PDA… Public Display of Affection in the Avenues… or Q8 in general

Ok well… im not the kind of person ilee if i saw two people hugging or having some PDA would go “wee wee wee haw haw haw wakhzyaa 3eeb ma yeste7oon etc.” … lakin every thing has its rules… and limits..

You see, PDA in Q8 started “as i see it y3ni” in the mid 90’s, when modern couples in love would hold hands while walking in Fanar mathalan… some poeple would go “3eeb”… some people would go “g63” … some women would slash at their husbands saying “laysh ma tamsik eedi y3ni?” and so forth… as time passed, it became very natural to see those couples everywhere… almost all new couples hold hands now as if its written in the marriage certificate that its a must do thing. Kaifhom il awadm 6ab3an. I always thought it was a nice and cute gesture…


Ako an emerging trend now… a more explicit way to display that ur in love in the mall… or wherever u are…

It started in ramadan, in our Co-op… i was in the vegetables isle when two very overweight “im sorry walla im fat too but ya rabi they were HUGE masha2 allah 3lehom both” couple… the man with shorts that look bad on him and the woman in too colorful a 7ejab and dress combo… o pushing a cart with a baby in it. they stood infront of the potatoe cartoons… talking, and suddenly, the man gives his wife a big bear hug… a FULLL hug… infront of all people… o it was ramadan. I guess there is nothing technically wrong in giving ur wife a hug jedam il awadm… nothing against the law… but they were so uncute, so huge o it was not natural… kind of a showoffy kinda way…

So i thought keefhom…  ana shako? Mo?


Today, in the avenues, i see two scrawny kids, a girl and a boy, they cannot be older than 18!!! so i am not sure it its his wife or GF… o they were hugging each other and walking at the same time?!?!?! o they were not lost in each other y3ni kinda hug, no, they were hugging, walking, and looking all over the place for people who look at them? Shino y3ni? Testa3rethoon?!?!?!?!

Then… another couple… this time le7ya and 3bat islamya and mid 30’s… he is hugging her by putting an arm over her shoulder o going inside a store… hmmmm?

Then, el 6amma il kobra “the catastrophy for non arabic speaking people”… another young couple… another almost 18 years old, putting their arms around each other… mmm … touching EVERYWHERE… kissing each other almost everywhere except on the lips … infront of all kids and children and people in the avenues… and walking, looking around for people gaping at them?

If those two were, say, in london, walking, lost completly in each others love, they would touch and kiss and have a full fledged PDA… but in a subtle, romantic way that would make you go awwwwww how cuteeeee… they would not care if ur there or not, simply u do not exist…

But people in here?


they are doing it, knowing full well that the public around them will disapprove, knowing full well that if they were sitting infront of their family elders, they would get a good earfull, and doing it while looking u straight in the eye…

Madry shino hal model b3d??? Akher mootha… give up ur overly expensive rented apartments people… no need for it… you can camp in the next public place and live there… instead of telling people to get a room… we should tell them “get a mall… with peopl watching”…


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  1. Posted by delicatelyrealistic on October 2, 2008 at 6:35 PM


    i hate PDA….they disgust me….only beautiful ppl r permitted to do them…ugly ppl must have 1 metre distance between them at the least !!


  2. Posted by Twenty on October 2, 2008 at 9:23 PM

    Restraining orders for the win!


  3. Posted by Dissenter on October 2, 2008 at 10:04 PM

    The guy with the beard simply had his arm around his wife’s (not girlfriend’s) shoulders. So what? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that at all in Islam. Also, that does not constitute hugging. As for the other examples you mentioned, then I see your point.


  4. Posted by danderma on October 2, 2008 at 10:21 PM


    Loool only beautiful people are permitted to do them???
    7raaaaaam …. :p


    Hathoola wain o il restraining orders wain…?


    I agree… it might not be against islam to put ur arms on ur wife protectively in public… and neither is giving her say a simple kiss on the cheek in public in islam… but do u see men kissing their wives in starbucks while drinking coffee? and if you do, would you stare in shock walaw inah mafeeha shay?

