The nightmare that will not end…

I start today happy and giddy… today is my last appointment with the dentist! I am going to get fitted for a crown, behave like the terminator and allow a metal beam to be inserted inside my tooth. I play cool, well as long as i do not feel a thing, i do not care! I will ask for double the amount of sedative… right?!

So i arrive, greet the dentist, sit casually and tell him matter of factly i need a lot of sedative. He is polite and agrees, he makes some small talk, then he drops the bomb…

By the way, ur last Xray showed that u have an extra root canal. 95% of the earth population have only one root canal in that tooth, u have two. So i will have to go and extract it as well….then he will start the beam and plaster thing!!!!!!

OK no problem… ? How bad can it be right?


My worst experience ever…!!!!!

First, the drill he used drilled something like cement, the drilling went into my head…

Then he said something about a master head? a 19, a 22.5, then a 30… then a 50!!!!

and he digs, and digs, and there is something that gives a false reading…

He digs some more, it’s becoming more painful with every dig, he put in a lot of hydroxide thingy, he even yelled at some point at the nurse becaause what she gave him was not hydroxide!!!

Then i hear him say “suction… suction… hmmm a lot of bleeding” *Rocketing hearbeat*

and the pain becomes unbearable… he goes on like that for about one hour until he finally extracts that extra nerve…

no wonder im a very nervous human being with such a short fuse!!!

Then he said he cannot do anymore for my tooth at this point, i will be screaming if he attempted to put that beam in. He ran and gave me some pain killer that goes inside a cup of water… i drink it and i scream “WHAT HAPPENED THIS TIMEEEEEEEE WHAAT”…

Im in very much pain now. Write more soon…



6 responses to this post.

  1. Treat yourself well. This is a real ordeal. Drinking pineapple juice helps – there is an enzyme that helps the mouth with healing.


  2. :/i’M worried about ya girl !


  3. Crap!! that’s NO good :/
    At least you have to endure your special extra nerve pain once in your life whereas because I’m so special I have an extra special kind of pms (pmdd) that only 8% of females get and I get to experiance it 2-3 weeks of the month 🙂

    Isn’t it lovely to be extraordinary??


  4. we9al el master cone 50!


    oo laish 7athreta tawa ykteshif ina 3ndich two root canals!

    bs ma3alish

    its a god thing ina he noticed it 3ashan teftakain

    itll allll be over soon


  5. Posted by Modhi on November 21, 2008 at 10:12 AM

    gowa dear,
    first of all ma tshofin shar inshala, and secondly im honored to be one of your Danderma’s friends =’); thanks to me cousin who invited me here.

    Get whale soon ^_*

    Kind Regads


  6. Posted by yara4ever on November 21, 2008 at 10:48 PM

    LAaa Laaa Laaaa !! WAaaaaay b3ad 3omriiiii 😦 its all over soon right ? 😥


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