I’m starry eyes… because of Edward Cullen!!!!!!!!!

I recall a blogger once wrote something about someone called Edward Cullen… I didnt care much at the time.

Saw the movie, went straight into waterstones, bought Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse…

and every since i have been living in a haze! Literally! My severe cold/flu/fever has nothing to do with it, if anything, it was subdued because of the awe i am in.

Then while i was mourning the end of book 3, i find out that there is infact a FOURTH BOOK! Breaking Dawn!

I finished all three books in about 48 hours. Yes, i did not sleep, i barely ate, infact i think i dropped a dress size!!! All because of Edward and Bella (well edward mostly!)

It helps when u have seen the movie first!!!!

So… i finish the third book in the middle of the night, made my discovery about the fourth one, and all i wanted to do is RUN TO WATERSTONES, BANG OPEN the DOOR, and get my claws on one!!!!!!

I had to wait 18 HOURS before i had access to a stupid bookstore,,,

u know what is written on the back of the 760 pages book?!

A critic wrote about it “Move over, Harry Potter!” and he is 100% correct! I have finally find the cure to the emptiness left by harry’s last book! Move over o climb out of the window Harry! -by the way, i was one of the first people in Kuwait to buy the last book in Virgin in the airport at 12 midnight, finished it next day  by noon!!! Crazy? Not anymore!-

So… imagine my surpirse now when, while i was checking for my flight online, numb with the realization im coming home and only have 300 more pages of Bella and Edward to go, that there is a FIFTH BOOK!!!

the fifth is a retelling of the first book by Edward!!!! Can it get any better?

Apparently not, the 12 chapters of the book were leaked into the media, the author was too angry she halted the writing of the book and published the draft herself!!! I HAVE DOWNLOADED IT FROM HER WEBSITE!!! IT IS IN MY FLASH DRIVE AS A PLANE COMPANION!!!

2nd book is the best by the way. Allah ya bechayt 3lehoom bacheeee…

Im coming home insha2 allah tommorow…

My cold just wont go. I cannot taste food for a week now, i cannot get out and walk and shop. I have a theory for that i will share with you when im back home insha2 allah… it is because of one lady who has 7asad venom in her eyes more lethal than Edward’s!

3anooda honey! I am waiting my to come home and dedicate a whole post for ya!


7 responses to this post.

  1. where can i get the 5th part?!


  2. BOOKS!!! EVIL!!!
    *throw salt on you*


  3. Posted by yara4ever on December 31, 2008 at 10:32 AM

    Bil salama enshalah :** o matshofeen sharr ana b3ad sick i have no voice 😦 wanasa 9ij shawagteeni 3ala el books i love reading


  4. aaawww – u know i almost didnt read ur post cos za3lana – then i said la 5alni achoof shilsalfa oo i came across the last line. aaaaawwwww. u r NOT ignoring me. i feel so good now. LOL


  5. OMG!!!! i cant believe it why is every 1 reading it besides me???
    i wannna read it and i cant find the book!!!! its nooooooot faiiiir i want to go into the “edward phase”that they always tell me about !!!!
    from where did you get the movie??? and the boooooks???


  6. Posted by :/ on January 2, 2009 at 11:12 PM

    waaay nafs 7alte..wa7da 3enha b safrtee w el7ara enha wa7da of my close friend y3nee..i just came from london..went for the nw yr 4 days bs.w elsafra mn awalha la5rha sickness b sickness..enqatheet w radeet..tawnee rada mn el hospital ER araq3 b 3mree.


  7. Posted by Daddy's Girl on January 5, 2009 at 11:32 PM

    Tra ya jema3a ana radayt 3lekom previously lakin madry laysh hal comments yenmas7ooon!!!! ma sarat !!!!

    Let me re comment in my own stupid non functioning blog …


    wede asawe post feeh naqd 7add 7g il writer il kheblaen. Shino y3ni will hurt her if she had extended il series ib four five books? college maybe? then some work then ruin it all by the breaking dawn thing.. habla!!!

    la o im3antera mo rathya itkamil il last book!!! yoba kamleeh khalseena shino do u want people to beg?!


    i take it that you love books so much? Insha2 allah ya rab all the gifts you get in 2009 are books ;P


    Salamat dear ma itshofeen shar :*


    6a7 il 7a6ab???


    Tra i have a pamphlet min jareer showing the fourth twilight series book… try there

    o by the way, choose carefuly the timing for ur edward phase. my suggestion is next week so that when u finish all books u get to go see the movie!!!! b3dain u will be depressed for a week…. then i hope life will go on…


    Hathee om 3yoon nashebatne min rekabt il 6yara ray7a uk leen rekabt il 6yara coming home!!!

    thekr allah ma yamshi 3ndeha a3otho bellah!!!!


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