We3 We3 We3! Malat 3la El Bamya Om El Sanaseen!!!!

The most disgusting thing happened to me today… and it is NOT food related!

I was having a nice queit dinner in one of my favourites restuarants in Q8, and the world apparently since it does exist in UK and Dubai. Asha’s.

I was in the one in Marina, where the food is waaaaaaaay better. It was around 7 ish, almost empty except for a two nice young q8y couples, several americans and freigners minding their own business. and a couple of men wearing chema’3 well into their 30’s sitting in the table behind my husband, one of them facing me…

The chef must have been changed, cause my Paneer Ka Soola dish was amazing! The paneer (like cottage cheese) was very very fresh and creamy it was obvious it was made in Asha’s… my Veggie Byriani with Raita was yummy… i was having a happy indulgent time with my husband for the first time since i came back home. I really was enjoying my time…

and i like the Asha’s Marina even more now that it is filled with well mannered foreigneres… as apposed to what im about to tell u here which disgusted me and shook me to the core…

At the end of my happy yummy meal, the plates have been cleared, the wet napkins have been distributed, and the cheque has arrived to my husband. while he was busy with the cheque and the questionnaire, i took out my mobile phone and saw that i had an sms from the Custo saying they have 50% off so i deleted it, then took a few more minutes deleting my bank sms…

Then suddenly… a blue tooth message from someone nearby interrupted me…

the bluetooth sender was called “7komat Qatar”!!!!!

I do not usually care for bluetoothes… i usually decline. If u saw my nickname u will not even dare send me anything…

but something caught my eye … Qatar? Ishyab qatar ihnee? All around me are either a husband and wife or americans and foreigners… ?

I make the most confused face, i look up, wella the man sitting behing my husband holding up his phone to me and looking directly at me… eye to an eye!!!!!!!! his friend was standing up to go, wella il akh has that kind of 3eqal with split ends they wear in Qatar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ayal shaqoool!!!!!

Matshoof raylee mosak ish6olah qa3ed jdamee? Isn’t he man enough for you?

Matshoof il debla ishkoborha ib eede?

 and you are looking at me in AMAZEMENT… as in “why is she making that digsuting face?”

Had he been watching me the whole time? Had he been waiting for the moment to strike, like a cobra? Saw the opportunity window of me taking out my mobile and BAM…

You thought you would drag the name 7komat qatar in ur bluetooth and i would like be impressed?

I am sure inah il 7koma malat qatar teste3er minik o min amthalik… ya waqe7! Ya qleel il adab! ya 3adeem il nakhwa wel shahama o il rojola! I am sure inah the people in 7komat qatar know il ettiquete o il diplomatic protocol, that the rule ya ghareeb koon adeeb… and im sure inah they do not hit on married women sitting happily with their husbands IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY WHEN U ARE A GUEST IN IT!

Has the world just emptied from morals all together?

Why? Just why would he think i would respond to him? What did he want? For me to take his number? then what? Call him? Marry him? Have an affair or leave the love of my life and the son of my country who knows better than to hit on married women when visiting their other countries… FOR HIM!

O i wish he was tall, or handsome, or good looking… or anything at all to lure a married woman!!!!

and ma agool illa malat 3leek ya qleel il adab, ya rait lo sha3ab qatar yadroon 3annik, and adri inah fehom ryayeel lo yesmo3oon belee saweetah chan 6agook ben3al naydya yal tees… ya qleel il adab…

O ya raitne b3d walla hayfa2 wahbi ga3da!!! I have a simple black 7ejab, no makeup, bags under under my eyes, and yellowing skin from my UK homesickness!!!

What does he think? I will swoon at his attempted flirting because i was not that good looking? As in i would be desperate for attention or something? I would be an easier target?

I had made the most disgusted face at him, stood up and said Weee3 q63, Bu tootee was saying ur welcome to the Waitress fa he didnt notice -i rant alot in his presence, he tunes out for his own sanity most of the time-…

It took every ounce of my strength & self control not to go over to that stupid coward and throw something at him. The pot of the byriani would have fitted snugly on the top of his 3eqal!!!

