Greetings from Terminal 5… still on Edward Cullen…

Happpyyyyy Neeewww Yeaaaarrrrr 😀

Im in terminal five about to board my flight… frankly all i can think about is edward and bella!!! 7asha fever mo twilight!!!

I love it when i like a book sooo much it takes me off reality for a bit… especially that i have to go to work next week.

Um mit3eb was it u with the edward cullen post two months ago?

Go to the authors website, go to the books listing and you fill find it in pdf. If u cannot find it i will email it to ya…

Taboon shay min heathrow? Mako wayed awadem bell 6yara…

Ma 7a6aw il movie bel q8 leen il 7een!?

Yalla ga3edeen yenaddoon 3la our plane. Since its new years alll the shops want to close early 😦

i cant wait to board and read the rest of the book 😀 i hope i find twilight showing on the plane!!!!!

Tra ana yannait rasmi …

Id3olee awsal bel ssalama il q8….


4 responses to this post.

  1. email me paahh leeezzz;p

    ee ana el inhiyar 3ala edward;p


  2. Posted by Zabo0o6a on January 1, 2009 at 2:48 AM

    Happy new year sweeety :* , terj3een belsalama inshallah ..


  3. tow9aleen bil salama inshallah oo happy new year


  4. happy 2oo9 girlie!
    i was on plane on 31st o mako wayed nas on plane too, a7la shay 😉 hope u enjoyed it o w9altay bl salama!

    haa bashray.. inshallah the ending of the book was satisfying.?


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