My Weekend Plans…

My tooth still hurt, my coffee which i have prepared in a flask is ice cold, might as well be a frappucino. Yesterday was fun, but i had too many little treats cupcakes that the sugar went into my head and i couldnt sleep till 2:30 AM… which means i woke up cranky and sleep deprived… i wish they would cut the amount of sugar they use in their icing into half… its just too sugary… still heart melting and irrisistable…

Wayed wanasa laman yekon 3ndich 3zema o you pig out o laugh and laugh… masha2 allah wanasa… one woman actually said she would buy the vegetable pasta from me if im willing to sell it??? What do you think? my own pasta making home business…?

My tooth hurt. Did i already say that? yeah still hurt… i wonder if i go to the dentist today after work, how long it would take them to fix it? I recall a simple filling used to take 20 minutes…

oh well i will see..

Bu Tootee is going to travel with a friend for the first time since we got married almost five years ago… i have soooo much planned for this weekend thata he is away…

 a) bring big carton boxes

  1. Bring several big carton boxes
  3. Go to ikea, buy most of the new catalouge. My place needs a face lift.
  4. Go re-arrange the house according to the new suff i buy

The thing is, im not afraid of being alone. I will miss him terribly of course, but the thought of him bringing me soogha is soothing… plus… i really really need the personal space. I do not even want to spend my time with anyone… just me, my little place, my dvd’s, my blog (maybe), my visa credit card (eeh abi my money they took from me mo keefhom, la o foghom ikea points b3d)… the thing im worried about is how im going to sleep at night? Its kinda lonely in the third floor… almost foog il so6oo7, isolated from the world. I am not the kind who scares o must have human company, but after the flickering lights paranoia? If i got uneasy i will watch dvds until the dawn lights come out then sleep….


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  1. Posted by Alka on October 22, 2008 at 10:47 AM

    i am really scared for u to stay alone!! eeewww
    wat if smeone gets in … wat if tat someone doesnt need to ring the door bell or knock the door but just pass in thru ur doors!! wat if u wake up in the wee hrs after u dozed off watching the dvds and dnt get sleep again! wat if u hear a whisper! gosh!! plsss call smeone to stay with u!! m, scareddddddddddd


  2. traa it`s fun shwaay lama ysafer , i `ve been married for 2 years now he did travel alone with his friends and i did 2 😉


  3. Posted by danderma on October 22, 2008 at 12:54 PM


    Haw eshda3wa? itha yanee 7ramee ma lah ellah il mogla 3la his face … 3ad 3ndi theech il mogla il stainless steel sooo heavy i dont use it in cooking…

    Besides, i live above my parents directly, fa the only one who might creep in is my brother who would want to take some DVD’s or Chocolates for himself…


    Mo its fun lama u both are allowed to travel alone.
    I wanted to go this weekend to uk alone ma khalanee… i would be staying in our house y3ni mo mokan ghareeb wella hotel, even my mom offered to come with me…

    Lakin laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mako ro7a…

    Men r mean 😦


  4. Posted by Lama on October 22, 2008 at 3:25 PM

    Well I love it when you get some time for your self.
    although I c you have occupied Ur self already. don’t you think the 2nd task on r list would bring you trouble? Stay away from their things.

    I 2 encourage those small and short breaks. BUT NOT SO OFTEN, once in 5 years ! yeah why not.

    but it should be vice versa 😛 he got to go with a friend you should too 🙂


  5. Posted by aws on October 22, 2008 at 11:45 PM

    loneliness and solitude both refer to the same state… yet have different meanings .. how come ??
    boy , language is just fascinating…
    I have spent a lifetime with myself that have mastered all the emotional states of being without company… and can now consider being “lonely” as just a peaceful “solitude”…

    sometimes no company is much better than “some” company… and just as you are picky about your filfil for pasta, one needs to be picky about company, cos some company drains your energy and leave u emotionally consumed…

    but hey, with this blog of yours no one could feel lonely… there is always company.. good company that is …


  6. Posted by danderma on October 23, 2008 at 1:24 AM


    What? Saltootodee? Lanlinaas?

    mathaa? Me no english!!

    Seeing that im being accused of having such “bad grammer and spelling it could kill someone” by a William Shakespeare impersonator, i cannot fathom the meaning of those two words…

    and you have a very important point there… if you are always picky about what to eat/read/dress/live/vacation/shop… how can you not afford to be picky about the person you want to give him your whole life????


  7. Posted by Alka on October 25, 2008 at 10:53 AM

    wah wah~ whoaaa like this conversation! i am slowly gradually mastering the art of being lonely… and accepting it! i guess solitude happens for the good as well! 🙂


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