Buying a Simple Sandwich from Kel7a!!!!


I have not eaten much all day. Im so hungry and craving a falafel sandwich from Kel7a… we go by car, bu tootee is about to go inside… all i wanted was one simple falafel sandwich to last me all day and fill me up…

Bu Tootee: What do you want to order?

Daddy’s Girl: One Super Falafel Sandwich, No Mint, No Potatoe, No Fejel, and No Pickles plz….

Bu Tootee: and?

Daddy’s Girl: Thats it.

Bu Tootee: Ok shall i add one platter of 7omos bayrotee?

Daddy’s Girl: No, just a sanwdich for me, o some sandwiches for you. We do not want the extra fat and oil PLZ

Bu Tootee: Oh are u sure?

Daddy’s Girl: PLZ we do not want anythign else.

Bu Tootee: oh ok.

So, i change my place and sit behind the wheel to deal with the traffic while Bu tootee goes inside and orders. Many crazy men come and go… ilee parking bel magloob, o ilee parking in the middle of the street and getting down without a flusher at least.. the usual q8y scene…

Bu tootee comes back with a bag?

Daddy’s Girl: What took you so long?

Bu Tootee: oh nothing… are you eating now?

*We do not eat in the car. It doesnt feel like we ate something when we do it in the traffic. We would rather eat it at our table at home. But today, it was an exception because i was starving…*

Daddy’s Girl: Yes now *biting into my sandwich* hey there are potatoes in there!???? *Grrrrrrr I hate potatoes in my falafel sandwich… or in any sandwich for that matter! They just do not belong!!!*

Bu Tootee: Yes i told them to make you a super falfel with salad, tahini, and potatoes *Daddy’s Girl ignores him and starts picking out potatoes and eating them on their own while Bu Tootee Drives*

Bu Toote: Daddy’s girl plz get that white box open, put it int he middle and bring out the forks

Daddy’s Girl: What?! What did u order?

Bu Tootee: oh just some potatoes to go with our sandwiches?

Daddy’s Girl: didn’t i tell you do not order anything BUT sandwiches?

Bu Tootee shrugs, i open the white box, steaming round potatoe from the ones they put inside the sandwiches, not french fries, covered with frying oil, stare back at me… the aroma is making my head light… i say to my self *yes daddy’s girl i love potatoes but a falafel sandwich at night with potatoes is bad enough we do not need to eat it he can have it he is a man*

Bu Tootee: yalla put the ketchup on it… o bring out the forks im starving…

Daddy’s girl does so silently…

Bu Tootee: Now plz hand me forkfuls cause im driving *dodging cars in 4th ring road*

So i pick up some gooey potatoes with the fork, smothered with ketchup… oooh my… why can’t he wait until we are home so he can eat them in private?

Potatoes look back at me… they smell sooooo good…. now one bite won’t hurt would it?

By the time we reached a traffic light and halt to a stop.. there are like, three potatoes left for Bu Tootee to eat… 😦

Killa minah…

Still driving, when i open the side drawer thingy int he car, wella some chocolate covered biscuits are there….

Bu Tootee: Oooh open some for me… why don’t you have some too?

Daddy’s Girl: oh no thanx im not hungry

Bu tootee: but they are good… have some?

Daddy’s Girl: NO THANK YOU..

Bu Tootee: We didn’t drink anything… how about some cooktail juices?

Daddy’s Girl: NO! lets just get home!!!

We come home… first thing he asks: will you be eating some thing now? Fruits? Tea with milk?

Daddy’s girl has her stomach full with greasy potatoes o falafel… it feels like they are at my throat! So i reply : No im not eating anything

Bu tootee: Are you sure? nothing?



Seriously … and they say why are you fat?!

There is no dieting around this guy!!!!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lama on November 1, 2008 at 9:58 PM

    Let Bu Tootee counts the calories before asking u.

    O ba3deen, convince him that men usually can eat more than girls. and still they don’t gain much Kilos.

    Masha’Allah 3aleehom.

    the interesting part, is the Falalfel sandwich made a funny post 🙂

    3awafi 🙂


  2. hahahahahah ya7laileh miskeen yra3eech

    i stay away from those falafel baqalat – the sandwiches are sooo yummy and soooo full of fat. if im hungry and mako any other option i will get a McD’s Ceaser Salad. Its actually quite good even though apparently the sauce has sooo many calories in it but at least its a salad isnt it. LOOOOL



  3. i thought bu tootee ilrayyal mal il ma63am , then oh no your driver . hmmm no your brother . now i think he is your hubby hehehe

    bil3afya ilfalafel .. well 1 falafel and bu6a6 at night from time to time wont harm


  4. What in Kuwait is Kel7a? Is that a good falafel restaurant? Where?


  5. Posted by Daddy's Girl on November 2, 2008 at 2:16 AM


    Mako Fayda… i even went as far as put him on a diet from a dr.!!!! ham mako fayda feeh batatan… most men do not understand what diet mean… perioud!


    I usually eat mcdonalds green garden salad with the sauce for dinner… 😀 masha2 allah itsed!!! o wayed marat when bu tootee is home hungry o wants a huge bag of fries with a big mac or something, i settle for the simple salad… but today i was SO HUNGRY o nothing would settle my head but that falafel sandwich…


    La Bu Tootee is my hubby… he is a decent guy, just cannot respect the fact that most people do not want to eat when he does.

    A study has found once that one of the worst foods you can eat is a falafel sandwich. The amount of fat in a sandwich can clog an artery and give you a heart attack. y3ni the sandwich alone is as bad as a … say… macroya meal with the fries… this bad!!!!

    Don’t you know kel7a?

    It’s a newish falafel place. It belongs to a palastenian family who in 1940 went into jordan and opened up their own restuarant. Now they franchise in Q8. There r 3 locations. one infront of Al-Ghanim Electronics, same street as infinity dealership… one in arth il ma3areth in mishref. and one in Salmiya overlooking blajat… just a little bit after dowwar il bede3. O it’s really clean o of good quality. Maybe not the best falafel on earth y3ni but i like them fine. Order your falafel with the round bread they bake. o when you get a platter, let them give you the round bread (they do that, just tell them u will pay extra for it)… its yummy 😀


  6. yummmm falafel oo bu6aaa6 hehehe 😛
    ya7laila bu toooteee he wants u to eat 3adil ;P
    hani oo 3aaafya daddy’s girl ;* oo btw calorie counting only makes you fatter 😦 walla. so just eat 3ala hawaaach oo move every chance you get ;P


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