Bella’s Lullaby…

As i have seen twilight the movie before i read the novels, i didn’t think much of Bella’s lullaby… didn’t even think that the soundtrack was that special either…

Then when reading the books, the description of Bella’s lullaby made me jealous!!! I want a lullaby tooo….

Laysh y3ni bs edward 3ndah lullaby for bella om il sa3af o il leef?

i listned to the composition that is supposed to Bella’s lullaby… didn’t like it much and i cannot see it being hummed… i tried it to hum it to my self wella y3ni itkhar3 ishwaya humming wise…

So i decide i want a lullaby!!! Daddy’s Girl Lullaby!!!

So i go to Bu Totee…

Daddy’s Girl: Bu Tootee … abi lullaby!
Bu Tootee: …? Shino?
Daddy’s Girl: Abi Lullaby!!!!
Bu Tootee: Lullaby shino b3d? (yeah he doesn’t speak english that well)

Daddy’s Girl: Lullaby y3ni a song you sing for someone so he can go to sleep…

Bu Tootee: ish7aga? (what for?)

Daddy’s Girl: Lullaby mithil ma edward yeghanee for bella to sleep every night!!!!

Bu Tootee: Do u believe this viva line has 30 free sms’s for januar? (already bored with my stupid unexplainable request!!!!)

So it seems the only lullaby im getting is a ringtone from nokia or maybe the theme from viva’s latest ad!!!

Wainik ya edward … eeeeh ya edward ya raitik iyey it3alim il rabi3 ilee 3ndenaaa 3n il lullaby!!!! o 3n ishloon il tedele3 sayer!!! Khalf allah 3leena!!!! 7asafa feek 3la bellooooo….



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  1. LOL…That’s so cute.
    I’ve only read the first one…and I haven’t seen the movie yet. And I don’t blame you whatsoever for wanting a lullaby too.


  2. This is the funniest post ever. I think people write about great love stories because there aren’t any in real life. Its sad, I know.. but at least we can read about them…

    How was the book? Is it worth reading?


  3. Posted by Jam3iiya(L) on January 11, 2009 at 6:59 PM

    loooool… bas think of it like this, if it was true and didnt have a sad ending why would she write for you, instead of going and living it?? 3alashan tin3a6a 3ain??

    akhhh 3ala ilishyaaaf illi 3inda that think they are ‘romantic’!!


  4. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 11, 2009 at 7:13 PM


    The movie is here now! Hopefully there is only one part of a scene worth cutting in the eyes of our censoring people. I am so glad i got to see it abroad!

    But it is worth seeing, though the Edward actor is a bit overdoing his pretence and ends up looking like he is choking or have a hard time digesting things.

    Read the 2nd book. It is THE BEST… out of all four it is my favourite! I am reading it for the 2nd time in two weeks… i cannot wait for it to become a movie!


    Surprisingly it is. It is simply captivating. When u finish the first one and go to the 2nd, the 2nd in particular is sooo moving. What happened to me is, i saw the movie, bought the books 1,2, and 3. While halfway through book 1 i read the first chapter of book 2 fa i threw book 1 away o started on books 2, 3, then 4 in a row! I was crazy about it…

    Thing is, we have love and people who love each other. it is though lacking the fact that expressing ur love is not a crime nor an act of weakness… very very veeeeeeery few men are romantic and thoughtful and will sing u a lullaby to sleep or dream of ways to make u happy… new ways at least…


    EE ishyaaaf o 7alaaaaa o bel zoor yan6eg lah 2 words 3la ba3aaaaaath itha mo 24 hours re7tah segayer o ham 3balhom inhom kilish 3ad romantic… 3la wardetayn o dabdoob bel zoor ye6lo3oon minah…

    Whats wrong with singing a lullaby? Probably they will snore before they hum its opening and their voices itkhare3 😦


  5. Cloes your eyes, and go to sleep
    my dear sweet daddy’s girl..

    Mountain tops for you i’d leap
    your burdens i’d carry & hurl..

    In my heart I keep you deep
    Oh my precious pearl..


    Ay shy I know, it was jusy something out of the top of my head!!

    I haven’t read the novel yet,
    so u’d recommend it?

    Mo very teenager-y ?


  6. Posted by Slashy on January 11, 2009 at 8:35 PM

    hi ^^

    I hated the official lullaby that was shown in the movie ..and I agree its not the typed that can me hummed o.O ! when I first started reading the twilight series I youtubed bella’s lullaby and I came across a propsed tune i suppose that differs from the one that was chosen unfortunatly ..I liked it so much ..I still get teary eyes whenever I listen to it =”'( ..Its called River flows in you by Yiruma .. enshallah thats not the one you listened to ;p

    The movie was bad 9ra7ah and the acting was not at its best u.u too many pauses and pretentious reactions .. and I swear I caught a glimpse of Esme’s true skin color at edge of her hair line xD I was embarrassed that I took my friends to go watch it ..fortunatly they liked it so much ..for me it was a bit harder since I was captured by the best seller and expected a captivating movie as well =p
    I hate Jacob ..I also youtubed ” I hate jacob black” and got so many funny videos of girls who felt like I did ..t7md rbha “her clumziness ” that Edward for some unknown reason fell for her -_- he was the only shay ele ruined my reading experience >=(


  7. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 11, 2009 at 9:03 PM


    Lool that’s so goood! Walla i like it!!!
    Khalf allah 3la ilee 3ndi!!!

    Itsadgeen 3ad a lullaby not such a hard thing to come up with? Chanzain it becomes the next it thing between two lovers o becomes contagious b3d! it’s sooo romantic…

    I do recommend it. But u can do it like i did, see the movie first then read the 2nd… u will be hooked!!! the 2nd bookthe best one! and it’s not at all teenagery… kinda like how harry potter worked for both children and adults?


    I have seen the movie then read the book, i found inah ako a so much differences and i would have loved a better Edward for the part. Same goes for Esme and Emmit… fa i guess had i read the book then seen the movie i would have hated it…

    I didn’t like jacob’s role very much… i am guessing he will be changed in the 2nd movie… from the description of him, i guess they need the wrestler “the rock” to play his role… they have changed the director of the 2nd movie to the man who directed the golden compass… i guess since the wolves are involved now more special effects are needed…

    did u know about the fifth book? the re-writing of the first book by edwards point of view?


  8. Posted by yara4ever on January 11, 2009 at 10:08 PM

    Baroo7 ashof elmovie .. nizal yet? oh and even my hubby doesnt speak english that well either ;/


  9. looooooool so cute ambeeeh i will ask hubby tonight and i will let u know if he is going to sing for me or ya36ene 6af and then i will join u loving edward 😛


  10. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 11, 2009 at 10:47 PM


    EEE nezaaaal… 😀 roo7ay shofeeh o b3dain read the 2nd book…

    ana ilee 3ndi kilish… y3ni itha 3asabt o re6ant 3leeh bel english yethee3… but in the five years we have been married he has come a loooooooooong way. Apparently he listens to things i say, o keeps them in his mind to use later…

    Worse thing? When im watching DHW or Heroes or Lost in UK, o mako tarjama, yeg3ad yammi o “Shinoo? Shino galaaaw? Ishsaaaaaaaaaar?” Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


    Iheee 3la il lullaby o baas?

    Shofeeh sheegol ballah 3la il lullaby?!


  11. Posted by aws on January 11, 2009 at 11:15 PM

    gosh… not another mohannad…. pleeeeeze


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