Harvey Nichols to Open in the Avenues!

3la themat il mawqe3 el telegraph, Harvey Nichs is about to open in Kuwait…in the avenues which will become one of the five largest malls in the world… we will only have to wait until 2011 though… click here to read about it

Masha2 Allah hanat… 3ogbal Selfridges insha2 allah 😀


Yamdenee akhalis smallville o friends o gilmore girls o lost o DHW o heroes o prison break o 24 3la ma yefte7oonah…


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  1. shihaaaaaagt shaaahgaaa lama girait iltitle!! WANASA!!!!!! ifff bas shina6irni lai 2011!


  2. that’s sweet!
    wow i missed the avenues….ironiclly it’s just 5mins(10min if there’s traffic jam) from my home and yet i RARELY go to it 😦

    about the Selfridges:
    HAHAHAHA!! you kidding! good one 😛


  3. ya3ni khalas ma nsafer ? (min no3 ele ysafron bas 3alshan yeshtron ashya2 mo mawjoda bel kuwait) 😛


  4. Posted by TanGo on January 26, 2009 at 5:13 PM

    do you have anything else on your mind!


  5. looooool tha7kteenee ee walah yamdenaa nkhle9 kil el series 🙂


  6. ooh wanasa

    lookin forward to it


  7. LOOL.. you reminded me to play catch up with all these series except 24 me no likey..


  8. looooooooooool enty 3ajiba are you sure we arent twins separated at birth??? 🙂


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