Cesars Salad for Breakfast?

Weather is nice, i walk to the little place that sells food to get something for my breakfast diet… and guess what i found?

I thought i would be intruding at 7:40… inah il workers would be rubbing  their eyes mesakeen…

Wella masha2 allah la 7awla wala qowata illah bellah … people are inside, talking o ordering, a couple of girls, one of them is rail thin, have a huge order they are eating from already. and part of their order is this huge Cesars salad with its mayonnaisee dressing o greasy croutons… o they are eating from it casually and talking a mile away…

AT 7:40 AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate cesars salad. I hate the fact that its nothing but lettuce, dressing, flakes of cheese, and greasy croutons. I have tried to force myself during the tirade of cesars salad in the 90’s to like it, tried it every where, made it myself… still hate it.

Fa how come this rail thin girl is eating cesars for breakfast? Awalan mino yeshtehe cesars for breakfast? il nass gahwa o yallah…

Thanyan if ur breakfast is cesars, what do u have for lunch? Baachaa?

Still ranting…

P.S. ok so now i feel bad about targeting the poor girls choice, especially after i ate my sandwich and it turns out its the same, cesars salad but in reverse, flakes of cheese, lettuce, and toast!!! o b3dain people are free mo? ana shako?

To fix my mood o to apologize for the poor unsuspecting girl, im punishing my self by opening that packet of yellow M&M’s and eating it… one by one… i like eating the outer shells o discarding the peanuts… dont ask me why. and no, i do not want to eat the brown one which is already peanut free.. it doesnt work that way. Coffee i brought from home is cold… Grrrrr… i will buy myselft a nespresso machine o have is sitting next to my pc at work, at least it would be more useful!!!!!! oh well… mino yabi M&Ms?


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  1. Posted by Lama on October 21, 2008 at 9:24 AM

    I like this type of punishments 🙂

    did you know that you can customize it.


  2. Posted by danderma on October 21, 2008 at 9:48 AM


    Ee walla kan khoosh punishment sara7a…
    I know you can customize the one il plain. Madry 3n ilee has peanuts inside?


  3. Posted by danderma on October 21, 2008 at 9:48 AM


    ishrayech asawee some kind of competition, o ilee yefooz gets a bag o customized colorful M&M’s with Dandermas Competition Winner Written all over it?!


  4. Posted by Lama on October 21, 2008 at 9:59 AM

    OK ,,, But what kind of competition


  5. Posted by danderma on October 21, 2008 at 10:48 AM


    Hmmm something like… what do u think the ending of B&B will be?

    Or answering Q’s about me… my likes and dislikes? so people who are *addicted* to my blog will be able to win 😉


  6. Posted by Lama on October 21, 2008 at 3:15 PM

    OK start a vote for it. and check the crowd,,, the Blog readers 🙂

    I liked that you might ask a Q from a previous post.
    but don’t make it so obvious.

    for example. today you will say “Tomorrow Q will be a bout this Post or from these post” (sounded like an Arabic Teacher preparing the kids for the test) the next day remove it Temporary and post the Q. it is a good Memory exercise.

    No Like … 🙂

    OK then the ending of B&B.
    When will you continue the Story btw ?


  7. Posted by aws on October 22, 2008 at 12:22 AM

    As long as it isn’t sweet and sugary, then it’s welcome to be my breakfast… they fooled me into thinking that cereal is good, healthy, energizing, etc.
    All that rush of sugar is the last thing I need early in the morning… especially when i am already sleepy… it puts me right back to sleep rather than wake me up…
    Besides, my stomach is no longer accustomed to all this milk.. yg3ad 3ala chabdi…
    ESHNaaKiL ?
    I would have chinese rolls with chicken inside left over from yesterday’s lunch and reheated for today’s brunch… I find it more satisfactory…
    u are right about caesar’s salad.. never looked at it this way… all laqawee9… they shouldn’t be calling it salad.. they should call it Ceasar’s dressing with a little lettuce, croutons and cheese… same way you refer to your pasta salad… when your mother wants it without pasta !
    If there is one thing i learned from u… is how to appreciate food… or be a food critic…
    but i have learned a whole lot more than that…


  8. Posted by danderma on October 22, 2008 at 9:54 AM


    You can have cornflakes without sugar? Or rice krispies without sugar? mo illa sugar bel mawhoo3…

    o if you do not want the milk involved, ako the cornflakes bars? my baby sister practically lived on them one summer in UK, now they sell it in her college fa she has it for breakfat. La o 90 Calories only. I guess its there in TSC…

    Chinese chicken rolls!???? for breakfast?! :S

    The only thing i would have as breakfast from leftovers is leftover pizza. I like it to be cold, heat it a little bit, o drink it with sweet tea. It reminds me of my childhood and pizza italia madry leesh…

    Cesars Salad = Laqawees… bulls Eye AWS!

    U make me sound like im Danderma the Wise or something?!?! Honey you need some ratatouling in the food dept tra… enough with the soup over everythign mixture thingy… food is yummy but all u need it the manual for it…

    What else did u learn from me? 😛


  9. Posted by aws on October 22, 2008 at 11:04 PM

    well, other than the ratatouli dept there is also the harry potter derpartment … o the hayfa department .. o the beauty and the best dept … o the london dept .. my dear you have more departments than selfridge 🙂

    but my all time favorite remains the english department.. plain and simple.. in the vocabulary department , ana aqallid danderma 😀

    seeing ur blog is like a dream come true ! i have always felt sorry for all this style to go unnoticed 😦 snif snif

    hehe, last night i craved your bbq chicken… so i told the cook to etabbil el deyaya … o today, just after the second bite.. i reached for the soup.. o poured it over that dry stuff.. you know, it looked like the soup we see in cartoons !
    al 7isaa2 ! it always had bulky pieces for what looked like potatoes … maybe this is what i have been attempting all a long… to have my own 7isaa2 🙂


  10. Posted by danderma on October 22, 2008 at 11:26 PM

    Eee eee
    hatha il 7esaa2 the white creamy thing with the loaf of bread, o little pieces of potatoe swimming in it!!!

    I was always attempting to simulate that taste. Never could do it, do i imagine inah Mushroom soup malat maggie chithee… oooh dayman ashtehee hal aklaa mithil il cartoons…

    Btw when i was a child i had a lisp, i cant say S fa i said Th… i was playing barbie with my sister fa i tell her “el 7athaa2 jahez” fa she repeats “yalla il 7athaa2 jahez” and i go “noo noo not il 7athaa2, el 7athaaaaaaaa2” … w3lya…!
    I remmebr singing the markaz sultan in salmiya ad, recall it with the three little girls singing on top of the escalators?

    “Markazz Thultaaaan Bel Thalmiyaaa…”

    Walla gowat 3een… o i sing b3d…


  11. Posted by aws on October 23, 2008 at 12:24 AM

    at least u sing the right lyrics..
    in my case, i could never get the lyrics right for many songs, so i settle for anything that rhymes !


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