First Breakfast Back Home…

Lovely Yummy Breakfast...

I tried, i really tried my best. I spent careful moments cooking my scrambled eggs and mushrooms. I heated some soft slices of Ma67n’s toast and heated a can of heinz baked beans. With Florida Natural Orange juice and a sachet of instant coffee i had from the UK, i thought i was all set.

Now its time to have a good breakfast at my real home in Q8.

it tasted like rubber!

No matter how good my herbs were (uk and switzerland), no matter that i had taken the time and the guts to actually cook in BUTTER (british butter) no matter how careful i was in trying to perfect my meal. It is still tasteless and rubbery.

I wonder why that is?

So, i open my laptop, plug in my camera memory card. Take a look at my daily breakfast in the UK… and nearly weep 😦


Lovely Yummy Breakfast...

Lovely Yummy Breakfast...

I had brought those cheeses back with me. I had also brought back 3 boxes of Kellogs Nutty crunchy nut (very nutty and new and yummier than ever)… i am not sure how the mix between those cheeses and ma6a7ns toast or the cornflakes and KDCow milk will be. Not pleasant i suppose…

Even tootee was happier then… now he is slumped againt the arm chair and not happy. Refused to have today’s breakfast…

See how happy he was then?!


… i am preparing a picture slide show for my grandmother so i can show her tonight when i visit her insha2 allah.. i will share some more pix in the next few posts … brb


3 responses to this post.

  1. allah crunch nut ❤
    weshallem galba tootee!


  2. laish mako crunch nut bilq8? its my dads favorite cereal oo baitna ma yiftha mineh


  3. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 3, 2009 at 4:32 PM


    Min yoom ma toote read ur comment o oho miste7ee o minkhash waray 😀


    Ahhhhhh intaw in Oman 3ndokom zar3 o khothra o agriculture… mo mithil il food ilee 3ndenaaaa….

    So let me explain…

    first, this crunchy nut is a newer one. It has more nuts in it, you can actually see little whole walnuts caramalised which are the yummiest. It is also made in UK, which is better than the one made in Egypt or KSA for the middle east. No comparision in taste though.

    In bahrain they import their Crunchy Nut directly from the UK 😀 so i stock up when i travel there by car. Here, we either have our crunchy nut from the usual co-op (arabian made, tastes bad) or from Sultan Center, which provide the Crunchy Nut from the USA. It does not taste the same and there is a slight chance it is being made with gelatine making it unsuitable for vegeterians. Whileas the one from the UK is the yummiest and compatable with my vegeterian needs…

    Ako b3d crunchy nut clusters. Didnt have that one yet… i didnt want to get too attached to it…

    b3dain il akil 3ndina bel q8 mo leehnak. You see, our flour is very very bad. Hence all ur bread tastes like wood after two days. In bahrain the bread is wonderful, so is in dubai, because they have better flour. food in KSA is good and yummy, while the vegetables and fruits in Bahrain are … not very appetizing… kinda imthawya ishwaya… the eggs in Dubai are horrible. If i eat anything made with eggs (eggs, baqsemat, cake etc) i can smell a bad egg smell in them. Madry laish their eggs zafreen…

    I havent been to Oman yet. But i know you guys have a wonderful climate which is very different than what we have here masha2 allah 3lekom bel 3afya… so im guessing since ako 3ndokom endless supply of water and greens your food must be good?


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