My first TAG! Honesty Award Tag!!!!

Wanasa i have never been tagged before!!!

I do not really know the etiquette of taggin and being tagged, so i will just copy all the bloggers out there who have been tagged 😀

Thanx atoona for my first Tag :*

Anyways baqalid ishwaya your post o ashoof how it goes ok? The rules part 😀

The Honesty Award Tag Rules (is there really an award in the end?)

The Rules:
a) list 10 things about yourself- make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
b) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the Honesty Spirit.

1) I love looking at old people. Old wrinkly people… my heart melts and i start cooing and saying “wa7alatah salem galbaaaaaah”… once in mubarkiya i was in an old men qahwa and saw the cutest old man fa i was staring at him grinning maskeen he was kinda of angry and confused… 😀

2) Two reflexes i cannot control in certain situations: Crying & Vomiting! If someone cries infront of me in one second i will cry harder, even if i do not know them or know why they are crying! Imagine how it felt in school when all the girls would cry over their tests while i had a full mark and i would cry with them and the teachers would be baffled. Same goes for vomiting. If i hear someone retching or vomiting, i can very well do it and finish before they do!!!

3)  I love everything japanese… i cannot help but staring at japanese people when i see them cause they look so polished and clean and something out of an old cartoon with amazing quirky sense of style!!! I dream about going to Japan one day…  kinda like my ultimate vacation destination 😀

4) I only drink Tetley Tea for my black tea. I have boxes and boxes of it stashed at home. I have even once written to them about it and they posted my experience online in their website 😀

5) I met my husband on a plane! I was seated next to him by mistake in the middle aisle while i wanted the window seat, my friend wouldnt give up the window seat even though she knew i had to sit next to the window, so i spent the entire trip (to US) talking to my husband 😀

6) I have a fantasy that is growing stronger each and every day, i dream about selling all my belongings here, packing what is left, and leaving on a plane to live in the UK. Kinda like what Becky Bloomwood did when she sold everything to go to the US (in the shopaholic series, one of my favourites)… i would do it tommorow if i had a job offer and bu tootee would come with me. He says he cannot leave Hardees Behind!!!!  

7) I am a freak magnet. The strangest thing on earth happen in my presence. Many people tend not to believe me sometime and think im making it up. Those who believe me do so because whenever they are with me, freaky things happen to them. Correction: freaky things appear or happen to them ALMOST ONLY when they are with me!!!!

8) Twice or three times in my life i have reached an anger level that is so scary i avoid making my self go there at all costs. At that level, i see red, i scream and scream until my throat hurts, but it doesnt satisfy the rage pulsing through me, so i must get physical, either by hitting or breaking things. One such victim is my 1000 KD huge wide screen panasonic TV 😦

9) I do not believe in the concept of a house maid. I have survived in my marriage for five years without one and i do not intend on having one.  EVER! What is about us that is sooo arrogant that we decide to enslave poor needy people and pay them minimum wages so that they would deal with our own dirt and garbage??? I believe the maid phenomenon in q8 is nothing but modern day slavery! and there is nothing wrong in cooking ur own meal, doing ur own laundry, and scrubbing ur own bathroom!!! If Japanese, Europeans, and American can do it and still lead the world, then so can we!

10) Ok this is two facts in one. I have had a very lovely childhood because my parents adored me El 7amd le Allah and they are the ones who raised me, not the maids. But i was abused by a cousin who was two years older than me. I always wanted to be a writer, i wrote endless stories when i was a teenager and she would put me down and make fun of me especially since i had some nice audience then from eager people who said i would do well as a writer. We have been estranged for 12 years now, but guess what? She is now a writer!!!! Cause she has enough money, she has published a string of stupid stories without a taste or a style of writing, straight out of arabic comprehensive class at school!!!! The latest blow to me… she stole my life long dream!!! Its driving my mom crazy and she is insisting i publish one of my novels  and that she would do it her self  if i give her the green light but then i would look like i was jealous of the attention she is getting so im trying to steal her thunder…!

I do not know about the 7 bloggers part… especially that it seems all bloggers have already gone through this… so i tag only three… there are four slots open and plz feel free to say you have been tagged by me 😀

I tag Yara, Eshda3wa, and New Bride


8 responses to this post.

  1. ambeeeeeeeh so sweeeeeet thanks for the tag i will do it enshalah 🙂


  2. On the plane… haha! 🙂
    Well… I missed that chance! I will post my 10 honest things tomorrow and one of them is me in the plane … 🙂


  3. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 6, 2009 at 3:23 PM


    I will be waiting 😀

    Evil Knievel

    Ok so u took one slot… 3 more to go… i will wait and see what is ur plane experience 😀

    and by the way… it’s never too late.. unless of course ur a wrinkly 100 year old person y3ni … still if u can reach a 100 u have a good shot at reaching a 114 😀 so no i take it back… it is never EVER too late…


  4. I totally agree with you on #9 !
    bas I have to ask, isn’t it hard? ya3ni itnathfeen ilbait kila, wil bathrooms ou kilshay.. aaaand have a social life? a7is maku wagt! itha bag3ad anathef oou bajabel shighlii ou dirastiii ;p
    ou raylii ;p


  5. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 6, 2009 at 11:26 PM


    Well of course if i live in a three floor house with serdab o reception of over 500 square meters o three kithchen plus kitchenette o o 10 bathrooms o 5 bedrooms o 24 sa3a ya ga3da 3nd awadem ya awadem ga3deen 3ndi it will be impossible to manage on my own.

    But first, i live in a small tiny apartment with one little kitchen, one tiny bathroom, a living room, and two bedrooms. and its only me and my husband…

    Thanyan, even if one day i will by some miracle have a house of my own, i do really need nor want the palace of louis XIV … no need for all of that. A little cosey tiny house where me and my family can pick up our own slack after ourselves is all i need…

    Then well, if i apply the rules of time management and prioritization, i can manage to go to work, come home for my chores, and then spend the evening our or with my husband! Believe it or not all over the globe people are living this way! Even in the middle east like egypt and lebanon and syria… bs ihnee bel gulf area ilee laaaa no maid no life im too cool to clean after my self and im too important!

    It also helps if u do not intend to cook mechabees o ma7ashee o maqalee o kobeeb nor miss it. I cannot imagine y3ni ini i come home after work to cook a machboos dyay then scrub the pot with seem :S


  6. Posted by yara4ever on January 6, 2009 at 11:43 PM

    Daddys girl ! itsadgeen tawni ashof ur older posts! adesh ur blog nearly everyday bas shlon i missed them madri .. anyway al7in im gonna read them and catch up.. and do the tag Allah yaster 🙂


  7. yours is the most honest one i’ve read yet!.. enjoyed reading it!
    awww about the plane thing, Allah ykhaleekum 7g ba3ath! now i believe even more that there’s really a reason for everything ; )
    oh and did u really write a novel? mashallah 🙂


  8. walla zain itsaween #9 you should tell all couples your story and be their model => good luck :)))


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