NBK o b3dain Wyakom?!


I am one person who shouldn’t be around a visa. I shouldn’t own a Visa card. I never wanted one. They call, o insist, o give me a huge Limit… then pooof… they torture me for it…

You see, i have, lets say theoritically, an 1000 KD* limit ok?

One day, my salary comes into the bank, o i maxed out my visa, its like i have 1200 KD on my visa.

O my history says that i ALWAYS pay my visa in installments. Y3ni each month i put 250 KD chithee… mathalan y3ni

Fa next day, i go to withdraw some money… ATM wont let me.

I check… wella i have ONE FILS in my account!!!!

One lousy fils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

shino y3ni you took all my money, all my salary, for the Visa?

Mo ymkin ana 3ndi aqsa6 i need to pay? Schools i need to take my kids into? Food i want to buy? petrol i want to fill? Rent i need to pay?

what? Ha?

Not even 100 fils so i can buy myself a falafel sandwihc?

Ok some people abuse their visas… amanaaa be allah… lakin LOOK AT UR CLIENTS HISTORY!!!!!!

Why do u run after people with visa, and master, and other credit cards, then punish them?

Then tabaw… ma gamaw yesawoon hal 7araka il sakheefa…

A month ago, since my mind was somewhere else, last thing i was thinking about is my finances sara7a… i didnt check how much i had on me on my visa… yesterday my salary arrives. I check my visa wella of course over limit..

Its like, 1500 KD…

Inzeen why do you allow people to buy 500 KD over limit? almost 50% more than your required limit?


look it up in calculus…



I was just about to pay the visa card, 3la gadr ma agdar of course..

lakin tadroon ishloon?

IT IS A VISA… o im going now, withdrawing what you took from ME from MY CARD!



EE ana mo kafoo visaa… ana ilee astahal ini i thought inkom te7tarmoon ur 3omala2 o you actually DISTINGUISH between who pays o who doesnt…

*All number are examples only…

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  1. Posted by Lama on October 21, 2008 at 9:55 AM

    Well they Never give you a professional answer – its always the Central Bank orders.

    how come Central Bank orders Applied on you only .. why other Banks don’t have these problems.

    For many reasons NBK is losing their credibility as the best bank in Kuwait.

    Yes NBK believe it or Not. You aren’t the number 1 Bank.


  2. waaaaaaaaaaay i am drowning with my master and visa walah la3at chabdee

    i know ana dayman ashtree feehom but guess what i had another account 3laa 6ool i transfer my salary o i pay them 200Kd each month

    o 3la fekra zadaw my limite le 2400 oooof o ana ga3da ashtree 3laa asaan my limite 1000 so i was thinking that i am on the safe side then i was shocked


  3. Posted by danderma on October 21, 2008 at 10:45 AM


    They showed me il waiiiiilll 3la ma 6ala3oolee 2 statements in english for my bank account… wala 3ad the far3 ilee yamna… wala ib beeza ma yenbaghoon…

    O i asked them i want a statement telling my financial situation i.e. cham lee o cham 3lay 3ndkom, gamat il qyama o ma ge3dat… o laa o eeeh o nooo o laaa o english o arabic o zee o zaaa…

    Walla wallah Wallaaah beet il tamweel o ana 3nd il teller they asked me “pay 3 kd o tell us in which currency you want it” … ting ting ting… VOILAAAAA!!!! English Statement? Print it online for free o we will stamp it… ting ting ting… DONE!!!! in under 10 minutes all i need minhom khalas…
    Though i dislike their overly islamic pretence behaviour y3ni… like barking at you from one mile away saying “salam 3lekom” just in case you forgot to say it or chose to say something else, o over use of the words masha2 allah o la elaha ella allah in their conversation, but as a bank, their services sara7a ma yo3la 3leha… im seriously thinking of moving my salary to them…


    Ana 3adatan ashtere bel visa 3shan il noqa6, b3dain asek 3la 6ool il mabalegh ile 3lay… marat itha inshaghalt yeroo7 3n balee … o ohom masha2 allah kil malhom o yezedoooooooon bel limit… then fog il limit, they allow you to buy stuff… OVER LIMIT … then faj2a poof?!?!??!?!?!?!

    Inzain ma itshofonee adf3 lokom kil shahar floskom?
    Tra 7ram!!! ako awadem ma yedfo3oon!!!!!

    Y3ni 3la ay asas ta36onee extra limit? ohom mara gayleen inah il good customers they increase their limits

    y3ni tadroon ini good customer

    3yal why do you chop off my salary? ib amer mino?

    3la il aqal a phone call… ya Daddy’s Girl tra ur visa keet o keet o i7na me66areen insawee deal wyach tedfe3een il visa within mathalan 3 months ishrayech… human interaction!!!!!!!!!! mo bs yalla take all the money in her account… 3jeeeb!


