Pictures of Woolworths Closing Down :(

I remember my fixation with woolworths when i was a child. I would wander into it, have the time of my life buying stationary and toys inside, then filling a huge box with Pic and Mix sweets… the best sweets ever! Ay Sweet Factory!!! the smell of those sweets will never leave my mind, nor are rivalled in any other sweet stand or store…

I remember the rings, and the coca cola ones…. i remember my brothers favourite “the snake”… i remember they had a little wrapped chocolate with a strawberry creme center, one of my favourites… i remember also the Quality Street ones that i chose 3la kaifee…

I remember i would buy endless cheap stationary supplies for school. for many many years, london equalled woolworths in my eyes…

Then when i grew up, it was still a staple in every london visit. I would not top my mobile unless it was in woolworths, i would not buy bulks of chocolate to take back home illa from it… though i have stopped buying their sweets because they have proudly informed me that they used pork gelatine in making them… maybe thats why they were the best… i still loved to smell them and remember the old days…

I was last serviced by a nice blonde named claire, who was shaking uncontrollably… she dropped my changed and started apologizing about how she did not mean to offend me by throwing the change in my face? she was so sad, so distressed at being left jobless in january that in thanked god a million time we do not have to encounter such hardships in here.

and now … this is all there is left. I went it, took pictures o it. and thats all there is left to it.

Notice how, even though they have put out the closing down signs, they put some xmas decorations on them? How they still feel the festive spirit even in their impending defeat and loss of jobs?  w3lya 😦

Bye Bye Woolies…













4 responses to this post.

  1. my god wede asee7! i love woolworhs alooot! lazm we pass by it everytime in london o iwas shocked in nov. that they closed it down! not fair 😦


  2. Posted by tallulah on January 3, 2009 at 9:50 PM

    I feel the same way – in fact you seem to be feeling pretty much the way i do right now………..back to work and the regular routine tomorrow. just down in the dumps as we say! Had just 10 days away to my home away from home but did not feel i had the chance to appreciate every minute of it and here i am back, thinking how can i wake up at 5.30am? How i wish i had eaten more fish and chip suppers and drank more irn bru…….can we not just turn back the clock, just once!


  3. its saaad i know :/
    the one over here is still not fully closed down yet, i couldn’t even bear going inside.. so different and empty!


  4. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 5, 2009 at 10:51 PM


    It has been there for a 100 years!!!
    I do not understan ishloon it bankrupt when swarms of devoted people are wailing o buying from it like crazy!!!


    Why cant the working week be half and half?
    We work 3 days, then four days weekend, then again three days, then four days!!!

    That way there would be no dire need for longer vacations!!!


    If you go inside you will be depressed!!! So save your self the drama 😦


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