Book Review: Good Night, Beautiful By Dorothy Koomson

I have just finished the 5th novel by Dorothy Koomson, one of my favourite authors… this book? Probably her 2nd best! and one of the best most touching ones i have read in a long long time…

Dorothy also wrote “My Best Friends Girl” which, if u have not read it, is simply magical and heart wrenching… it has been a best seller for a long time and it so worth turning into a movie…

Also she has “Marshmallows for Breakfast”… it is good, but not as good as My best friends girl or Good night beautiful…

You see she has a unique writing style. She doesnt start from the begining and move forwards, she starts at some point in the story, with dreams and flashbacks and sudden memories that will piece up the puzzle of plot as you go on forwards.

and if you are like me, get sick of happy every one is in the clouds unrealistic endings, Dorothy will not disappoint. The endings of her novels are so realistic you would really identify with them even when u put the book down at last.

In Good Night, Beautiful. It tells the story about Nova, a 29 year old girl who is best friend and soulmate with Mal, a boy whom she grew up with with and faced everything in life with. Mal’s wife Steph cannot have children, so they convince Nova to become their surrogate and carry their child for them. Nova reluctantly agrees…

Until one day, stephanie finds an sms Mal has sent to Nova “Good Night, Beautiful!”

She freaks out, fearing that the Novas pregnancy will eventually mean Mal will fall in love with her. She sets about to changing Mal’s mind about the baby… and they both abandon Nova in her pregnancy… shutting her out of their lives for good, and letting her deal with the baby on her own…

and 8 years go by…

Not to ruin the book for you… the story is more interesting 8 years afterwards…

Read the first chapter of the book by clicking here… and let me warn you now. If you are sensitive about novels where some sexual content exist, plz don’t bother then… this book is not for you.

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6 responses to this post.

  1. allaaaah… shawagteeeniii !

    i read a part of marshmallows for breakfast last year, it was kind of boring so I stopped.. but this book sounds goood! I love the plot!


  2. Posted by yara4ever on January 8, 2009 at 9:43 AM

    Abi abi abi i wanna reaaad it 🙂 I just finished the Alchemist by Paolo madri sheno, its been on best sellers list for a long time so i got it.. bas it was ok y3ni i got bored shway i skipped a couple of pages..

    Wain a7a9il el book 3ndich fekra? wala lazm i order from amazon?


  3. Posted by Zabo0o6a on January 8, 2009 at 3:33 PM

    I absolutely love dorothy koomson , i got marshmallows for breakfast and my best friend’s girl last year from london the last one really made me cry ..
    Still I couldn’t find the other ones 😦


  4. Posted by :/ on January 8, 2009 at 6:30 PM

    wen beauty and the beast stories..nseety tkmleenhm.plz do


  5. hi daddy’s girl,
    that sounds like such a great book, i can’t wait to get it. i heard from a friend that it is really good too. i had posted a question awhile back asking what happened to the beauty and the beast saga? it was such a sad story, but captivating nonetheless.i hope you do continue it.


  6. […] of my favorite authors Dorothy Koomson. I have reviewed two of her books before on my blog “Good Night Beautiful” and “The Ice Cream Girls” … my favorite book however is the the first one […]


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