Rainbow device…. WHAT ON EARTH IS IT!???



I arrive home at 4 p.m., tired, grumpy, hungry… i imagine the long flight of stairs i have to take to reach my apartment while lugging my laptop, huge oversized bag, and coffee mug. The moment i step out of my car, there he is, a man waiting at the door… i decide to ignore him and go inside, when he calls out for me…

Man: Excuse Me, Excue Me….
Me (in a tired, bored, wary tone): yes?
Man: Excuse me la mo2akhza, does mr. Butootee live here?
Me (confused): yes he does???
Man: Yes im from Rainbow company!!! I am here to demonstrate the device for him (what?!) I have been calling and calling but he is not answering me?!

So i remember this rainbow person. They called me several times before, even when i was in UK, and i always declined. I knew the moment he set foot at our home that he will demonstrate and demonstrate and in the end we will feel sooo shy about wasting his time we will buy whatever rainbow device he is selling, maybe it ommits real life rainbows?

So i had to act fast….

Me: Ah no he is not home at the moment….
Man: Oh please check with the residents maybe he is inside?
Me (now indignant! I know if my husband is home or not!!!! Even if he is and im lying!!!): No he is not here his car is not here and he called me saying he is going to be late in a meeting… (phew ok now im done he can go away)

Man: ahhhh ok… 7athretik te2rabeelooo eeeeh? (how r u related to him?)
Me: Im his wife…

the man’s face light up!!! he looks into a piece of paper infornt of him and says “Ooooooh intee om m7md?”

n3m?! Meta sert omm m7md?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!??!?!!?!?!?
Ok we have once talked about naming our eldest son m7md, but we were not final y3ni mo akeed 100%!!!! Ishloooooon sert faj2a om m7md? Ya salam!!!

I suddenly felt old!

So i reply just to make him go away: Yes i am?
Man: Ok so now i can tell you… our device is blah blah blah…..
Me: I’m so sorry, but i do not deal with this kind of thing, you must talk to my husband about it?!?!?!??!? I will make him call you when he gets back…

So the man reluctantly leave… after me assuring him several time that Bu Tootee will call him tonight.
and i go up, wella bu tootee sleeping soundly. When i wake him up he says yes his boss has nominated him to have a demonstration (la walla?!) and that he told him ok whatever come at 4!!!


Awalan what on earth is the rainbow device?

Thanyan… what kind of marketing is that? Calling people up over and over and over until they cave in? then attack them at their home making them buy it?

And why do u make people nominate other people for calling up and harrassing?

B3dain, people, plz, you should understand something. If i trust you to have my private and personal mobile number/home number, it is NOT OK to give it out to people without my prior permission! Ask me first! Whether it’s that annoying ex-friend who i have changed my number to run away from or some stupid sales person who would force sell me something i do not want…

IF you want to sell a device, open up a shop! DO NOT harrase people! Infact, calling people up and almost begging them to listen tells something important about ur device, that it is cheap and unsoldable by regular means… maybe it’s not, but this is the message your sending


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by daggero on February 5, 2009 at 7:37 PM

    i see Kirby company still doing their old tricks even after all these years


  2. oh no.. these people tried so many times to come over and my mom gave them good on the phone so they stopped


  3. waay id3al! we know of this guy who sells some kind of dry cleaning/steamer thing that apparantly works on everything from clothes to curtains. mara he was over at a friends house o kan wakt izwarat’hum. the man would not take no for answer qa9ib ila he demonstrates to them ina hal jihaz 3ajeeb o ra7 yit7asifoon itha they didn’t buy it! o he started setting up his equipment anyway 3ashan they don’t tell him to leave!

    ishsawat my friend’s mum? she told him to do her curtains ili bil istqibal o 6ali3atla hdoom min the laundry room isaweehum o in the end she told him mashkoor o maga9art bas im still not interested! hal nas mayinfa3 wiyahum ila wa7da mithilha!

    la o makan irkhees ba3ad chinna ib 400kd!


  4. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 5, 2009 at 11:29 PM


    Years? This has been going on for years?
    Isn’t there a law against them or something?


    Walla zain itsawee feehom… naas tekhaf ma tekhteshesh!


    Olllaaah! 400 KD 3la something that cleans?
    Is it the same as the rainbow thing?

    Walla zain sawat feeh… bedal la ityeeb professional cleaners yabat.hom o adebat.hom…. shino y3ni ‘3aseb?


  5. way waaay waaay weee3 i hate them 7adee , o also i hate those who called for facial o tajmeel o madree shnoo ooof


  6. Posted by yara4ever on February 6, 2009 at 2:10 AM

    I remember this rainbow guy came to our home when i was first married in 2005, He demonstrated, at the end we brought it and he kept nagging and nagging that if we each wrote the names and numbers of 20 friends then we will get madri sheno for free blah blah blah…

    Now they are calling again.. and i told them that we already got the rainbow , and they are saying which one do you have coz we have a new better model blah blah blah, i just said we are out of the country and we dont know when we are coming back offffff !!!! Wallah im seriously considering changing my number,,, alot of numbers i dont know are calling me most are from companies advertising stuff


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