2nd Day of Eid… o they say Napkit is Open

The day started by my finishing my novel… and wearing a hoodie over my shivering feverish body… and trying to bask in sweat so the vicks would work its magic. I read somewhere that if u put vicks on ur feet and wear socks… ur cough will disappear… i did just that and guess what? I WOKE UP WITH A COUGH WORSE THAT THE ONE I HAD WHEN I SLEPT!!! thanx for nothing…

I tried this twice, i usually got better afterwards but im not sure its because of it… You take one white onion, make a whole in it, pour some white sugar and wait for a liquid to form after a few hours… u drink that liquid and voila… flu is gone!!!!

Im going to try this… i have had enough of my bed, my couch, my blanket, and my vicks… i hear that napkit is open… so i want to go try it tommorow morning or the morning after before work comes… and i want to go to the early bird too… i miss their scrambled eggs and pancakes… i wish they have the chocolate chip pancakes special on again when im there… 😀

So… now im wrapped up, watching bye bye london on funoon plus o drinking pepsi max… just had my main meal of the day “vegetable chow mein” from Noodles … coughing like mad and waiting for bab il 7ara 3 at 10 pm… i think i will go to bed afterwards with an actified pill although i just woke up at 4 pm…

I think i need to eat something yummy … some cupcakes would be nice 😀 khal ashoof if any cupcake place will take pity on me o deliver for me some ….


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  1. Posted by yara4ever on October 2, 2008 at 3:56 AM

    B3aaad 3omrii matshofeeen shar :(( I read the vicks on ur feet thing too madri wain… i need to catch up with ur posts khal agrahom then i’ll comment later 🙂


  2. salamaaat
    hope u feel better soon

    wain the early bird?

    never heard of it before


  3. Posted by danderma on October 2, 2008 at 6:05 PM


    Il shar ma ayeech dear thanxxx…
    I read the vicks for feet in a stupid email :~( i actually believed it … yalla read them all im awaiting ur comments..

    Allah yesalmich dear thanx…
    Early bird is a nice little cosey place run by an american chef in fa7a7eel… its hailed as the best american style breakfast place. they open min 4:30 am till 3 pm o almost u never get an empty table… although there are 12 only… here is a link from Z District to the post about it…
    I hope they dont mind me linking to them… i dont know the blog rules regarding linking to posts?



  4. Yes I agree with you!


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