And you would think he would be ashamed? Hide his face? run away? LOOK AWAY?! Abadaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!! Looking me in the eye ib kil waqa7a!!!

I didnt tell bu totee right there…   i didnt want him to go back and punch that man… … i didnt want a scene in the rest infront of all those couples and foreigners… i didnt want things to break and then we would have to settle the bill… he is just not worth my husbands hands being on him, hurting his knuckles on his jaw… i saw the american man glance in my direction and then at the stupid man whome i made a face towards, both of us holdoing mobiles, pretty much figured out what that stupid guy did… wa khezyaaah….

I waited until we were a bit far away then i told bu tootee… he was MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD …

he wanted to go back and find the guy and punch him… show him that the women and girls of q8 are not sluts who you would text msg and then have them fall at your feet, and that if u intend on visiting Q8, you should at least at LEAST respect the people residing in it, nationals or expats… or do not come at all!!!

Ya ‘3reeb koon adeeb!!!!

I had to restrain bu tootee… he was soooo angry he went towards the car, and rode up and down Gulf road near shuwaikh and inside Kuwait City for a bit. He did not calm down until i took him to Casper & Gambinis behind the church and ordered him a nice Ice Tea thing with mint cooler he likes…

7esbya allah 3leek min rayyal qabee7… 7esbya allah 3leek ya qleel il adab … ma itkhaf yoom ayeek wa7ed yeghazel mortik jedamik? Hatha if there was a woman who would marry you…

Malat 3la il Bamya om el sanaseen!!!!


11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by yara4ever on January 9, 2009 at 11:21 AM

    3amaa b3aaaina !! akh yarait raylich raye7 dabqa shway 😛 shakhbari bluetooth ;/


  2. LOOOOOOOOL im really sorry ana completely wiyach 3ala gilat il adab mal ilq6ry – tara kilhum chithi – lakin i couldnt help laughing at ur rant and the way u write. ya3ni seriously i can just imagine u sitting in front of me and ranting and raving. tara me and my friends do that all the time.


  3. malat 3alaih bs @@


  4. You don’t tell a man about something like this after you leave the place, you’ll just make him feel worse and rob him of a good night’s sleep.

    If I were in his shoes, I’d feel like you didn’t think I could handle those losers hence why you didn’t tell me about them. And I’d feel bad because I didn’t protect my wife.


  5. Posted by Lama on January 9, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    OK !!

    He deserved this post 🙂

    next time switch off your bluetooth in public.


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 9, 2009 at 4:10 PM


    mo kheft 3leeh maskeen 😦
    Shakhbary min shakhbary Bluetooth!!!! Wee3 lel7een lay3a chabdi!


    You should stay away from me when im angry… akhar3!


    Ee walla il bamya ish3aleha? malat 3leeh qaleel il adab.

    3 Am Flight

    Really ?

    I was afraid of him being hurt physically… i didnt think about him being hurt emotionally 😦 I didnt think about that


    shakhbary wa7ed yeghazil bel bluetooth?

    My phone blutooth was on because i use it to connect to my cars wireless handsfree thingy… i didnt think inah walla ako awadm lel7een abusing the bluetooth… at least they would abuse someone whose nickname is “qa6wa 7elwa” or “Chick waiting” or something equally flirty! Not me!!! 7mar ga3ed yeraqbne!!!!


  7. Posted by :/ on January 9, 2009 at 7:55 PM

    hahaahha..i never open my bluetooth..even in the hose i get afraid i will get a weird msj somewer around.im that scar-ed…loser shtsween b3ad


  8. Posted by :/ on January 9, 2009 at 7:56 PM

    house..7elwa hose hathe b3ad..bad3t ana bel spelling


  9. You should’ve told your husband when you were there so he’d learn his lesson.


  10. Posted by Asma on January 12, 2009 at 12:33 AM

    ma Agool illa ya zeenich o ya zeen kitabatich…wayid ta3jibini 😉


  11. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 12, 2009 at 12:35 AM


    Oooh u make me shyyyy 🙂 thank you dear… may god bless u too 😀


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