Wesalkom hal Email il ‘3abee? O b3dain Wyakom!?

Shino y3ni email ib hal ‘3aba2 yosalnee o im expected to believe it o forward it?

Mo ma3qoola y3ni… tra wee3… ay shay! Ignorance is one thing, not using ur brains AT ALL is just another… its a catastrophy actually!

Here is the email…

Subject: عاااااااااااااااااااااجل جدا جدا جدا………………………


وصلنا من مصدر موثوق ان مستشفى الاميري وصل اليه 35 حالة قد تتوفى في غضون ايام والسبب


وجود بعض البائعة على اشارات المرور وعرضه عليك شم الروائح الموجودة عنده بغرض البيع وما هي الا مادة قد تميتك خلال ايام وهو اشخاص مبعوثون من العراق ، فكل الحرص عدم فتح شباك السيارة والتحدث معهم حتى لتفادي رشه لك هذه المادة

 أو نوع من انواع المخدرات


والله يحمينا منهم


Walla allah ya7meena min amthal ilee alefaw hal email, o dazooh 7g khalg allah…

Walla allah ya7meena min hal takhalof il 3aqli o il fekree ilee imkhaleena insadeg anything that comes into our mailbox…

o b3dain wyakom?! laysh itdezoon emails chithee y3ni?! shino hal tafaha? Laysh terfo3oon tha’36ee? right?! o nass actually

Y3ni halle yay min il iraq o 6ag darb o shayel shalaylah o yayeb hal madda il se7rya, ishloon dash il q8?

Mo yabeelah kart zyara? y3ni ga3ed 3nd nass bel Q8 o hal nass qadreen inhom ayeboon visitors! Y3ni mo bangaliya bel sekka mathalan! Y3ni hal nass shino ilee imkhaleehom aydakhloon mojremeen o beedhom mada mokhadera taqtel ahal il deera y3ni?

B3dain when they entered il 7dood, ma fateshohom y3ni? mo ma3qoola they didnt catch them with the susbstance!!! Unless it was flown over to Q8 by the genie of the lamp riding on the magic carpet!!!

O fal nafroth yalla harebooha bedon ma7ad yesedhom… ma fakartaw… min WAYN yabaw hal mada?? Min il Iraq? Min Wayn lihom? They do not have food to eat!!!! Either they have stolen it or invented it!

If stolen, min ween? il amrecan ilee ihnak? 3yal why they didnt kill the amreekan ile ihnak or simply killed each other with it? Laysh ye6ogoon bu 7wash min gal3at wadreen just 3shan they stand 3nd il ishara o yeshamomoon il q8yeen 3shan yezbo7onhom? Gololee leesh leesh?

O if they have invented it.. y3ni do you believe that, inhom itha they are THAT ADVANCED masha2 allah, they would have the brains the size of a lady bird, o instead of selling its rights to a weapon maker or to a medicine maker for millions, they’ will leave all behind and come over to you 3shaaaaaaaan they kill you??

Ma sarat cham q8y!!! Ma sarat hal sha3b il mostahdaf il maskeen ilee people are inventing stuff just to kill us?! WHY? min our scientists ilee ayroshoon bel arth with their inventions? Min our 3olama2 o odaba2 ilee hogging all poleitzer o noble prizes? Min our actors o singers ilee stealing the shows at the emmys oo oscars? 3la shino hal mooga 3la shino?!

Shino mako shaghla bel denya ila intaw? Yoba min dara 3nkom!!!!

O b3dain why are all of these casualities in  Al-Amiri Hospital?! Why not in al 3addan or imbarak ? or il amrath il sarya?! Wella all the casualities min sokkan il da2ere il awal b3d?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Lama on October 31, 2008 at 9:44 PM

    sometime you will be surprised on how many ppl believe in the contents of these emails and they take it for granted.

    and some ppl just forward whatever in their mailbox without reading!!!!

    I always try to convince them to at least do a little search before you forward the email or don’t forward it at all.


  2. woooooy 7araaam :S i hate these stupid emails walla i get them all the time ya3ni bta’6lemooon these kids oo t7e6oon ibthematkum inna a 7 yr old kid is killing out to kill people? at a freakin intersection? wow. w9alna to this level of tafaha?
    Allah bya36i everyone 7agga, dont worry


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