Self Induced Smallville Hybernation

I have not been posting lately as i have almost nothing going on in my life…


Because i have confined my self to my couch, with my favourite foods (coffee and chocolate), my blanket, and my box set of Smallville Seasons 1-7

Yesterday i have reached season 5 finale. I have been in this state for over a week, i would watch episode after espidoe of smallville, each is nearly 35 minutes long, from the moment i come home till the moment i go to sleep at night. I am hogging the TV, nothing else is allowed on. Ugly Betty and DHW have to wait so im recording them until after my hybernation perioud ends…

Today i have season 6 to look forwards to. Then season 7. I guess that by next weekend i would be done.

I am finally FINALLY seeing all episodes of Smallville. I wonder why the channels of the middle east and showtime and orbit do not show Smallville?

Time to go 😀 See you again after i finish season 7 😀


8 responses to this post.

  1. showtime used to show smallville;p and yes tiyeennniii 7alaat nafsich, ilii I stay glued to the couch watching endless shows;p
    like a couch potato ;p a7la shay;p!
    sh6aryy 3alaich itshoufeen smallville?;p chiinna qadeeem shwaya?;p


  2. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 26, 2009 at 11:28 AM


    Mo allah yesalmich sar le sneeeen killa alaqee season 1 or 2 only either showtime, Orbit, or Dubai 1. B3dain andemej o an6er il takmela maltah… ma yekamloonah. Never got past season two ever… o laman aroo7 uk o i try and catch up wella season 5 or 6 or 7 o recently 8!!!

    It is a really good show! madry laysh hal na7asa?? Fa i waited until a complete set is out o bought it and ta daaaaaa!


  3. ooh i absolutely love it when i have so many seasons to watch!

    i use to do that with gilmore girls

    3ad tadreen i never watched smallville!

    maybe i should!


  4. LoL really nice, i wish i can watch my shows like this, it’s all cuz of the stupid uni

    but anyway i’ve got a growing collections of movies and TV shows if you wanna take a long, you might find something you like 😛


  5. i’m just going to say to you what my sister allways tells me: “go out and see 3D people for a change” ;p


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 26, 2009 at 1:51 PM


    I loveeeee gilmore girls!!! infact i fell in love with gilmore girls and smallville in 2002 or 2003… o i waited like FOREVER to watch all seasons of gilmore girls one after the other. Back then the serieses being up-to-date with actual air date was not a real necessity….

    Smallville is really really good… if u like superman and sci-fi and super heroes that is …


    nice blog you’ve got there! Im really happy 😀

    thanx for letting me know about it… yalla finish ur stupid uni and take a loooong break where you can watchall the serieses you want while covered on ur sofa eating comfort food 😀


    no no no… no need for 3D people… they are MEAN!
    Couch rules… human interaction sucks!


  7. Are you ever going to do any more with Beauty and the Beast?


  8. i’m starting now to watch smallville, i have all the episodes,, your post 7amasni more now lool


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