Yo Butamba Girl!!!! Read This…!

What did i do to deserve this? Ha?

Isn’t it bad enough that its the crack of dawn? and im already battling tons of traffic to reach work before i get a stern warning and they take my minutes of lateness out of my payroll?

Do u realize this is a WORK place?

If you weigh anything above 70 kilos and your are shorter than 170, chances are you are chubby, fat, or even obese! and you might think that you are FREE to do whatever you want since this is a FREE COUNTRY…


News Flash hon… Freedom has limits. The limit is when it cuts into other people’s freedom and makes them want to puke their un-eaten breakfast…

Just why o WHY would you wear colorful skin tight leggings, showing off your huge calves and even huger ankles, and top it off with a barely there tiny ten inch above the knees pencil skirt that can barely contain ur overflowing thighs? why are you wearing it aslan i do not see the point? Go walk in ur underware since it is very evident for all to see y3ni!

And pleaaaaaaaaaaaase… tell me how it would feel if u for some reason were summoned to the CEO? Don’t u realize you look like a SAUSAGE??? Can’t you notice people are looking away and avoiding your gaze?!

Abi a3arf ana il theqa hathee min wain yaybat.ha? I am half your size and i do not wear this tight a skirt or this short in my OWN HOUSE!!! For fear of offending the walls and the mirrors!!!


Ya jma3a itha wa7da fat tra it’s not OK to wear skin tight clothes, o kil il sho7oom o il lo7oom o il saf6at hanging out for other people to see!!! When you walk it will jiggle like jelly! It is really not a pretty sight!!! Walla its not pretty, it’s plain disgusting o untasteful o vulgar… soovaaageee 3la golat daloo3at hal ayam!

I am fat. I am. No not curvy, FAT! But i do have the decency to realize that since im fat people will be disgusted by watching my body hence i cover up! If ur legs are fat, wear jeans and cover up your behind with a nice long blouse! Or at least a knee length skirt! If ur arms are huge, wear long sleeves!!! No need for a skin tight body top!!!

U don’t want to?

Reality check fatso! Why don’t you want to? You want to impress men? Have them look at you and glance your way? Maybe even bag one?

Do you honestly believe men will be drooling over you?  They will be DISGUSTED o Call YOU NAMES if you flaunt your fatty tissues? While you might actually stand a chance when you do not parade the flows in public?

 If you are really that desperate, plz join a gym or go to m7md rabee3… i will give you his number!!! Yes you might have tried every thing on earth to lose weight… god knows i have tried. But it is not an excuse!!! Being fat is not the problem here. Accept that your fat and that there are certain sacrifises that come with that realization!!! PLZ!!!

Bottom line? If you are fat, either cover up or lose weight. La itlaw3oon chboodna… at least at work y3ni at LEAST… G63!

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  1. Posted by Nawara on January 28, 2009 at 9:54 AM

    tuttuttut. your karma.


  2. Posted by Purple & Gold (2-0) on January 28, 2009 at 6:28 PM

    the point here is JUST cover UP its an office u shouldnt be wearing any revealing. it doesnot matter if your fat or picture perfect its just not proper in a working environment.

    Anywhere else they have the freedom of choice.

    The problem with women in kuwait is that they don’t really have a dress attire code to follow unlike other western countries women are ok with jeans skirts that are not business casual its just a mess.

    Just wear a 3abaya and fikona

    Also we men cant really blame them its hard for women to go to work with different sets of cloths on a daily baisis it will just cost too much.

    We men are lucky in the summer ” white dishdasha” o bas simple and easy and cheap


  3. Posted by lala on January 28, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    Amen 2 u!!!


  4. I always ask the same question ” eltheqa hathey men waaain?”


  5. amen to that!

    i never understood hal awadem!

    ya3ni dont they have mirrors?

    inzain etha they dont , mako a family member to tell them?

    a caring friend?

    shay shaneeeeeeeeee3333333


  6. “If you weigh anything above 70 kilos and your are shorter than 170, chances are you are chubby, fat, or even obese! ”

    How Shallow of u =)


  7. LOL
    some people like fat fatty chubby botamba girls, so i’ve heard!


  8. Hmmm.. you have a point !! Jad i personally hate hate seeing hal mana’9er .. Bs 3ad kaifhum ya3ni, they do this for attention… And thats what they’re getting! It may not be the kinda attention they want, walaaakiiiiinn kil wa7id yakhth eli yestahla .. o ana ashuf they deserve it !! =P


  9. Posted by Choco on January 29, 2009 at 2:01 AM

    First and foremost…bieng FAT(which can politely be labelled as ‘obese’ at all times) is not easy at all! Psychological factors are involved affecting ones self-esteem. Instead of criticising it, one must support such physical concerns and shed light upon the issue. Hence, please be nicer and more considerate of ‘larger’ or ‘obese’ people. (True..you are stating your opinion in a fashion sense, as it is your blog, but from our prespective we are stating ours…A tip: fat sounds offensive…obese/larger sounds more refined). Thnx 🙂


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 29, 2009 at 8:21 AM


    Karma? You mean how that girl is going to get sued by karma because of the offensive things i have seen?

