The other day, i was sitting with bu tootee on the couch… we had the TV on something, i guess it was show time movies. The remote control was far away, and we were discussing something heatedly…

Then a quick glance from the corner of my eyes made me freeze mid sentence!!!

The channel has changed! To Rotana!

Just like that!!!!

I freak out there and then… Bu totee says Oh we have something that fell on it or something, like one of ur book?

I heard nothing fall, i saw nothing fall. So i ignored it.

And now… 40 minutes ago i was alone in the house, and as im watching a Show movies series, in between two ugly betty and desperate house wives when there is some prolonged advertisements, the remote is FAR AWAY… it is on top of the chocolate box of mine, which is a HUGE BOX…

I am in the middle of writing an email, when suddenly something is singing…


ya jma3a shel salfa?

my reciever is Humax reciever… I was so jolted and started freaking out, the cinnabon i was eating flew out of my plate and rolled into the floor, i go across and get the stupid remote, hit the button of “Recall” and it returns to show series!!!!

I tell bu tootee when he came home, he is just smiling… WHAT IS SO FUNNY IM FREAKING OUT HERE!!!!

Do you have any idea why this might be happening?

A ghost trying to show me something?!?!?!??!?!?

Im serisouly freaking!!!


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  1. its normal with all receivers.. trust me it happened to me and i started freaking out like hell.. all receivers do them I have no idea why but some do it some don’t.. even my sky box does it.. chill its nothing just some technology glitch..


  2. Hmmmmm

    qareeeen el waleed bin 6alal saken fe beitkum !!

    mako ela hal sebab !! wala eshme3na rotana ?!!! why mo qanat el majd mathlaan 😛


  3. shakla 3ndikom yini min6erib 😛


  4. yeah a ghost want to tell u to dance ;p


  5. Posted by Haruki Murakami on January 13, 2009 at 1:06 AM

    if you pray and read quran at ur place you dont have to worry about ghosts PERIOD


  6. hehe.. If it was from the remote it would have indicated so on your TV set no?


  7. Posted by cooookies on January 13, 2009 at 2:14 AM

    programmed to switch to a certain channel by time? my brother tried it on me once .. freaked me out too 😛


  8. whats the harm in letting Casper watch a little rotana?
    (attempting to freak u out :P)

    laa don worry its nothing.. like 4me said, its technology.


  9. hmm.. in our house we used to have 2 remotes so someone would change the channel without everyone else knowing hehe ;p maybe ako remote thany lol ;p


  10. Posted by Lama on January 13, 2009 at 8:18 AM

    Maybe Edward is trying to dedicate a lullaby to you!!!!



  11. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 13, 2009 at 9:05 AM


    If it was a reciever thing, when it flipped the channel it should have said so, like show it was rotana o channel number at the bottom??? This was sileeeeeeeent… very eerie if i may say so… one second is all it took!!!


    Ishdarany mako illa rotana 3ad? O dayman 3la a song?!


    Ee o ye7eb rotana b3d specifically!!! Hathe ghair 7ala?


    La ighnya sakhefa… but it was rotana? madry laysh…! b3d mo rotana zaman mathalan! la the one with the music!


    We do pray and put a lot of quran. It might not be a genie… maybe a friendly spirit that loves rotana?


    EXACTLY! it is not from the remote thing. It just flips in one second!!! it is very eerie!!! as if demanding my attenting while sticking out the tongue to me!


    La its not programmed at all… o no one plays with the settings or the remote cause its just me and my husband… o he is the not the kind to do such tricks he would forget and be freaked out himself!


    First it was the lights, i screamed at it! So it might have been scared… now the lights do not flicker anymore. its the remote… i will have to wait and see.. next time it happens i will give it a piece of my mind. Ashoof whats next? Write on my pc?


    No, one receiver, o im all alone 😦


    Naaah edward is very busy with his stupid bella!!! Besides he would probably enter the house unnoticed and bite me rather than dedicate a song. 3ad lo itshofeen il song itkhar3!!!



    I Tried finding an email for u ma legait.

    I wanted to ask you, what happened to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST?

    I keep mentioning the storys to ppl recommending they read them oo they email me saying MAKO


    and if u dont want to answer here

    email me plz


  13. loooool ambeeh ykhr3 🙂 bas tra 3adee it happend 2 me b4 but it was switching off


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