Would u? Pickup a 70yr old woman hitchiker?

Me and Bu Tootee were driving in one of Q8’s area, when on the curb, an ooooold woman was standig, signalling for us to givbe her a lift.

She must 70 years old. Wearing a black 7ejab and 3baya that she had grasped tightly around her and only shows her face… she looked q8y, old, frail, and in need…

So i start for bu tootee: Ako 3yooza wagfa…
Bu tootee: yeah?

Daddy’s girl: Ma yeseer insaweslha?

Bu Tootee: are u CRAZY!? stop for her? Haven’t you heard of the crazy old woman who signals people to stop only toatack them?

Daddy’s Girl: No! How can she attack us she is a frail old lady in need!!!!

Bu Tootee: How do you know?


Maybe she was running away from her abusive daughter in law on her way to the elderly home?

Maybe she needed to go to the hospital?

Why are u so cruel?

Why am i so hung up on that woman?

I do not usually stop for hitchhickers, but this woman looked so innocent and needy… and not so dangerous!!!

and if she was not soo needy, she wouldnt stand in the middle of the street flagging people!!!! If she had money she would have paid for a taxi…!!!!

What was i supposed to do?!!!! Im Confused!


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  1. well, i would of stopped and brought her to hospital or policestation

    7aram chethy…


  2. Posted by Lama on January 12, 2009 at 1:08 PM

    In old Days, when people were innocents and the crime rate in Kuwait was very low. and everyone knows everyone and everyone helps everyone.

    I would’ve stopped to help her.

    but nowadays!!!! I don’t think so.
    I might call 777 though. in case they’re in real need.

    you should be careful !!! I mean it.


  3. Waaaiiih ana yama wassalt old ladies in my car,
    from & to jam3iya,,
    to their old beat-up houses..

    There’s this particular old lady,
    who’s so old she limps and has no teeth,
    dayman asadefha ib 6ereejy,
    and I always give her a lift..

    6ala3 she has no family members what so ever,
    and her only kick is to walk to the jam3iya everyday to buy her daily stuff, and then walk back to this room she rented in this old crappy house..

    Her name is Mariam, and she’s my friend now 🙂


  4. Posted by aws on January 12, 2009 at 8:00 PM

    it must have been quite cold for her…
    but don’t worry, someone else must have stopped for her…


  5. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 12, 2009 at 8:40 PM


    EEE exactly! 7ram maskeena!!!!

    It’s not like she is strong enough to hit us and steal from us!


    Bs wayed kanat takser il kha6er 😦 imchalba ib her 3abat… don’t make me impersonate her for you or else u’ll cry!


    Oooooohhhhhh … ur a rare amongst these days girls !
    And you wonder why god love you enough to let X in ur life? That’s ur answer!

    How is Mariam maskeena? Still hanging on?



    EE it must…

    but if every one was as na7ees as us, she could have easily frozen on her feet maskeena !!!


  6. i would have stopped..madree bs that would have been my reaction ..7eta lo as2lha shfeech a36eeha mobil tdg 3ala a7ad aw adg 3ala taxi w lama eyey a7asbah w a5leeha troo7 m3ah etha a5af ana aw9lha…bs i will never leave a woman r a child alone in the street in need.


  7. Glitteroooo ya 7ilwich i knew u were an angel in disguise ;***
    i did the same thing.. once i was at sul6an center oo a very old woman was waiting in the heat with all her bags.. i gues she was waiting for a cab or something? so i offered to give her a lift.. she was actually thinking of walking.. i think her name was Um Bader? anyways, turns out she lived in a realllly crappy apartment oo her life was pretty miserable.. bes 7mdilla 3ala kil 7al oo sawait illi 3alay 🙂
    also another time i was driving by the evangelical church and it was also crazy hot outside.. i gave this woman a lift to salmiya and she was sooooo nice praising jesus for me every step of the way.. LOL it was so funny and she was so nice. she even gave me her number to call her anytime i needed anything!

    its nice cuz it makes you feel really good helping people out.. wayid nas yi5afoon bes i always put myself in that persons position; ya3ni if i was waiitng on the street i’d love it if someone helped me out.. good karma will come ur way 🙂


  8. ay crime rate in kuwait, lol
    3ala kalam hatha nobody gets out of his house w/o getting mogged


  9. Posted by Lama on January 13, 2009 at 8:26 AM

    I know it is so cruel to walk away on someone in need.
    but you never know the truth.

    next time, if you see someone like her. give her some money and call a cab for her.

    you can help her is many ways. but don’t risk your safety.

    You have to be careful !!


  10. once my friend rakkebat an old lady… guess what happened?

    the old lady 6la3at bayga the girls bag…

    soo there you go ;p


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