Dean & Deluca… I like :D


I did not expect it to be this big!

The place is huge!!!

I love the plum scarlet red tomatoes with the green twig thingy still attaching them! I love the little Room with cheese blocks! I love the little bakery with the yummy olive loaf! I love the endless little herbs, jars of jam and marmalade and choco spread and herbs and coffees and teas and spreads and dips and sauces and olive oils and vinegars and marinades and strange veggi chips and potatoe chips and honey’s and pancake mixes and syrups!

at the entrance, a lovely display of bunches of flowers are also available! This will make the foreigners (american, europeans) very happy as they always have the same kind of flower arrangements in their supermarkets (less expensive though) and actually do take the time to buy their other-half something or simply decorate their homes with it. Mo il shabab ile 3ndena ilee il warda ma te6l3 ila ib valentines day o bel zoor b3d!

I’m really really happy! I do not care it’s a bit more expensive than usual! It will save me a lot of trouble and a fortune because i will not have to lug half the content of supermarkets and deli’s from the UK every time i come back home!!!

I can totally imagine myself taking a day off work. Coming here bright and early, sitting and having a cup of coffee, then taking a basket and putting together a yummy meal! Whether it’s a simple italian (Fettucini made with porcini mushrooms!!! add creamy sauce!) or a hearty spicy mexican, or simply a cheese platter with crakers, grapes, walnuts, and of course a selection of cheese, this is my one stop for it all!

I am already itching for another bar b q! Just so i can go and choose some new yummy marinades and herbs! Even the meat and fish are available there!!!!

The best thing about it?? Not once did an employee stalk me AT ALL! I got to browse around happily without interruption! Hooraaaaaaaay!

I do have some comments on the place though.

First, ahal il q8 masha2 allah 3lehom. Ga3deen bel gahwa malat dean and deluca o 6ay7een lah tekhozer bel awadem. Not something unsual but the crowd y3ni khazhom ibzoooood ibzoood… double the usual amount. Y3ni you feel like being Xrayed just walking past them…

Then, i went to the cheese section, the first time around there was a woman wearing a neqab and abaya with about half a dozen young girls and boys… ages 8-12 y3ni not babies! She was choosing some cheese, while her kids were spreading all around her, playing with the cheese and looking bored and you cannot pass.

I came back when they were gone, i ask the guy if they have Raclette cheese, they say not yet. Ok some bree to go with my olive loaf, walnuts, and red grapes for tommorows breakfast? Still no… ba6aw chabdi spanish cheese imkawad benama important swiss and french cheese mako!

They promised it will be available next week.  We will see…

Then, there was a gang of kids, teenagers, screaming their heads off inside the place “FLAN IF U DONT DO THAT ANA A3ALEM OBOOOY 3LEEEEK A3ALEM OBOOY HAHAR HARH WAQ WEEQ”… they are supposed to have some kinda security or something for those loud roudy teenagers bothering us serious hungry shoppers…

I passed by the deli section, wella a woman is getting something, a lasgna or a pasta thing. Fa she was being philosophical y3ni kilish noooow… she is asking the man “so how do i present it?!” fa he, confused at the Q, says “well maam you take it into ur serving place and heat it???” fa she goes “la la la how is it supposed to be served and presented!” Ok 3ad galaw gourmet place woman but plz there is no law on how to present waraq 3nb from dean and deluca!!!! 3ad 3n il da3ala!

Lots of brits were around, donning the dean and deluca aprons and giving their advice to the customers, one of them was giving out a yummy roasted potato recipe with the choice of meat from the butcher section… still, they would not come and cross ur path unless you ask for their help! te3alemaw ya q8y retailers!!!!

and the accent! ahhhhhh i miss uk already!!! I have decided that i officially love LOVE the british accent!

All in all, aside from the customers and lack of cheese, i see nothing wrong with the place. I love it, it makes me happy, it elevates the food scene in q8 to a new different more sophisticated level… it’s about time sara7a… but i do advice that you go early in the morning of a work day…


5 responses to this post.

  1. 3awafi 🙂


  2. That’s great they are here. Maybe we can finally get some real cheese here in KW!
    Why all the British stuff/people though, it’s an American store. 🙂


  3. Posted by Lonely_ed7 on February 3, 2009 at 12:36 PM

    3aleech bel 3afia .. i heard alot bout it .. i have to go there some day !!

    but one Q though .. did you find any syrup there that could go with your devilesh Kuwaiti style Pancake :p


  4. Posted by chainreaction00 on February 4, 2009 at 1:15 PM

    lool 3ajeeb if no employee was stalking:P!


  5. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 5, 2009 at 11:37 PM


    Allah ye3afeech thanx 😀


    Beats me? I hope that their coffee is as good as reputed in the states… haven’t tried it yet…


    Allah ye3afeek, you gotta try it… i found many kinds of syrups… but still nothing to match the q8y style ones i plan on making…?


    Aham shay aslan! If there is one place you can shop in semi-peace currently it’s there… though i have a feeling that once the brits ride a plane back to heathrow the replacement staff will follow around and nagg…


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