A special Omani Dedication … FOR ME :D

While i was away i read this post… and i was sooooo touched to be remembered enough, significant (signifigant?) enought that some kind soul a few countries southward would take the time and remember me when she saw this on TV…

Even better? She took the time and took a picture of it. Then made it into a post with a dedication all for ME 😀


I must be really blessed 😀

‘Thank you dearest 3anooda, for making my day (month actually)… i feel like coming all the way to oman just to give you a big thank you bear hug :*

See my dedication here…



One response to this post.

  1. i cant remember if i commented before. i cant see any comments. so am i the first?? 7ayati inti wallah. it feels nice to know that small things remind u of other people. even those that we dont know. i know the feeling so i like to make other people share the feeling.


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