  4. Well guess what you are not solving the problem if you will withdraw the money again. All you need to do is to come up to a solution with them. If you are really planning on closing your card then ask them to close it and settle with them on monthly easy installments.

    I have a visa and master card with joint limit of KD2500 and guess what all the times I have used it I usually pay them back all after a month. That’s my habit I hate to be under credit.

    I think you need to really sort your expenses out too. Good Luck…I know it sucks but thats the best solution at this time!


  5. Dont understand entirely, my arabic is very poor.
    Almost everyday every bank offers me a platinum with more than usd 7,000 limit, with FREE annual fee. I took most of them but NEVER ever shop more than what I can afford on monthly payment, and must be no balance coz they apply a huge interest.


  6. Posted by danderma on October 21, 2008 at 11:26 AM


    I am withdrawing the amounts they took from me 3la keefhom, paying them back what i intendee i intended to pay them in the first place for this month, o the rest im keeping for my own expenses…

    y3ni its not my fault if i expect inah if i have an 1000 kd limit, o buy stuff that is more than 1000 KD, then the card will not be accepted because its over limit!!!! s7? inama they let me buy o buy o buy… thinking ini i will be stopped when my card reaches il limit… only to see inah noooo its just buying o adding up… o faj2a at the end of the month yalla pay up all the money you have paid over limit?


    mithil ma intaw kan 3ndokom iste3dad inkom ta36onee waaaaaaaaaaay over limit… khal yekoon 3ndokom iste3dad tasboroon leen adf3 likom like evey month … 3la gadee… mo?

    Yeah true i should have checked il visa balance… but i couldnt. My mind was somewhere else, problems happens… besides… we are the only country where we do not get visa statements sent to us… Visa statements are important… websites will not even take your payment unless you have a billing address… which i kept wondering about until i found that we are supposed to get a bill or a visa statement every month!!!

    El denya fawtha ihnee…


  7. Posted by signorina on October 21, 2008 at 11:57 AM

    it’s NBK they are famous for torturing their clients , the thing that happened to you also happened to most of my friends


  8. Posted by danderma on October 21, 2008 at 12:06 PM

    Morning Dew

    You see, i have this one card only. I refused all other cards they offer me…

    I use it to pay for my showtime cable subscribtion… around $40 dollars amonth, fair enough…

    and then when i want to buy anything, i would go, buy it with my visa since i hate carrying cash with me, then at home i will tranfser amounts to my visa…

    but for the past couple of months, i had been going through such a rough time i didnt take notice of what i was buying, or how it was being paid frankly. I know its not a good excuse, but sometimes that happens.

    so you trust that, if your bank gave you a limit of say $3000, you cannot buy things for more than $3000 right? maybe if they are generous it would be $3200 or $3500, then ur visa will be refused at outlets?


    They let you buy and buy … its something like $4500+
    and not being refused… they are just bidding their time until you get your salary so they can nipp it off

    you see, its a very good strategy, you are broke for the rest of the month, you MUST MUST use the visa so you can pay for your expenses… you have rent, car installments, kids school, food etc. … so you will always be indebtied to them…


    Ee one day you are special and you have extra limit blah blah…
    Suddenly you are a fugitive who doesnt pay her bills

    7amdellah wel sheker…


  9. Don’t get me started the past years for me with NBK are leading me to divorce with them.. seeking a better alternative even if i have to borrow my loan again to pay them and get rid of their lousy customer support.


  10. Posted by Lama on October 21, 2008 at 3:03 PM

    Well it is not that I am a KFH fan or something (or maybe yes I am 🙂 ). but you are right
    their services “lately” has improved so much.

    although investment wise, NBK still get a higher Rank on this. BUT AND ONLY BUT the Islamic investments.


  11. Hfff me too ;/

    way over limit o 7adi mitwahga ;/


  12. Posted by aws on October 22, 2008 at 1:47 AM

    I’m not going to get into behavioral finance, and how they stirr up people’s temptations… we have enough of that going around with the collapse of the global monetary system…

    But i know one thing … all that credit card money is not ours to spend… if it’s not yours, you won’t spend it…
    I heard some great tips up there… shut the visa account , change your salary account…

    you see, this is the only way banks make money…
    and now that CBK (central bank) is placing stringent restrictions on loans, their only source of rip off will be credit cards…

    by the way, if u withdraw money from the visa the interest is higher than if u use it at a sales point, so , if u must, use your card directly at the sales point rather than withdrawing money to pay for your purchases…

    having said that, i don’t get why u had to struggle to get a banks statement… it’s there online and u can also download it on excel…

    i liked what you said about the whole country having to take extensive group therapy in anger management .. I think they also need to take financial counseling…

    i know there are instances when one simply HAS TO SPEND… but sometimes it’s alot easier not to spend, than it is to be hassling with NBK…

    their attempts to get people to borrow money are pathetic… a caller says, your salary qualifies u for a 15000 loan… when u reply , no thank you… the guy starts.. wouldn’t u just want to fetch yourself a new car… I say i already drive one (at that time it was mom’s roadmaster !) .. then he says, don’t u want to buy a brand new watch !
    a watch ? gee , it never occurred to me.. get a loan to buy a watch… be “madyona” just to check what time it is … allah laa yaftinna… sij fitna… to lose one’s mind over diamonds o bags o dress…
    but there are coping mechanisms and survival strategies..

