I have a cold. It’s all because of Bu Tootee who insists on taking a shower and going out in the cold. Now he is well but he threw his virus on me.

Oooh by the way… my tooth filling fell! Turns out the dentist has cracked my tooth and now it looks horrible!!! and when i take my vicks gum (yes they have a great vicks gum for the cold here i will be bringing tons of it back home if u want any just let me know)… anyways when i take my vicks gum bits of crunchy tooth/filling are happily entwined!!! Gross!

I hate being sick! with a stupid cold none the less…!!!

Ma boga shay o arj3 il Q8 😦 i tried to change my flight to the begining of Jan but it will do so for an obsene amount of money! I would rather spend that money on something from the sales so im coming home at time….

I am in a bit of trouble. I have one whoe suitcase (big one)… filled to the brim with chocolate!!!!! I do not know how i accumilated all that chocolate. Not many clothes i bought but chocolate? I am buying like crazy!!! i think i will put a bas6a in the middle of the avenus and start selling it to pay of the shipping cost!!!

Anyways i am sorry i didnt post the pictures yet. I was sick… i will do it soon insha2 allah ….

C ya all soon… any new q8y updates?


5 responses to this post.

  1. aww, i hope ur cold and tooth get better soon!
    ee make use of the shopping b4 the sizes run out..

    btw, ur generous!… care to share ur chocolate suitcase ?! ;p


  2. I hate dentists :’/
    and you can send any extra chocolate to baitna:P I’ll be happy to get *yum* rid of it for u ;p


  3. hi daddy’s girl,
    hope you feel better, especially with the tooth ordeal. just a question.. what happen to the beauty and the beast saga? it was such a sad story, but captivating nonetheless. take care and have a safe trip back.


  4. laish sad face

    edit it

    it should be ma buga shay 3ala el kuwair 😀


  5. ya3ni not even a reaction on my dedication??? afffaaaaaa


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