This stupid helpful person is NO MORE! DO U HEAR ME! NO MORE! PEOPLE R MEAN!!!


 ” ومن يتقى الله يجعل له مخرجا ويرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب “

A while ago, a miracle just happened to me. Allah the Al-Mighty have blessed me with an unbelievable exit from this mess. An exit that will save my dignity for sure. I refused to take a simple exit that is socially acceptable but to god its 7aram. and now, allah helped me out o gave me an exit he allows.

 Sej ilee allah plans are the best plans. At least now i know who deserves my help and who doesnt. I have learned my lesson the hard way.


5  minutes ago, i realized that being all helpful and nice and stand by those who love you when in need is not all thats cracked up to be…

Being selfish is the best BEST solution ever… a way of life that guarantees no heart is broken

I am not a person who would stand by and watch when i have someone i care about in need. Whether its advice, money, love, help, whatever… if i can help, my help will be there with a ton of soothing words and helpful advices.

Now *SOME* of these people, who i am very close with, whome i have never ever EVER stoppped giving them every thing and anything, just decided to bite me back!!!

Now im the one in need. now im the one who stands by helpless with hits coming from all around me, merciless hits… FROM THEM!!!  You are hitting me, and what more do u want me to do? Beg for your help? Don’t you remember anything that i have helped you with? Anything good that i have ever made happen for you? all of you?

I could be a bitch about it. I could treat you exactly like you are treating me, and have been treating me all along. I could simply refuse to help you the next time you are in dire need of help. and i could simply say no just because im selfish… like you, all of you, always do… no, i can come back and bite you and demand back what i have given you once and give it RIGHT NOW… like now NOW NOW… like you are doing to me, mercilessly… but no, im not going to stoop to that level. I am much much classier than that.

But… unlike you, i will never forget.

I will never forget that when it was my turn, instead of extending a helping soothing hand and WAITING, which you can simply offer me, instead of that, you decided to give me the cold shoulder, and slap me across the face with the hand that i thought was extended in help…

I will never forget that no, in this life, no one matters. It’s me, and only me that matter, because one day im standing all ALONE, needing help, and i look around and guess what? Instead of ur help, i get scathing remarks and unaccounted for demands…

If i would open up my book… ooooh boy!!! You all owe me SO MUCH… but i choose not to brag and demand.

and if i want to get my self out of this, i can point my finger at your precious, one of you, whome very recently i have helped out, just so his dream and his hearts desire can come to life, unlike what you have wished for, and i demand him to help me in EXACTLY the same way i helped him. Putting him in despair like you have put me…

But still… no. I’m not that kind of person.

From now on, this door is closed. This well is dry. and this open human charity bank is bankrupt!!!

7asbya allah wa ne3ma il wakeel… ne3ma il mawla wa ne3ma il naseer :~(

*** Ok just now i realize i must have sounded like Gollum saying “myyy preeciooouuss” from LOTR… do forgive my lack of words, for i am hearbroken now… People are mean!****  

8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by aws on November 5, 2008 at 1:22 PM

    Etha A7abba allaho emra2an , ja3al qatha2 7ajata ennas 3indah…

    allah just doesn’t like this person that’s all …
    but allah happens to like you …

    besides, it’s not like you’re helping those people because you like them.. you are helping those people because you are a kind person… not whether they deserve it.. it’s whether you are up to it…

    o ba3dayn who says this is the only person in the world who can offer help ?? errazzag bissima…

    hence, if u need anything, u have my number 🙂


  2. LOOOOOOOOOOOL sorry but this post just cracked me!


  3. Allah esame7hom


  4. Posted by Lama on November 5, 2008 at 3:03 PM

    Look around you will find ppl that they really care and won’t wait for pay time.

    I agree with aws, don’t change ur self because of some people. this is u, o mafe shay yethe3 3end rab al 3alameen.

    o ba3deen dayman al mawagef tarawech ma3aden al nas.

    fa Don’t blame your self .
    and don’t blame others. simply, ignore ppl that would put pressure on you. this will make your life easier.

    I’m here, I may help if you allow me 🙂


  5. u r such a liar and u know it

    u say u will not ever help anyone again – u say the well is dry


    babes – people like u and me. we are kind hearted people by nature. but we never learn. we become harsh for a little while and then we forget the issue aslan and just go back to what we truly are and what god wants us to be

    honestly i DONT want to change. il7amdila mirta7a ib nafsa oo youm il qiyama allah bay7asib kil wa7id 3ala gadr ma sawa.


  6. Posted by zainoba on November 5, 2008 at 8:18 PM

    I totally feel you cause I have the exact personality. But yet I never learn cause I forgive and forget quickly.

    I have been stambed in the back several times but I always tell myself what goes around comes around.


  7. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 5, 2008 at 8:39 PM


    Thanx honey ya rait kil il nass mithlich… chan ma7ad tahawash wya a7ad :*

    I love that you have extended your helping hand dear. Ur a true friend… unfortunately i am not the person who can ask for help. I barely ever do. But this time, i asked this VERY CLOSE group of people for it. and look what i have gotten.


    allah yesame7hom min galb…

    Thanx honey… with you as a friend, and AWS, i find i am blessed with the best friends i can ask for.
    They say if you can count your true friends on five fingers then you are very lucky… i am lucky i suppose 😀

    Yes ur 10000000% right…
    I was thnking about that while i was praying il 3esha istaghfar allah. I always say i won’t help, i will be cruel o selfish o mean. But i never do.

    But u know what?

    This… what happened this time… is just utterly UNFORGIVABLE…

    I mean, i had to go through some desperate measures to resolve this.

    and Bu Tootee says this time, so you can never forget, write it down on a paper, and keep it with you. the next time you want to help them in particular, read it.


    Ana maleet min kither ma people throw trash my way. I am done with people. I have 0 expectaions from any one … has been for a while… but now this??? I really have no one to back me up anymore :~(


  8. Posted by aws on November 5, 2008 at 11:09 PM

    maybe god gave u an exit because u helped those who deserved your help and those who DIDN’T …
    you just passed the test that’s all…

    I raise a hat for 3anooda… it takes a really mature person to accept herself just the way she is…

    because at the end of the day, it’s what YOU do that matters to rabb el 3alameen, not what they do in return…


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