iL Tetto…


Every time i open my email i see iL Tetto …

The new italian place in town… it is in marina waves… etc…

Bu Totte had heard so much about it, he was nagging me for weeks to go and try it. Going on and on about how their pasta was something very very good…

So come friday afternoon, the weather was AMAZING… a bit on the windy side, we were aimlessly driving around when i finally caved in. He has said the Word iL Tetto  6 times since i woke up.

The outside seating looked very nice, though it was too windy to sit outside 7safa…

Fa we go inside, the place is tiny with 3 tables occupied already. the colors and the setting is nice as well. I like the pastel colors and the lush sofas.

and thats the end of my liking to the place sara7a…

First, the table looked a little bit diry. I do not know why? Maybe the material of the table which was white makes it harder to scrub or something… but it didnt look very clean.

Then the cup i drank my sprite from was Plastic. the kind that looks like a glass cup but it is actually plastic. I hate that kind of cup and i really cannot stand it. Plus, it has the marks of washing on it, you know when you spray water and it dries? How it leaves a mark?

Then the plate has the same markings on them too…

and whenever some garlic was being fried or something was cooked, the smell would make it all the way to us, making us smelling like food. Awal in3ayeb 3la ma6a3em Dubai ingool mako tahweya, now this is like the third newly opened place in Q8 that smells like a kitchen!

Now to the atmosphere…

Loud loud LOUD music for a friday afternoon. I wouldn’t mind the music much, it’s just that is was some sort of mix, one moment it was english and another it was arabic, maqa6e3 y3ni… but the arabic ones are really really old, im talking nancy ajrams “a6ab6a6” and the choice it self felt like we were in a lebanese restuarant. The music choice downgraded the experience even more…


All can be forgiven if the food was exceptional of course.

But it was not.

For appetizer we ordered Mozzarella Cheese sticks and Garlic Bread.

The cheese sticks looks yummy, and restuarant made. But, when we bit them, the thing that oozed out and stuck stubbornly to our plate was not mozzarela. It could have been a mozzarella and another cheese mix, but it is not a mozzarella cheese. 


The garlic bread was more like a pizza without tomatoe sauce. It was fine. Not bad, not good. Just average.


As for our Main Dish… 

We ordered one pizza funghi, and one Canneloni for me.

The pizza was also fine. The herbs used were really good, but the mushrooms (fresh) were a bit dull. Y3ni if u compare it to funghi pizza abroad or the one from Nino it has no survival chance.

But my canneloni?

It said on the menu (Canniloni filled with spinach and ricota and topped with tomatoe sauce and bechamel sauce)

What i got?

Pasta sheets rolled around spinach and ricotta all right, but topped with a mix of tomatoe cream sauce, with a sprinkling of grated mozzarella cheese…


Wain il bachamel sauce?! O shino hal strips of mozzarella on top?


Taste wise. Fine. bs.

Funniest thing? When we got our food, the waiter approached us… we were listinging to “Boos Il wawa laysh il wawa doos il wawa wawawwwawawawawa” while looking at our food… and he asks us “Would you like me to bring you some Ketchup or Tabasco”

Ketchup and Tabasco?

What happened to grated parmesan cheese and freshly ground black pepper!??!!?

La La La La La

I should have known better. When people were raving about iL Forno, we went it and it was horrible, and i went to it twice. Same mistake was made when i went to the AMAZING Don Mario’s and now iL Tetto?!

From now on, if i want pizza or pasta or something with Funghi in Q8, im sticking to Nino, agazerha 3la ma arj3 UK…

Eeeh ya carluccio, chan zain min ayeebik 3ndenaa…

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by yara4ever on February 1, 2009 at 2:01 PM

    I always trust ur reviews coz i tried some stuff and u were right… so im not gonna waste my time and go…

    Sweety im going to the UK at the end of the week… with hubby and my 2 year old (without khadama woohoo! i was praying for them to not have time to give her a visa before we leave) so any new places i should try out ? Any places for a 2 year old? is it too cold for him there now?


  2. Posted by Daddy's Girl on February 1, 2009 at 2:18 PM


    Horraaaaaaaay ur going 😀
    itro7een o itredeen bel salama my dear… yes i have a great itenirary of places exciting to go to i have been composing a few days back to curb my longing to london 😀 i will email them to you 😀

    Ana agool don’t take him with you especially without khadama. Walla it’s cold 2 days o yenteshel wella fever o 7rara o ta3alay dawreelah 6beb o kamadat. O in the plane yegharbilich o 7alla… o foog hatha he will not remember it tra abadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

    take a lovely time off o make it a mini honeymoon with ur hubby… khalah yeg3ad ma3a okhooh bel q8 awans lah aslan… February tra is the COLDEST month in the UK all year round. i7na il kbar ma in3aber namshi ish7al oho?

    I will email you tonight deal?!


  3. im not a fan of pizza

    and i went to don marios once, it was ok

    a lot of room for improvement but ok

    its hard finding an AMAZING place.

    oo i get bored if i got to the same place a lot

    so im in constant search!


  4. Posted by yara4ever on February 2, 2009 at 12:13 AM

    Deal thaaanks :** … and about 7amody, ur right :s bas u know wedi he feeds the ducks in the park, wedi awadeeh yshoof hamleys… 😦 i’ll have a couple of days to decide..


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