Abi Nokia Kitkat… who knows where to find one?


As im forced to change my mobile number… i want to keep my old one for all the companies and people i have forgotten about them having my number…

And i have realized that, no matter what new phone is out there, i really do not care. All i want is one simple tiny mobile phone that makes me happy… being the simple girl who loves vintage stuff that i am, i do not want any other phone, i want the one and only Nokia 8210…

Otherwise, known as Nokia Kitkat!

Of course the newer it is the better, i have just been to a couple of mobile stores and they just laughed at us and mocked us!!!

So before i scan the internet for one, i thought i would ask if any one knows where i can find one??

Bu Tootee has been explaining to me from this morning that even if i get one, it is useless because it will not work. You know what? I do not care! I will use it y3ni i will use it!!! I used to have one, oooh i remember how hard it was to get one and the day my brother called me to tell me he finally found it for me i was in Nino eating dinner with my then friends and i was soooo ecstatic i wanted to abandon my meal and run back home for it… it had a navy blue cover…

and it made me happy…

Infact, it is the only mobile phone that ever made me long for, pine for, dream of, and gave me utter joy when i bought… i do not know why on earth had i disposed of it!!! I do not even recall how!!!!!

Ya jma3a ikhthonee 3la gadd 3aqly o gololee min wain alaqee my to7fa of a phone?


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  1. I wish I could help, but unfortunatly I don’t know where they sell it ;p Good luck 😀


  2. good old memories…my last phone I got from London before I moved back!


  3. Posted by Sinful eye's on January 11, 2009 at 2:34 PM

    علشان الوصف .. لازم اكتب بالعربي
    تعرفين الشارع اللي بالديره جبال الرايه ؟
    اللي عند المطافي
    في محلات تلفونات واااايد هناك
    قبل 4 ايام بالضبط كنت هناك و دشيت كذا محل .. لقيت عندهم تلفونات قديمه
    ماكو يديد .. كله مستعمل .. حتى كانو بدينار و دينارين .. خذيت لي واحد سويته علاقه بالمنظره مالت السياره خخخ
    دشي اي محل و قولي لهم ابي تلفونات قديمه … وين احصل .. اهما ربع راح يدليج على المحلات اللي فيها هالسوالف


  4. Posted by Sinful eye's on January 11, 2009 at 2:35 PM

    اذا ماني غلطان ينقال له شارع الشهداء


  5. if u have gps….i can send u the location …..
    واذا اتدلون بالكويت …مقابل لمجمع الرايه …. روح اليوم واتلاقيه انشالله


  6. I still have mine!! LOL


  7. i still have mine too – LOOOOL


  8. تلاقونه عند مجمع المتحدة مقابل مجمع الصالحيه ، والله يعينكم كله فلبن،، تحياتي لكم


  9. Posted by anas on January 6, 2010 at 10:06 PM

    ana 3endi w sakin fe dubai if u want


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