Can i?

Bring a tiny hammer, im sure ACE Hardware sells them, pound on my tooth until its broken again, then use those dentist clips, pull out the tooth… and HURL IT AGAINST THE WALL!!!!

Maybe THEN my tooth will stop hurting me badly!!! MA SARAT! WHAT ON EARTH IS Hurting haa? mo they took the nerver out? Mo its supposed to be nerveless o “PAINLESS”?

O why does my uppser jaw hurt b3d? the tooth is downstairs!!!!


They say il crown thng might cost 400 KD!!! does anyone know if thats true?


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  1. Yup that’s the right price for a crown.. keep yourself sedated .. painkillers allllllll the way my dear that is the only solution..


  2. Posted by Al-Dosseri on November 18, 2008 at 2:19 AM

    la weja3 ela wja3 el ‘9ers
    w la ham ela ham el 3ers

    pain killers all the waay as fourme said =)


  3. Allah y3eenej , matshoofen shar sweety ..


  4. u had a root canal as well?? join the club. i just had 2. my jaw is hurting as well and i figured out why. the temp filling i got is too high and my jaw doesnt close fully. and im a grinder so all night im grinding away. now my tooth is beginning to get wobbly. tried to move my saturday appointment to today but i couldnt. have to wait i guess with my mouth slightly open for another few days. LOOOOL


  5. I had the same thing happen. Some people DO have a painful reaction. It might be the dentist didn’t get all of the nerve. In my case, I needed a different kind of pain medication, aspirin didn’t work, I needed an NSAID. The one I used was called Aleve; it was like a miracle, because the pain was driving me insane. Keep calling the dentist and telling him how much pain you have; you shouldn’t have to live with all that pain.


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 19, 2008 at 12:12 AM


    Why on earth are they that expensive?! ARe the made of diamonds?


    Ee walla ee walla…


    El shar ma ayeech hon thanx…


    ouch… how doesnt it not close?
    Go to the dentist again let them file it down?! 3ad hathee 7ala? Pain o not closing ur mouth?

    I just had my 2nd one. From now on im brushing my teeth in the morning, before i sleep, and after eating or drinking ANYTHING…

    I do not want this to repeat for me agian :~( ever…


    My denitst said i will experience pain, here are some pain killer perscription… i was so cheap i said “oh it is a nerveless tooth now and i just forked 100 kd for this, why buy a pack of pain killers when i do not need it and eat two tablets from? Naaah no need”

    After the sedative wore off? I was already at home… !!!

    I went to work late today becuase of the pain :~(


  7. I am so sorry that happened to you. I was told that root canals “have come a long way” and that there would not be pain when the sedative wore off. It wore off in the middle of the night. There was pain. Unbelievable pain. I could not believe what a baby I was. Once I got the right pain killer – different people evidently respond to different kinds – I was fine.

    You are just one of those rare “lucky” (hahahahaha) ones I guess where the dentist has to go back in and complete the job. What PAIN! And thank God it will all be over before the Eid, and you can celebrate and have a good time. 🙂


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