3rd Day of Eid… Napkit will open at 6 pm today… Dean & Deluca Sometime Soon

After a long night with coughs and running nose, my fever is gone… still tired, but i had to HAD TO go and try napkit. 6ag ib rase o khalas 3antart abee its food. Fa i take my self out of the bed, dress belzoor, o drive with my hubby to the avenues… wait for a parking… o walk to napkit… Every thing is ready for people… i can see food in their counters… bananas and oranges at an arms reach “faj2a abi banana min napkit… madry lesh ma 7alat le il banana ila min ihnak!?” but the Mesh door is half closed… it was about 2:30 fa we ask the guy when will u open… they say 6 pm… WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY


3ad its ga3da  mashallah 7elwa… madry leesh it feels a bit like gotham city inside… dont ask me why i have no explanation… so we had to sit in Casper… now dont get me wrong casper is one of my best friends in Q8… i love everythign about them. But when i want to eat somewhere I MUST EAT THERE… or else mako fayda… fa i drank some coffee o ate some bread… not that im hungry… just too tired and too much cough in my lungs… all the while looking at napkits terrace, imagining sitting there with my girlfriends yapping in a cold november breezee overlooking the splashing fountains below, at the time of day when the sun is going down and little evening lights are coming on… inshallah inshallah inshallah ya rab ta36eena 3omor le hathak il yoom o itkoon il nashla o il ka7a ra7at … 😀

Im going to try my luck again for breakfast… sitting by their big windows will be very nice… a lovely change … ooh by the way…

Dean and Deluca is opening tooo … o its going to be big! Inshallah ma yekonoon il waiters id3al mithil the ones in Dubai… i hated D&D Dubai because of the waiters…

O the Mozarella Bar ilee in Selfridges ilee replaced Momo infront of Gucci is opening tooooooooo Also in Avenues phase 2 in the 2nd floor but mad3oos ishwaya dakhel… Now im going to be very very happy when all of these places open inshallah 😀


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