I love the MSI Wind!!! & im in Avenues Parking Ranting NOW!

This lovely tiny white fella is so light, almost like a cloud, and its keyboard is soo miniature, its like playing baroue with a laptop… my husband found me one last piece in lulu hypermarket yesterday, it was for 149 KD while it was being sold in alghanim for 180 KD, apparently it comes with the best features available!!! Sooo cute… and handy! It fits into my gigantic purse naturally, and today while we were stuck in the traffic in the avenues, i simply took it out, started it up, and It took me a mere 2 minutes until i am here connecting and typing away, including Ego time, while waiting for the stupid woman who is wanting to go out and a million other people standing in line stuck behind here… i can rant. I wish i have taken a picture though…

Im here to buy stuff for the BBQ, and tell me oh just tell me… why do the stupid stupid employees of all parking lots in kuwait decide that this area of the parking is too crowded so they just decide on their own that its “closed”!!!! Ya rabi ish hal legafa? 3la ay asas telegefoon!? min zeen mawagefkom? Ok guess what, this area is closed, but some people DO GET OUT of it… its the dynamic of parking lots y3ni!!!! Fa who gives you the right to act all smart and helpful and make people GO MAD!!!!

Unfortunately, a guy infornt of us in a car got out, removed the little cone that is blocking the entrance to the basement parking of avenues, and we went in after him. Guess what? MANY PEOPLE WHERE LEAVING TO GO HOME!!!!!

I have also seen two stupid huge cars that had the ego and the nerve of taking two parking lots for one car… they are both shabab cars y3ni, fa YA RABI LEESH IL NA7ASA LEESH… inta man takoon y3ni ilee you must park in two parking cars? 3la rasik reesha? How insensitive, how inconsiderate, or as michelle in full house would have said “How Rude!”!

ooh mesha il seer… i will post another post insha2 allah when im done shopping… brb


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  1. Posted by aws on October 10, 2008 at 9:27 PM

    i had a wish one day… that road rage never gets me enraged… sorry to say, the wish never came true…

    especially if someone decides to yizifni with his horn… how dare they, i lose every bit of sanity I had once posessed… and become possessed by demons instead…

    on second thought, they should ban the horn from all cars…
    or at least make them sound nice, how come the mobile has a million ranna .. why not the horn ?


  2. God now im reading this post it shows how angry i was… i was at loss for words!!! i will rewrite it now

    Ur very right, its is a rage out there and it gets you no matter what you try to do!!!!

    If all cars had different horns, then no one will know a horn when they hear it, imagine mathalan a horn filled with swear words? ohom mini ma yeft7on il 6reej for someone o faj2a you see them pointing a gun to your head.. hal door swear words horn????


  3. Posted by aws on October 11, 2008 at 3:53 PM

    I guess then there should be some laws governing horns… you are right, the last thing we need is to hear symphonies of all sort in the street… I like the arabic name for it “Monabbih” for the purpose of “tanbeeh” , alert , alarm…

    but people use it to express anger … to SHOUT … they make the horn shout on their behalf… it is employed for a different purpose than the original cause that it was created for… this is the problem.

    they have shown a documentary once on TV , suggesting that if you give cab drivers a diet consisting mainly of fish, this lowers their rage… but we’re a country that feeds on mammals o birds o junk, now you know where the road rage is coming from… after all, you are what you eat … your bbq is contributing to the national road rage 🙂


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