Trader Vics….


I know that Trader Vics is more famous for it’s cooktails rather than it’s food. and i know that it did not start franchising abroad in the middle east until it’s fame has started diminishing…

So i had never tried it before.

But today i was bored, i do not want to go to a place with tons of people and cars waiting for a parking and herds of people dressed up to the nines and staring. We were hungry so we though ok lets try it…

I have been once to Don Mario’s, which was a disastorous visit. Bad Food, Bad tacky atmosphere, and ever worse service.

The moment we stepped into Traders Vic, the place was half empty, we were greeted at the door by a stale odour, the kind you get from butchers in Hawali and Shuwaikh. The exact same odour why i do not eat meat. I thought that it was a temporary thing. Lel Asaf until now my clothes and my miu miu bag smells the same now…

The menu is mostly sea food… i did not see that coming. The Tex Mex style is known for being tacky so i was not expecting a stylish setting, but the place, whose seating is very similar to Don Mario’s and is even tackier that usual, with stiff linen clothed tables and white dinner jacket clad waiters… i felt i had stepped into an 80’s restuarant…

So the only thing we found to eat on the menu was a veal medallion thingy ordered by Bu Tootee and some vegeterian bar b q with a side of sweet potatoes for me. Juices were fine, apple almond thing for Bu Tootee and Passion Fruit Pinapple Grenadine thingy for me. Not over the top.

We do not really check prices before we order. But this habit is going to change from now on! The veal medalion were three tiny balls of veal meat over few stalks of asparagus and some mushroom sauce with a side of potatoes, a tiny tiny portion of potatoes. The presention was nice and every thing, the potatoes were exceptional, and the veal was mediocre. But…

When he bill came?

This little tiny platter of three tiny meat balls is for 10.500 KD?!?!?!?!?!?


Ga3deen ib m63m Maxime i7na?!?!!?!?!? What were we eating? Wgyu steak?!?!?!?

I understand when other places sell slabs of steak for 7 or 8 or even 10… I have seen the prices before at Lenotre and Nino and Gaucho… never ever have i eaten a plate of tiny veal thingies in a tacky smelly restuarant for 10.500 KD!!!!!

In the end we ran out of the place hungry and reeking… we filled a nice comment card with this post’s content… and we decided to never every go back again!!!!



10 responses to this post.

  1. It was terrible. A franchise without the franchise’s exotic solid food and atmosphere.

    I am a Trader’s Vic fanatic, used to frequent the one at the Washington Hilton and sometimes in London’s Hilton as well – I don’t drink – but I at least expect decent exotic alcohol free concoctions and fiery slabs of tasty skewers and the sort – the one is Kuwait apparently is badly run or neglected by the management.

    Which is sad, because a franchise like this had the potential to be the ‘it’ spot if handled right.


  2. trader vics w33333333 worst food in the world :p


  3. hehe.. 5osh review.. ana b3d kalait feh gabl shahar ymkn.. it was okaaay.. bs mu shaii aro7laa marat wayd, once every 6-12 months kfaya!
    ana chthee i rate restaurants.. if its worth going again? oo metaa? hatha mn el me6a3em elii edsh’ha kel 6-12 months!

    ya3nii musta7eel aqool.. wallah mesht’hii akil fe trader vics!! :p
    feeh shaii wa7d 7abaitaa fe al menu, kan starter.. nafs al lollipops elii feh slider station.. oo bs!


  4. hahahaha the same thing happend to us my hubby awal marrah ykhle9 his lunch and thinks about what he is going to eat for dinner . i didn`t like it at all


  5. Posted by Nawara on February 7, 2009 at 12:15 AM

    ma7d tacky qairich


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 7, 2009 at 2:40 AM


    When i was done i told Butootee that i will try the one in Dubai just so i can see the menu and atmosphere difference!!! It is loo3a ihnee…




    Thanx 😀
    Walla 7eta ana mosta7eel ini agool mmmm im craving traders vics food!!! Even when i remember the good potatoe i have the smell of the place lingering!


    Ako a couple who came in, brits shakelhom, took one look at the menu, possible suffocated too, o ran out!

    Bs ana aste7e adesh m63m o an7ash… chini sabat.hom


    Welle ye3afeech spell ‘3airich 3adil marra thanya b3dain ta3alay sebenee ok???


  7. Posted by yara4ever on February 7, 2009 at 11:03 PM

    I remember 7annait 3ala my hubby enna na3zim our friends there for dinner, i tried it in london and i liked it… So dashaina o chethi, I ordered the starters which i knew from london.. the spicy cheese balls are good,

    then the main course kelish none of us knew what to order… so my husband asked the waiter sheno their best chicken dish, when it arrived it was a literaly a whole chicken, and it was tastless, ya3ni lo 6alib from deyay nayef a7san 😛 also they ordered a soup that was clear and had stuff floating in it, el man’6ar kan khayes they couldnt even taste it.. we were laughing laughing laughing the whole time ( 6ab3an ana mn elfashla coz i chose the place :P)

    I was thinking of trying Don marios, bs im not going to bother… O btw 3ala my UK trip laa we canceled, gelna shelfayda barrd o snow manegdar nsawi shay.. we’ll go in June enshalah


  8. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 7, 2009 at 11:11 PM

    Weeee ashwa ma 6alabna soup!!!

    EE akelhom yekhare3 o malah ‘3afareyah kilish. La tro7een don mario’s. 3ad ana 6ool mana ga3da akil feeh o ana afaker “7safa lo ray7a nino o malkla a7san li”

    June? Too far away 😦

    But oho february o April wayed bard. Last year it snowed in april…


  9. Posted by yara4ever on February 8, 2009 at 9:24 PM

    Nawara: This is HER opinion this is HER blog kaaifhaa khal tgool eli tgooola weli mo 3ajba la edesh hnee mara thanya


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 8, 2009 at 10:01 PM




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