Tooth Hurt… Root canal done :(

My tooth hurt alot today. ALOT ALOT…

I had to drag my self to a dentist, i have not seen one in 5 years… hence im in this much pain.

He takes one look at the tooth, says this needs a root canal without even seeing the Xray, the Xray showed that even though the tooth has a little break on its side, it is really just a shell o all in inside has decayed!!!

So a little strawberry tasting thingy went on my gum… i was out of my mind with fear, he said he will do the root canal now… i would have cried if i had not been embarrased y3ni… he puts a tent into my face after giving me a needle to sedate the operation area… a lot of different sized needles went into my poor tooth after the drill…

By the way, when he was done, he didnt stuff the place of the root with the thing they use the flame for. He just put the white paste and said i should come back on Tuesday to complete it for me? Does any densits out there have any idea why is that? and then another appointment on Thursday to have the crown fitted…

Now the sedative is gone, it hurts ALOT ALOT ALOT… i took antibiotic. I wish i do not have to go to work tommorow 😦

I will go to sleep maybe the pain will lessen.

Oh by the way, just removing the nerve or root cost 100 kd… not counting the crown or the filling stuff!!!!

Eshda3wa and Atoona, open up ur own practises, you will become millionaires!!!

Sleeping time… good night …


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  1. hehe ee mashalla i think a6bat el asnan ed5loon 5air (bas mo kilohom) kil wa7id oo 7atha :p .. hmm it might cost you around 180 or 160 :p tawne emsaweta :p

    i think el white thingy ele 7a6a is 7ashwa moa’qta 3ala ma esawe el original one oo lazim etkon same size ur thirs .. hmm fe mishkla enshala ma etwajhik oo ehya leman e76on ur new 7ashwa ur bite might be diff ya3ni leman u close ur ethros 3ala ba3th its not the same !:p thats why sa3at eswon test b4 la erkbonha e5alonik u bite 3ala something oo echofon shakil ur bite then yabrdon ur 7ashwa gabil la erkbonha :/

    good luck 🙂


  2. lool sorry tawni astw3ib ur a girl :p madre laish 3abali ur a guy !! :S


  3. awww


    ee inshallah ana nawya nawya just let me start working awal 😛


  4. salamaaaaat ;p the white paste is an antibacterial cus the tooth had an infection.. he wants the canal cleaned before he “stuffs it” hatha yezah fQayer?! ;p

    ma tshoofeen shar ;*


  5. Posted by Lama on November 17, 2008 at 9:43 AM

    ma Teshoofeen Shar dear,

    I hope its better by now.


  6. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 17, 2008 at 11:33 AM


    They will file it??!!! Does the crown hurt after they put it???


    Allah yesalmich dear…

    Do u think its too late for me to start a profession in dentistry?

    But this dr. was good edah khafeefa ma sha2 allah o i didnt feel a thing… though now the pain is unbearable… i came to work late cause i couldnt wake up from the pain… how can it be that paiful when they removed the so called pain causing nerve?

    When he said root canal NOW… i said no… do something just cover it up o it would heal on its own… he started muttering to himself about how he would tell the nerve to heal back on its own y3ni… ishwaya stupid i was 😦 but I WAS SCARED :~(


    El shar ma ayeech hon :*
    y3ni this jebs like material won’t clog the newly cleaned canals of the root? how will he remove it!? plz PLZ dont tell me he will drill it plz?!?!!!

    plus, he exposed to part of the tooth that was under the gum
    why did he do that?!

    It hurts more :~(
    o its being done 3la three stages… very painful :~(
    but the pain comes aftewards!!!!


  7. Posted by nihal on November 17, 2008 at 1:22 PM

    hey!!! i need a root canal too!!! It sucks :((

    i went to a clinic and they said it will cost 340 KD after everything!!! Your clinic seems cheaper. Which one is it?

    Thanks alot!! i hope you feel better :))))


  8. Posted by yara4ever on November 17, 2008 at 1:26 PM

    ba3aaad 3omri matshofen shar 😦 shakla u did it at el fozan? coz exactly like what they did to my husband


  9. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 17, 2008 at 2:43 PM


    Thank you… i am guessing that it will be costing something like 300 kd… i am going to ask them on my next appointment and see…

    Mine is called the Family Clinic in Jabriya…


    El shar ma ayeech hon thanx …
    La mo il fouzan it the Family Clinic in Jabriya… bs ethaher all private dr’s do that … three four times visitations = more money…?

    My only root canal done in amiri a million years ago before i put on my braces was soooo painful… but it took place in like one hour o thats it? Still did not put the crown on though… o 15 years on the tooth is fine crownless?!

    I hope its not broken though… malee kholg i spend one more moment in the dentists chair…


  10. haha alla ysma3 minnich ;P

    3afya 3ala elsha6ra, u finally decided to go!

    ur canals need 2 be really clean/free from infection for them to be filled, or else mako fayda..hence the visits.
    umtanoo7 is right about the material. o dont worry, it wont become hard in the canal, they just get flushed out later.

    matshofeen shar girlie

    oo by the way loved your naming of things (tent, hehe!)


  11. LOL il gyps thingy is a temporary filling.. its removed easily and no ma ra7 edish da5el il canals cus ako a tiny cotton ta7ta.. ou hes gonna drill it out bes yela3 quite easily.. kilish ma y3awer! take 50mg cataflam if your in alot of pain now..


  12. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 17, 2008 at 7:43 PM


    il shar ma ayeech hon thanx… what do u mean il canals must be infection free? what if by tommorow they are not infection free??? do i have to wait????

    It was tent like… it kinda burned my upper lip madry leesh, o scared me alot! I felt what if a fragment of tooth fell into my throat o i start gagging? He couldnt see it!!! What about my tongue? He can drill it by accident :~(

    worst thing when he asks “is there any pain?” i cannot nod because he is working on my teeth! What do i do y3ni play with my eye brows for him to understand?!!!!


    What is it doing inside?!!!!

    o shino cataflam?!?!!?!?! i have been given these loooonggggg antibiotic tablets that when i want to swallow them im scared cause they r biiig!!! Zinnat? it sounds like zinnat sedqi!!

    Ako a7ad yesamee antibiotic zinnat? Kil zinnataya ib 1 kd b3d? il thaher il inventor masry o omah ismha zinat… testahal walla if her son is making 1 kd per tablet antibiotics


  13. don worry the point of the ‘tent’ thing is to protect you, that means nothing will ‘fall in ur throat’ and no ‘tongue drilling’ 🙂


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