The Diet Post… My New Diet Diary

*** UPDATE***

I have a special designated page now for the diet diary… next to the beauty & the beast


I have two big problems when im about to diet.

First, i have to follow  my diet bel milli, if i eat just one atom out of place, i feel soooo guilty i would raid my fridge and cupboards, eating till i become sick.

Second, Bu Tootee… whenever he sees that im on a diet, he becomes physically anxious, o 3nad starts bringing me food and personally putting together things and sitting next to me offering them to me so i would break down and eat them. He then goes to my mom sadly and says how im on a diet and how that is making him sad. I have never seen a man who would like a dinasour for a wife. Y3ni in the long run if im still this weight i will get diabetes and high blood pressure, can’t he think of that y3ni? Would he be happy?!


Il mohim, fa i took Nemo’s comment into consideration from the last two posts. I will make this public. If i want to put something in my mouth i would blog it here in this page first. I hope someone will be there to make me stop… public humilation is an important factor in this trial…

Now i will tell you how my day went to far…

Braekfast: Two toast, Slice Cheese, Lettuce tomatoe cucumbers black nescafe sweet and low

Snack: Apple and water (so far so good)

Snack2: at 4 pm, skim milk cappucino and 2 tablespoons of napkits choco mousse (ham mo bad y3ni)

then i didnt come home till about 7 pm, o i fell asleep on the couch… I woke up late to see a cup of steaming chinese vegeterian noodles by my side!!!! Bu tootee knows im most vulnerble to food the moment i wake up… so he urges me “eat eat… u didnt have lunch!” … fa i eat half the noodles.

Then wella he has also ordered big chunky potatoes. They were eaten with sweet chili sauce o ketchup.

Then i drank liban o banana…

Then a slice of ananas. Then one pear, then one bar of Kellogs Frosties cornflakes bar (103 calories)

Then two makintosh chocos (i had to finish the box before tommorow, since i will insha2 alla start fresh again)

Then i decided inah il diet kharab khalas… b3d shino? Mo?

Fa im going downstairs now to retrieve that box of one dozen mini little treats cupcakes with frosting… (i couldnt eat more than 3 since it was too sugary)

Insha2 allah tommorow is a brand new day. My plan for tommorow Insha2 Allah

Breakfast: 1 slice toast (enough), 1 slice cheese, Lettuce/Tomato/Cucumbers, Plain Black Coffee

Snack1: Apple, Water

Lunch: Grilled Giant Mushroom, Sun Dried  Tomatoe Paste, Pepsi Max

Snack 2:  Tea, Apple

Dinner: Liban, Pinapples, Grapes

Insha2 allah i stick to it tommrow…

o yeah by the way wii fit is still sleeping by the corner, gathering dust. Bacher insha2 allah…


6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by aws on October 23, 2008 at 12:18 AM

    simple, just make it a secret , don’t tell hubby kharoof (i still like this name more) that u are dieting !


  2. Posted by danderma on October 23, 2008 at 1:28 AM


    No it won’t work… he would still do the same. Insist i eat. khal yesafer ishwaya chood ath3af li two kilos…

    Mom says if we had saved the money from the food delivery for all those years, we would end up with a little fortune!!!


  3. looool ambeeh u r just like me @@

    shofay etha khrbty marra khla9 stop it la tgoleen khla9 kilshay ra7 o kamlay el day bl diet

    do u want my advice ??? eshtrkay b diet center or and other diet food company ya3ne for only 1 monthe walah then u will get used to the diet


  4. Posted by danderma on October 23, 2008 at 9:55 AM


    I did try diet center… problem is im a vegeterian. It seems that no one knows how to handle me, fa they offer me stupid alternatives… didnt work out between us

    but i do go get some of the diet food for lunch or dessert if im hungry… i like their koshary alot…

    and plus… they lie about the calorie intake… it is physically impossible for a fa6eera that weight more than a 100 g to have 150 calories only. Carbs take 4 calories per gram. So 100g = 400 calories at least, this is not counting the cheese with the fat in it , which is 9 calories per gram.

    Trust me i know… i have gone through a diet phase where for one whole year i ate nothing but 1200 calories aday… o know almost the number of calories per gram for most foods we have… i might as well start a calories charts blog..


  5. wish you the best wallah *be strong* (^_^)
    inshalla next week el post ra7 ykoon 3an ena u lost some kgs 😀


  6. Posted by danderma on October 23, 2008 at 10:55 AM


    Insha2 allaaah allah yesm3 minich… Thanx!
    I will weigh my self on Thursday morning o see…


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