Napkit had people dining inside tonight!


I passed by napkit today… in the avenues… i peeked through the terrace, wella ako a young lady talking on the phone, with tables set and little candles lit … and some lanterns on the floor that are also lit, a young man wearing deshdasha was standing at the door with a list in his hand, i sat at the bread place across from it, and there were couples coming in, talking to the guy with a list, and then going inside…

I guess its a soft opening by invitation only!!!!

Which means they might be open for eid after all… god i wish i was invited… it looked so cosey!!! El moshkila 6ag ib balee their food o gemt ma ashtehee my order… i want to go to it like NOW!!!!

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  1. Posted by danderma on September 28, 2008 at 3:21 AM

    In kuwait its in avenues phase two. Exactly above haagen dazs cafe, o it has a nice terrace that over looks the fountains with lights in the back… i believe its ga3da will be awsome mashallah… cant wait for it to open, i guess ra7 ayseer 6agg i3see 3leeh…


  2. I was invited to the tasting yesterday but got stuck at home waiting for the satellite guy to fix my dish 😦


  3. Posted by danderma on September 28, 2008 at 4:31 PM


    y3ni ma leqayt a better time for the sattelite guy?!?!?! it looked so cosey with a warm early fall breezee o nice candles!!!

    Any idea when they are actually opening?!


  4. We were lucky enough to have been invited and it was great! 🙂


  5. Ms. Baker

    Wanasaaaaaa how was it? any news on when it will open for public?


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