    And if they do it, while looking u in the eye chinhom yegoloon “shoofooonaaaaa”… by god what does that mean?!?!?!??!?!? y3ni allah yehaneekom inshallah o yetamem 3lekoom… lakin a7na shakooooo????? ako things better left hidden… for a good reason… but i guess il denya mengalba hal ayam …. 😦


  5. If a married couple in love are taken over by the moment and decide to hug, hold hands or kiss, then 3alayhum ib alf 3afya, I don’t see the problem with it. In fact I would rather see more.

    Feena nags 7anan in this country, thus everyone watching Noor & Muhanad.

    Kids rebelliously doing PDA’s for attention, are like kids smoking ciggies or skipping school to hand out in starbucks. It’s wrong but they are kids and will learn with time.


  6. Posted by none on October 2, 2008 at 11:37 PM

    I think PDA is cute
    As long as doesn’t go beyond 2nd base


  7. Posted by danderma on October 2, 2008 at 11:39 PM


    3leech nooor… y3ni if they are in love, o taken by the moment o overwhelmed by emotion o khalaaaaaaaaaaaaaas its time for a hug or a squeeze keefhom…

    but this is not the case… not as far as i have seen… what is happening now is they are doing it on purpose, just to attract attention, and it turns out to be disgusting sra7a!!! chanzeen lo inah people act like what their hearts tell them, we would see more laid back free spirited people out there… lakin no, they are doing it in a pretentious, look at me and envy me or yap about me disgusting way… ka in europe every one is hugging kissing etc. etc. lakin they are not disgusting cause they are not doing it to make a scene… i wonder why people would want to make a scene and a disgusting one that is outrageous to some of the people around here … madry just for the fun of it?


  8. You pride yourself as not being a TK (since we’re using abbreviations… typical q8tiya/q8ty) and yet you assume the worst out of witnessing natural human affection… a borderline TK.

    Could it be…

    years since they last saw each other?

    close family relatives?

    a celebration (the birth of a child, the recovery of a loved one, etc.)

    a death in the family?

    The wandering eyes… could they not have been seeking out attention but rather just have wandered reflexively? Scanning for a familiar and expected face?

    Assume the good in people, and spread the benefit of doubt amongst every passerby everywhere until proven wrong.


  9. Posted by danderma on October 3, 2008 at 3:57 AM

    3 AM Flight

    Firstly… there is no pride in being a TK or not being a TK… either a typical one or not a typical one is not a bad thing or a good thing. I never said i was ashamed of not being a q8y… and i have stated at the begining of my post that i was not really one of those people who go with the crowd, whether it was a q8y one or not… i have a mind to think of my own.

    and no, im not against sincere PDA if done for the right reasons, like the ones u said.

    I guess u had to be there to feel il … im at loss for words really… no, nothing in their eyes, both times, indicated that it was sincere and lovey dovey… and no, not being a typical TK does not mean i must not be a q8y at all… i do not have to forge an alien identity just because i hate some of the q8y personality treats… i might be a 75% tk or a 85% tk…

    One day u will pass by this kind of couple, believe me, no not the sincere in love cocooned from the world couple, the kind of couples i wrote about, after this trend had become epidemic… then u will know what i mean… and u will understand me …


  10. LOOOOOOOOOOOL 2 things – tha7aktini bil post

    thanian i am very with u on this matter. i am not really a fan of PDA. ya3ni it depends on the situation. lakin hugging in a super market wiya il bu6a6?? laish??

    btw those kids in the mall, i think y6al3oon yumkin ydawroon 7ad min ahalhum – making sure mako 7ad baychoofhum.

    il mo’9a 3indna 9ayra cinemas. ya3ni dasheen it6al3oon il movie wila titbawasoon!!! ya3ni sorry bas abi asma3 il movie, mabi asma3 tabadul sa3abeel. lawa3tu chboodna.

    i feel affection is private – mako da3i trawoon il nas inkum in an intimate relationship.


