and the place is still exactly like it used to be a million years ago.

The food, taste wise and quality wise, is still the same. The hot bread basket from the oven is the same. The cactus logo of Jeans Grill is the same. The three levels in the restuarant is the same. Memories of my childhood came flooding back. I remember the first time i stepped foot in this place, in 1987? 1988? It had just opened, and it was my baby cousin’s second birthday. Now he is a man who graduated from an ivy league university in the US and has been working for 2 years!!!

The best thing about the place is you sit by the windows (dirty, in dire need of washing & cleaning)… you look out to see the little boat pier thingy with a little bit of sea, the place is clean. But… you can play a little game…

How would you reinnovate the place?

So we discuss and discuss… we say the  kerby and shesha place belows must go, along with the leveling, the navy carpet should be replaced with dark parket wood, and the setting and design would be done so it is similar to More Cafe in dubai… it is not hard to do, some nice tables, some new plates, a little bit of paint, some silver and steel here and there, a little update to the menu, a little tweak here and there… and voila! Our old favourite would make it’s move into the 21st century…

and when we were done eating, wiped our plates clean and feel like throwing up because we are soo full, we pay our reasonably priced bill, and went out…

and we were odourless!!! The place was built right! Like the usual q8y restuarants are supposed to smell 😀 !!!!

Walla wanasa! Tehaylagna o akalna o la3bna 3laaaaaaa kefna… wala a7ad dara 3anna!!! A break from every day life and places routine!!!!

Sej min qaal, 3teej il soof wala yedeed il breesam!


9 responses to this post.

  1. lol

    My favourite place for breakfast, it brings back so many memories !


  2. remember the italian restaurant that was there? Also it used to get really packed we would have to wait downstairs until there was a table empty.


  3. lool ambeeeh we used to go there after finals exams 7adnaa kenaa neshtaa6 looool wanasaaa


  4. lol that was a childhood favourite too! chi-chis does have the best mexican..we still go to it from time to time!

    awal lazim we go there on birthdays o nithawash over who gets to keep the sombreros!


  5. Ayyam ELGAZ
    gaz gabel ghairrr , lah 6a3am
    now everyday is gazz , donno , its just different , i wana go there sometime too ,


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 8, 2009 at 2:52 PM

    Delicately Realistic

    oooooh their breakfast !!!! How could i forget that?!!??!?!
    Needs a post of it’s own?!


    Yes i remember it what was it called? Green Garden thingy?! I remember the queues and i remember their na7asa too… if ur in chichis area you cannot order a buffet or a burger from the jeans area 😀 looool


    Eeee wanasa y3ni 6al3a mohimmmaaaaa itha we went there for lunch or dinner!!!


    If im not mistaken, it was the first place in Kuwait who made the waiters sing at ur table? Before the opening of TGI fridays and the stuff…


    Ee walla il 6al3a awal laha ma3na o 63m o nan6erha ne6ar… now adays nothing is special anymore… not even one place you can totally think of as for special occasions only…


  7. i’ve never been there, but I loved reading this post. It made me feel like you’ve added to my memories.


  8. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 9, 2009 at 9:33 AM


    You have never been there1?!??!?!? What year were u born?!?!??!?


  9. I so wanna go there !


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