    I never knew Karma was a dictator who took away your right of speech when ur disgusted!!!

    Purple & Gold

    Men in this country are luckier 😦 Dishdasha that covers all mistakes o il salam…

    O ur right about the workplace clothing… i have seen everything in our workplace, from sheer fabrics and glossy satin down to disco balls of strass and wedding makeup!


    Shino y3ni Amen to U? sorry girl i do not get it.


    Eshdarany!!!! Ya rait ye3almoona il theqa chithee!


    Wathe7 jedan inah ma 3ndohom a7ad bel beet yechayek warahom. Ana min amtan li kilo ommy o oboy yesawoon li mal7ama! For a few years now they are trying to make me lose weight ghasob!


    OOOh my number one faaaan!!! How are you?!

    It’s been a while since you last insulted me 😀

    Let’s see… you have already said im Sakheefa, now you added to my dictionary of insults the world Shallow… hmmm

    You do not like me very much do you? LooooL

    Ur welcome anyways… and your comments really tickle me 😀

    Mr. Thouq

    Ee maykhalif 3lehom bel 3afya… my point is not about being fat. It’s about being fat and dressing 10 sizes to small for it making your fat portruding everywhere :S


    o 3yoonii il maskeena shinooo thanbhaaa :`( il 3eslan o il th3aaf lo lebsaw hal lebs itloo3 chabdich mini kither maho yekhar3 kaan mo haldoor dobb yetmakh6ar!!!


    Termonoligy wise, based on ur BMI, you are either Overweight or Obese. So no, not every one who has extra fat in their body is OBESE… infact, Fat sums them all up but an obese girl is not like a chubby girl…

    I am fat. no im not chubby or obese, im overweight. so i have extra fat. So im FAT… so what? I know it. I accept it. It is not easy especially if you are the fattest one in ur household and you are sure to hear about it every single day, no scratch that, every single hour of the day…

    and ur right, my post is about the fashion sense. Even girls who are successfully losing weight won’t lose it overnight. Dressing approprietly for your weight is very essential. Why would you squeeze your self into something that doesnt fit most body type and is 10 sizes to small!? It will not make you look thinner!!! Infact, it will make those folds and creases jump at viewers!!!

    You have not seen what i have seen…


  11. Posted by Lama on January 30, 2009 at 10:51 AM

    there was a girl at work has this kind of Theqa, but thank God she resigned,

    and btw where does the shallow word fit here!!!!!
    I lost track!!!!

    your next post should be about “shallow” critics 🙂


  12. Posted by aws on January 30, 2009 at 3:53 PM

    this is why all company attempts to have a specific “uniform” for work in Kuwait FAIL , because people don’t seem to go to work for work related aspects… they go to work for other reasons !


  13. I applaud your comment and think that you are 100% right. And the people who are criticizing you are just simply annoying. People should be realistic about their appearance or size, and dress accordingly. Moreover, they should be appropriately dressed regardless of their size. If they choose to be ridiculous and offensive to others, then others have the right to comment on it!


  14. Posted by post on January 31, 2009 at 3:53 AM

    looool u know mino kaser 5a6ri ibhal mowthoo3 kila.. the clothes. yep. i mean they are stretched to their fulliest extent ya3ni alah i3eenhom! we shud have dress codes at the public areas and workplaces. No clothes that are about to explode and no 7jabat that exceed a certain red line bar. i mean common ppl lets keep the earthians on earth.. and the martians in MARS!


  15. Posted by dana on January 31, 2009 at 4:33 AM

    H: Thats not shallow .. neone over 70 kg and shorter than 170 cm would have a BMI of around 25 which sweety is considered overweight 🙂
    arrogant of you i might say to not know your numbers..


  16. Posted by dana on January 31, 2009 at 4:44 AM

    Obese is not a polite way of saying ‘fat’!!!! it makes it sound like the person weighs 200 kg when infact they just might be a little overweight.. Using overweight is the safest way to go. If you wana be cute just say ‘a little on the heavy side’ or ‘chubby-ish’ or ‘chunky’

    o ba3dain min mita il banat yalbisoon ‘leggings’ to work!!! wain ga3deeen.. wain il professionalism .. ya3ni that person automatically won’t be taken seriously no matter what li2anha ili labsita kilish not applicable to any healthy work environment

    a9lan ib amreeka 3alimoona never to put strong perfume to work, never wear chunky jewelry because it attracts unnecessary attention from the client, and NO FULL MAKEUP! laken lil2asaf banat il q8 will not get that thru their thick heads and love the ‘attention’ they get at work .. reminder: work is for work not for flirting!

    oh well.. lost case..


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