Back t Work Blues… and rant…

Whats with this new cold weather? Shino hal bard?

Shino y3ni my last day of vacation im frozen on my stupid couch? Covered to my neck with my stupid throw? I cant type from under the throw!

Just cried a bit too, remembering my self shopping in tesco and almost hearing the little rings of items being scanned at checkout… what is wrong with me?

Whenever i travel for more than one week, i begin to miss the q8yism in q8… the smell of bukhoor wafting at home, the way the sun is always shining in ur eyes and blinding you… shabab il q8 il jyaker wearing shorts showing off their knees that are chal7a and legs that are so hairy, still you forgive that because they have such funny comments and humor that makes your heart warm. Banat il q8 il id3al, tossing their hair and eyeing you from top to toe then staring you in the eye before bitching about u in ur face to their band of girl friend… i miss all of that usually… believe it or not i do…

Not this time.

i cannot bear look around my haven, my sanctuary for many years, my living room… i do not open the tv and flip to see my favourite tv shows. I have a box set i brought from the UK for all episodes of Smallville since no one in the middle east bothered enough to show it up to season 3, it is lying on the floor gathering dust already. My eyes water each time i look at my pictures in the UK so much that Bu tootee is begining to get sick of me.

I look at al-qabas news paper and flinch, not wanting to look it in the eyes. Went to the co-op yesterday to buy something and i was so sick to my stomach i finished my shopping in 3 minutes tops. Even driving my car was not something i wanted to do.

and tommorow i have to go to work!!!!

dont get me wrong i love the nature of my work. i am working in the job i wanted ever since i was 7 years old. its the idea of being confined, controlled, like a prisonor, doing what im supposed to do for work and nothing else. Still… i have nothing else to do. I refuse to go out. I refuse to acknowledge that i am back here… i do not know what todays date is, i do not know what is going on around me, is there still majles omma or not? 7alooh or not? borsa ishloonha? i do not know. I have not been in the know about anything since over fourty days.

I did not even feel the Eid come and go!!!

What is wrong with me?!

All i am thinking of is, how appropriate would it be if i take next thrusday off work, board the morning british airways flight to UK, stay thursday, and most of friday, return on Friday night to reach Q8 on Saturday morning…

Not bad eh? grab a couple more mozzarela paninis from starbucks, that tub of Tzatziki i couldnt get from M&S before my flight home because it was new years eve and parties every where ensured that the shelves were emptied at every food store by 4 pm.

Can’t i do that? Well, i have the money, i have the guts and the desire…

But Bu tootee wont hear of it!!!

Ish hal na7asa y3ni?! “500 KD tickets one day!!! r u crazy!!!”

No, but i will BE!!!

b3dain it can easliy be reduced to 250 KD y3ni! Just don’t tag along!!!


See my lovely cupboard back there? filled with my diet staples “Chocolate and Coffee”

I miss my lattisimo machine … i couldnt bring it back because i had no space in my bags. I have to go unpack now… i do not really want to. But i have to …





7 responses to this post.

  1. aaawww never mind next time u go back for a long holiday u will appreciate it even more


  2. Posted by :/ on January 3, 2009 at 11:04 PM

    7beebti :/ ksrty 5a6ry…ana agool roo7y..ana sweet’ha mn gbul w chna el 3eed..7 hrs is nothing if u really really want it.. and its worth everything etha b5a6rch…qan3eeh tro7en broo7ch.goleela 3shan ma y9eer feene akt2aaab smella 3allay..etha t7bnee w t5aaf 3ala 3aqlee 5alnee aroo7 ;p walla hal seyasa tnf3.


  3. Posted by Zabo0o6a on January 4, 2009 at 2:08 AM

    Daddy’s girl , sharing is caring 😛
    so i want 25% of the chocolate stock you have 😛 hehe


  4. girl u bring a lot of food back with u

    that happenes to me everytime im away for too long

    but ull get over it soon enough inshallah


  5. Posted by aws on January 5, 2009 at 1:50 AM

    My dear didn’t u get the email that said, don’t place your happiness in the hands of others so it can always be within your reach ??

    So don’t place your happiness in the hands of London so it can always be within your reach … you need to figure out how to improve your lot from here, without external aid from london !


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 5, 2009 at 10:26 PM


    I want to go back to a holiday again!!! i didnt have enough…
    Why cant we have three months off in the summer and a month off in the winter like the old childhood days?!

    Being an adult with a job sucks!!!


    sa7altah … he refused 😦


    Ma yeghla 3leech … send ur driver 🙂


    I didnt post about the 15 innocent smoothies and the 8 starbucks sandwiches i still eat although the expiry date says 1 Jan :p

    and no still the pain is raw and not going away …


    Hon ur the greatest!

    But its not about happiness being in london as much as im not really happy in Q8 anymore. It breaks my heart to stay in my own country but i do not recognize it anymore … and i do not recognize if for the worse lel asaf not for the best…


  7. Posted by Alka on January 6, 2009 at 8:40 AM

    hehehehe i know hw it feels!! hehehe i just got back from a vacation too and i cried the entire sunday cause i had to rush straight from the airport to work and now see two days went back and the holidays seem like a dream … cant wait for the feb holidays … m gng again for 4 days yahoooooooooooo


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