Root Canal #2… im not impressed…

Today i went in to complete the so-called process of Root Canaling…

Whomever the butcher who thought he was fit to become a dentist and came up with the idea to do this procedure to *HEAL* painful roots must have hated the first person he invented the procedure on… he must have torture in his mind.

The dentist said he usually waits a week between rootat canalat but in my case he has time constraints *i will tell you why later* … he decides that this time, he is putting the sedative injection somewhere in the back of my mouth… near the jaw, 10 cm away from the tooth that hurts me, and start working with his tent. Now that the tooth area is not really 100% sedated like last time, i almost cried out in pain when he put that tent onto my mouth… now i know why the gum has peeled off the base of the tooth… BECAUSE THE TENT HAS DUG INTO IT PUSHING IT BACK!!!

Painful? YOU THINK?!

Then i was 100% that a piece of the old filling was stuck btween my loopsided tongue and my throat… i couldnt swallow…

THEN AGAIN HE BEGAN THE DIGGING THING… and it was soo painful and scary… Bu tootee who was observing said my feet kept jerking and jerking *from the pain* …

Then he said something about a 22.5 cm? ooh lets make it a 19.5 cm… WHAT IS A 22 CM? haaa?!

Where did that 22 cm thing go?! WHERE?!

Then when the flame moment came, he started saying “now this is the flame thing you were scared about, im going to do it now and show you it is not scary ok” … well i didnt feel the flame at all.

O when i got up? Wella a piece of the filling is sitting in my lap!?!??!??!

Either that, or the ceiling of the office has started falling down on me. To be frank my dr. must really be a good dentist. But i hate the act of dentistry and what they do to people in the name of fixing their teeth.

Oooh by the way i did not pay a thing for it this time. O next time im paying about 65… so 165 for a root canal? Gooood

But now, im sitting in my orange chair, sipping my nescafe and watching Friends Season 10, the episode where pheobe gets married. Im happy that there is absolutely no pain whatsoever 😀



He showed me a sketch of what he is doing to my tooth the day after tommorow…

My tooth is a little broken in the edges. just a little bit. nothing a little plaster wont cover up.

But he said that he is putting in a METAL SCREW… like a BEAM! To support both the filling and the crown im having installed in about a months time!!!!






Who said it was a humane thign to do? put beams? screw like things inside human skulls?!

I ask him if its painful, he says its just a beam!!!

La walla?!?!??!?!?

What if im going through security gates, and i start doing diing diiing… o they search me up and down and find nothing? Do i break out my tooth, pull out the metal screw o hand it to them covered in saliva and blood and plaster?


orrrr … how do they know it won’t rust?


I am not the terminator… so what if no beam is there? He said it will break! Ok i will come back to you o put another one. Or i can swear i will never chew on that side of my face… i do not want a screw :~(

Plz tell me they wont drill my jaw bone for it plzzz :~( Im rocking with fear now …


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sara on November 19, 2008 at 2:07 PM

    Ouch ana bro7i t3awart salamat :S dentists ma y7eson?
    Lol ur blog fe WAYD te7el6m WAYD! 😛




    wallah u described exactly how i felt. i had 2 root canals done last week. the first one i was literally crying and screaming and gasping for breath while my mouth was wide open and even more scared of moving

    the second one i took 16 painkillers within the 12 hour before the appointment. didnt feel a thing. aaahhh the bliss of over the counter medication. LOOOOL


  3. told ya the flame’s nothing.
    yay ur outa pain 🙂

    toolbox? terminator? lol!


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