BBQ Night! One Week to Go, So much to DO!!!

Since the weather is extremely nice, surprisingly early for such a nice weather… and since there is now where to go that is new, good, exciting, good food, and you can sit back and relax without hal people yekhezoonich all the time… as if its a national sport or something… and without hal ashkal il ghareeba ilee ma adry min wain te6la3… with the recent trend of PDA to top it off…

Since all of the above, we (i and the girls) decided the best thing to do is to have a nice BBQ at home and pig out… last time we gathered was in Avenues chocolate bar, two days before ramadan…

Insha2 allah it will take next week, Thursday the 16th…!

So anyways, we plan on wearing casual clothes, put the grills outside, if the weather permits we will also open the sliding doors from the pool so we can eat outside while dimming the pool lights and putting on some lanterns… or else we would eat by the dimmed pool side but the grilling is done outside…

Already had a menu written up… all things yummy with vegeterian options for me (i am a vegeterian!)…so the menu theme hat to be one of four options…

1) American BBQ: Buns, Hamburgers, Sausages, the works, French Fries, Potatoe Salads, brownies

2) Lebanese BBQ: Kabab o Kofta o Sheesh 6awooq Homos, Tabolah, Fattoush, Motabbal, Waraq 3nb

3) Italian/European BBQ: Chicken Breast, Steak, Pasta, Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Veggies, Tiramisu

4) Mexican BBQ: Grilled Chicken, Lamb, or Shripm Fajitas, Grilled Veggie Fajitas, Nachos, Stuffed Jalapinos, Tortillas, Tacos, Guacamole, Sour Creme, Pico Di Galo, Some greens, Virgin Margharitas or electric lemonade, Maybe the odd flan for desert?

Madry what to do. Lebanese BBQ seems like going to Mais il Ghanim, nothing wonderful there. American BBQ is like having dinner at Mcdonalds, every body grew up eating “Hamburger o b6aa6 o chicken nuggets” for dinner!!! Steaks can take forever to grill, but then, we would be doing the grilling ourselves while pigging out on the appetizers and having fun…

Maybe i will take the best of each?! or make a little salad bar like the ones we see every where?!?!

I have already decided on one dessert…. but since three of the guest are readers to my blog, i will not share what it is :p

So much to do… so little time. Im glad to have a BBQ though, nothing stirs up life and takes your mind of you troubles like a gathering at your house…

Do you have any ideas?!???!? Love to hear from you!

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  1. Posted by daggero on October 9, 2008 at 5:42 PM

    if you are inviting us then i will demand a nice Iranian grill kebab with whole onions and tomatoes and tanoor bread , marinated chicken and mutton ribs ( reyash ) and shrimps ,and grilled veggies for you dear Nino style , forget about mexican stuff because it will give heart burn and will contribute to global warming


  2. allah wanasaa

    i say mix and match

    have a few salad options

    oo kufta
    some burgers
    chicken breasts

    3ashan u satisfy everyone


  3. Posted by Lama on October 10, 2008 at 12:36 AM

    I am in a state where there are no ideas in my head 😛
    But I’ll be glad to help.

    who are the readers that were invited ? I may know one are there others 😉


  4. Posted by danderma on October 11, 2008 at 1:25 AM


    Lel asaf its girls only 😀
    3ad iranian kabab theqeeeeel o re7at il onions will turn the appetite off immediately :~(

    I have a severe allergy from Jalapenos, though i love them alot, so if im to go with the mexican, there will be no hot spices…


    Ee this is what i thought of.. i think it will go something like this, it is rough, but it might be good…

    Salads “Pasta Salad, Mexican Corn Salad, Fattouch”
    Appetizers & Sides “Chips & Salsa, Nachos, Some mini fried thignies like mozzarella sticks and potatoes, maybe mashed potatoes, Hommos Dip, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Pico Di Galo, and another mexican dip i can never get the hang off” Raw Veggies to make your own salad, Sauces of all kinds, Tortillas, Some lebanese bread, Some Buns”

    Veggies to grill for me, Some chicken breast with 2 types of marinade, some Bufteec or la7am thing i dont know ilee a cross between scallops and steak with 2 types of marinade, and some Giant shrimps with two kinds of marinade. i will have some Hamburgers and Sausges ready in case any one would love to grill those

    There is this yummy looking mud cake at
    Some Contrast Blog I just cant wait to try it, and one of the guest said she is bringing some other kind of dessert, plus a chocolate fountain we have with fruits 😀 maybe i wil make some om ali or bread pudding or the magician mousee we make at home…

    Soft Drinks, Water, Tea and Coffee, and Maybe some Electric Lemonade

    What do you think?


    Hehehe you are the one you know :p
    Beauty will be there too 😉

    and the others do not comment, just read then call me to comment directly…


  5. YUM! u have the perfect the menu set !
    wish i befriended u before lol :p
    bl3afya 😉


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