It’s freezing in here…!

I went to a little place next to milton keynes called bicester village today. Its a little village with outlet stores for many brands (D&G, Anya, Burberry, Mulberry… etc.)

Wella kooshat 7jabat yetmashon minak… 6b3an their favourite place seems to be polo sports!!! Halaw rabe3na weslaw il q8yeen ilaa honaa … 😀

They say a snow storm is about to hit, ashoof il syayeer every where have frost on them. Its sooo cold i didnt want to go out of the house today!!!

Laa, i learned that in order for my internet to work, i need to wait 14 days!!!! after the installation of my phone line…. i bought a coffee machine from nespresso, i want to use it here and bring it home with me to Q8, Lattisimo thingy, i was told it will be delivered on Monday. Until today it didnt arrive. Apparently the stupid italian girl wearing only a black bra with a sheer shirt on top in Selfridges have placed the order with the delivery to be done to…? No, not me with my already existing nespresso account,,, to her in selfridges!!!!

Now im writing a loong complaint letter to nespresso about this. Shino y3ni sarlee isboo3 waiting for my coffee? I need my coffee ma atghashmar ana!!!! 3ad they sent it by courier today they say … khal inshoof….

Mcdonalds have free Wi Fi in them…. i might go there for lunch tommorow and connect free… nahabnee il internet…

and VAT cut back? y3ni for the 60 pounds thing, u save one pound. 7safa ana 3balee like 10% cutback or something….

gtg to go… too cold, i want to go hide under the covers…

Ma taboon shay min UK?


2 responses to this post.

  1. salmtech .. bs redday bel salama 🙂


  2. Hey:) did you find anything good? Is it worth visiting?


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