    one lady simply said to her sister… i simply don’t go shopping… cos i’m afraid if i go there i would fall for an item which i can’t afford…

    besides, all this credit card interest is considered Riba no ? all the problems you have been citing recently (perfume, credit) would be simply resolved if restored to el deen …
    “etha e’7talaftom bi amrin , fa roddoho ela allah”

    it maybe not the mood for preach..

    but mood is the key word here… your bad mood will manifest itself over your shopping habits (hey u liked that shopaholic book), will disturb your diet (M&M’s), and only god knows what else …

    London is the wrong choice under the circumstances… though seems to be a great mood enhancer… it will complicate VISA matters even further…

    If work is disturbing your mood so much , we need to work on that !!
    work hours, colleagues, cubicle conditions, the work itself …

    though strange to say under the circumstances, sadaqa seems to have worked well with so many people, have improved their lot… granted them a salary increase… though i had promised not to preach.. i simply consider this a reminder… fa thakker enna el thekra tanfa3o el mo2mineen…

    sometimes it feels really sad that u can’t imagine a single mood enhancer… u know what i tend to do ? listen to a song 🙂
    just go to youtube and look up
    7annaina el ayadi befar7itich yablady : )

    hey u talked about the M&M’s contest in your last piece…
    why don’t u make it a contest about the best mood enhancer…
    those who come up with the best idea win a pack of sms…
    and maybe donate it to the poor to be even further happy…

    Recall the song from the sound of music (movie) … when the dog bites … when the bee stings .. when i’m feeling saaad, i simply remember my favorite thing and then i don’t feel sooo baaad !

    now there is no dog at your work (despite some those who bark) nor bees (though some vocabulary may equally sting) …
    so be happy for that thought… it’s sad how we have to keep inventing reasons for us to be happy.. though we ought to be happy for having no pain (cramps for example) … or happy for having a roof over our heads all our lives.. that’s a reason to celebrate… a roof that doesn’t drip water !

    u should learn from your fellow colleague… who acted funny at the site of the brai39i (lizard) in the office, took its pictures and uploaded it to the website … if i had seen such a thing i would have bitched about work environment for months to come.. but he chose to celebrate it !

    guess it’s time i have spared all fellow bloggers all this Utopia talk … i should perhaps change my name from aws to plat (short for platom… afla6oon !)

    enough about mood , mood lifters and mood triggers… at the end of the day… it maybe another surge of hormones… some chemical imbalance ba6ee’7 ya3ni..

    which brings us to the ultimate conclusion, if u don’t like your mood, wait a minute.. or wait a day, it tends to resolve itself, having the proper nutrients and most importantly .. sleep !

    Aha !
    you’re just sleep deprived… that’s what it is !


  13. Posted by danderma on October 22, 2008 at 9:39 AM


    Yes i once have praised NBK as having the best most professional Customer Service in Kuwait… but now laaa allah khair mako… the worst bela monaze3… a simple english statements takes one week to get instead of three working days!!! la o they gave it to me after one whole week in Arabic. I ask for it in english yegolon Malah da3e arabic is enough… KAIFEEE ABEEEH IN ENGLISH MO SHOGHOLKOOOM!!!! ma gelt abeeh in hebrew ana!!! ishda3wa!?

    Wala ana ashoof ini a7e6 fleesatee in KFH, o 3la akher il senna hamchat floos ityenee fawayed!!! a3la rate fawayed for weday3 or for your own account!!! wanasa… i dont even have to do anything just keep il money bel 7sab!

    Delicately Realistic

    Itsadgeen my husband tawa fate7 Visa KFH, o 3leeh 500 kd purchases. They told him inah the new rule for all new visas opened inah the moment ur ma3ash comes down they have to take all the payments min your ma3ash?

    Awal mara ashoof inah a whole country’s worth of banks cannot deal witht he concept of credit card. IT IS A CREDIT CARD!!! you would think inah the credit card was introduced last year or something…

    yabeelich post kamil ibroo7ich 3la hal comment… reply to u laters hon… ur right i was in a cranky mood… o sleep deprived. Still is.


  14. Posted by aws on October 22, 2008 at 11:14 PM

    my dear u don’t owe me any replies… sometimes i forget myself talking… thinking i was sending an email than writing a comment !

    focus on the next post o spare yourself to commit to comment !

    it’s enough being the editor : )

    your blog is not only the place to vent, it’s our little diwaneya, where you can turn to whenever you feel lonely, and here u always find company :*


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