trip update :)

Bloody BT wont connect my phone line till the 10th of December!!!! So i will be begging for internet connection until then 😦

There are many changes around here. First, a whole building infront of M&S in Oxford Street has been torn down and something is being build instead. The lights in regent street are really really bad. Just a net of white lights thats it. Though the snowmen in Carnaby are wow…

VAT was reduced from 17.5% to something god knows what, maybe 7% now… so all prices went down. They are almost begging people to buy stuff. YET … the stuff to buy are not that wow. Until this moment i did not find a single thing i want to buy.

Movies are good though. Good collection although the UK is not well known for its good collection of movies. Sometimes we get movies in Kuwait opening faster.

The other day i went to Sainsburys since it is the nearest place to my place and bought some strawberries. I love to have strawberries drenched with whip cream. I eat them and they are sour… i am shocked, until i read where they came from … EGYPT!!! y3ni ana 6aga darb leen gal3at wadreen to buy egyptian strawberries that are sour?!?!?!??!?! one good reason to hating that stupid sainsbury more!!! OFFFF ….

Anyways, ako movies called Ghost Town that im going to now. I have written a long complaint letter to BT about their lack of service who waits 4 weeks for a phone line to be connected? Wain ga3deen???? So i checked my email and thought of giving you an update.

My favourite eating place here, ASK, has changed its staff into all indians. I just had a minstrone that tastes like marag bo6a6 made at our house, and a dry DRY pizza that is cheesless and tasteless!!! What is wrong now adays in here???? Financial depression. I am searching for a the email of ASK to complain to them and tell them spaghetti in a minestrone with bajeela is not a very good combination…

and finally, after one week of not being able to chew, i can now chew happily without pain 😀

Still, the tooth hurts when i bite onto it. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WHEN IT HAS NO NERVES???

MA taboon shay?

Oh by the way, woolworths falas and is closing down and throwing out more than 30,000 employees into the street. Say good buy people 😦

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  1. You’re in London!

    Watch out from Ask!! My wife and I were fans as well; until one day, the cook who was Algerian or Morocon in Ask near Slefridges noticed me and my wife who’s wearing hijab, then he warned from certain dishes/food on the menu that sound innocent, but are not so innocent. Even the Tomato Soup he told us to avoid it (either because or lard or alcohol I don’t remember). My favourite appetizer was that Goat Cheese with Caramalized onion. He told me to order it without the carmalized onion b/c they put wine or beer or something in the pan with the onions to carmalize it.

    I think even some Salad dressings are spiked!!! When we eventually found out, it dawned on my wife and I that often after having dinner at Ask and walking to our hotel, we seem to say and act in the silliest way like idiots!! looool!

    So, double check with the cook.


  2. Vat has gone from 17.5% to 15% effective from today.. and yes the lights in Oxford street are crap.. did you go to Westfield?


  3. ya bakhtich wintay in london



    bs ma tafreg 4 us wayd since we get the vat back anyway!

    and woolworth closing!

    no way!


    i used to love woolworths

    as a kid oh my god kaan my heaven

    enjoooy london babe!


  4. Posted by Zabo0o6a on December 3, 2008 at 12:30 AM

    abey toffee sauce , and ur missed so baaaaaaaaaaaaad !
    btw when ur coming home?


  5. i miss ASK, 7asafa the one here closed a couple of months ago :/
    did u just mention BT??! Grrrrr I HATE THEM!! ma ga6 sheft service alwa3 min chithee!? i switched providers.
    have fun in your break o RELAAAX, ma 3alech min BT o rab3a 🙂


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on December 5, 2008 at 5:51 PM

    La la la la itgoool?! the goat cheese with caramalized onions is my favourite dish on the menu!!! though i hate those caramilized onions and always pass them on to bu tootee!!! wee3!
    though i never eat restuarant salad dressings, i always order my salads plain without dressing and just add some balsamic and olive oil on my self, But bu tootee always ALWAYS take the dressing o dunk his pizza edges in … hehehe suits him well :p

    Thanx for letting me know!



    Thanx dear… r u back from egypt yet?
    Ee woolworth falas but ako someone who is negotiating its purchase… insha2 allah yanqethat i love woolworths! My uttermost favourite store since i was 7!!! I remember the smell of the pick and mix sweets and my eyes water 😦
    7safa 3leeh …

    Thanx hon, i am coming back insha2 allah by end of december/early jan

    Toffee sauce? Go to M&S ilee in salmiya o buy one!!! its really really good…

    3la il aqal shay min re7at london!

    Elthaher ask imfales b3d, because the staff here has changed from all british to all banghal! not even indians!!! even the chefs!!! o the quality of food and dining has detoriated!!!

    Mo itha mako BT mako interneeeeeeeeeeeet :`(

    7ashkom snow? i7na mako dry dry dry!!! chanzeen ay7oshna snow ishwaya !


  7. e 7arra we got snow ;p


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