Now tell me what THIS MEANS!!!

If u do not want to believe something crazy is going on, then FINE!

But there is something not quite right… and i have a theory about it…

U remember my posts regarding the Flickering Lights that flick only when im around and seems to stop when i yell at them?

Then the story of Mondays switching channels? Most of you attributed it to the reciever’s fault?

Ok how about this?

Today, i have just gotten out of work, heading for the car park… ok?

i was not alone. It was not dark. I was surrounded by people heading for their cars… a gust of strong STRONG wind blows behind me, making my hejab fly and cover my face. I look exactly like a woman wearing booshya!!!!

I was in shock. I stop middway to may car. 50 cm away from me is a nissan altima possible a 1997 model.

Then the moment i stop infront of it… this happens

the alarm started blaring! I jumped in the air from fright, my face still covered by my stupid hejab which was stuck! i manage to yank it off, and walk a two steps forwards, every one is looking in the cars direction which means they are looking at me fumbling with my stuck hejab!!!

the moment i step out of the cars path. Sileeeeeeeeeeence!!!

Yalla explain it!!! Why only me? why when i, out of the hundrends of employee before and after me, walked infornt of the car, in one of my most embarassing moments at work, why did it blare?

It’s not exactly the picture of sensitivity and high security!

So i have two theorys

Either the mischivieous “thing” playing around wanted me to look really stupid at work, so “it” orchesterated the whole thing… propably laughing at my despair in return to my yells about the lights…


I have extra electrical energy that is making things go hywire!!!!

Which explains stuff right? Why else would lights (electrical) flicker? Why else would recievers change channelsknow (electrical too) and car alarm blare as i walk past (electircal or mechanic i dont know both maybe?)


maybe i have extra powers!!! Like telekenitic thingys? They are developing and trying to let me know!!!

Or maybe im just paranoid, and watching a lot of heroes!!!!

One response to this post.

  1. my grandmothers house had an issue with changing TV channels and receiver channels then we realised it was due to the “sensitive government authority” in a slight distance but has a full view of the TV room through the french windows. the staff would occasionally get bored on their shifts and change the channels. LOOL


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