  11. al ashkara mu9’a fe al kuwait, hal youmin!!
    oo 3iidech embarak! =)

    oo 5aleehoum!! 3a9afeer 7ob.. cute!! 😛 (giving them all the benefit of doubt)


  12. If they’re married, I’d just smile and say “good for them.” 🙂 No harm done, except that I have a good story to tell, heehee.

    If they’re not, well wtf!


  13. Posted by f7ee7eely on October 3, 2008 at 1:34 PM

    I see this post stimulated some good comments hehehe

    just yesterday I saw a young couple early twenties if not late teens — the guy was carrying bags from la senza and Oysho — odd enough he walked like a jolly gay spinning his butt whilst walking he then told his wife to give him a bite from the chocolate bar she was chowing on — ( I was right behind them hehehe ) If you saw how he bit the chocolate ( he stuck his tongue out like a
    Gerraf ) —- tdreen eshbaghaiiit agoolehum?

    Mana je toi anyone? hehehe


  14. Posted by danderma on October 3, 2008 at 11:33 PM


    Tra walla its the least romantic place on earth, yam carateen il b6a6 wel bosal… o out of the blue… y3ni lo kenna 3la il ba7ar with the sunset o would get it… o laa b3d it was a disgusting hug 😦

    Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3 bel cinema?!?!??!?!? never encountered one of these… ya rabbi i dont!!! i did encounter crying babies in the laffa though g63 😦


    Ayamik sa3eeda thanx… 🙂

    3asafeer 7oob?!?!? hmmm malah da3ee they touch each others in the most disgusting way… g63… o yelaw3oon chboodna… ewwww … mo i cannot elaborate in my post … ya jma3a u must see them to know what i mean!!!! fehmone 3ad!!!


    La 7eta lo married… ako a great harm done… athaa basaree… their movement caused passers eyes to go to places not supposed to go… g63… in7arfaw il yahal elee bel avenues… chinhom naqseen 3ogob mohanad o noor o lamees…


    Eee wanasa wayed comments masha2 allah 😀

    Translate Mana je toi plzz ?!?! toi means me too chinna mo? je means i ? mana shino y3ni????


  15. Posted by Dalal on October 4, 2008 at 11:21 PM

    LOL, its Menage a trois- google it 😉


  16. Posted by pink bow on October 7, 2008 at 3:44 PM

    I’m with you on the hand holding thing, its nice (nothing wrong with that at all). As for the hugging and kissing thing, I personally do not like my vision to be violated like that hehe….bes bil akheer kil wa7id o kaifa.


  17. adre im late in commenting

    bs i had to

    im against any form of pda.


    lana ppl here dont know how to put limits to anything.

    ya3ni theirs an appropriate time and place for everything

    when your in a place fee kids theres no need for you to be all over eachother.

    and most ppl i presume ele ashkara chithy makhthum el7ob are married. after all this is q8

    ya3ni 3nduhum bait oo imjableen ba3ath and they can do whatever they want.

    as for the kids… law it was my sister wela sm1 i know chan dist eb merdanha!

    this is NOT like skipping school and smoking

    these things although frowned upon are not 7aram,

    and i agree with DR
    only pretty ppl should be allowed pda 😛

    manabi etloo3 echboodna


  18. Posted by danderma on October 9, 2008 at 1:29 PM

    Beetik o ma6ra7ik ya 7bebtee… better late than never 😉

    S7, ako amakin mathalan you can hold hands with ur hubby in, ako amakin (i.e. walking in mubarkiya mathalan, or jam3ya, or next door fer3) ma yloog o ma yenf3

    Lakin rabe3na ma3ndohom boundries …

    O ana leesh ketabt hal post?

    Cause a) lay3a chabdi b) ga3da atnba2 lel q8 inah kil min hab o dab ra7 yesawee PDA anywhere any time … fa ma 3ndi shay aglolah ilaaa il PDA Qadeemaa…. i7mo il 3yoon min il mota3aneqoon…

    Wa 3lya il denya il salaaaaaaaaaaam


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