*Update* Shasawee bs7oon El Awadem?! HELP!

One of the best things in Ramadan… is when its about to be fo6oor time, o the door bell rings… Teern Teeern… wella a plate filled with lqemat, or fa6ayer o mo3ajanat, or somethign equally yummy… comes to ur door…


Mushroom cream fettucini, Kobba bel Laban, Samboosa, Om Ali, Ghrayba. & Yes mom made most of them 😀



That is, its was one of the best things to me as a child, who never worried or ventured to the kitchen!

Now that im grown up… yeseer fenee a3saab!!! I know its very very rude to think this way o to be ungrateful. But im not 100% ungrateful.

You see, when u use the qasdeer or plastic wrapping… its says “hathee noqsa, no strings attached… eat o fill ur karsh with it and you dont have to do anything back for me unless u want to”

When you use your own set of jdoor, the jeder or the plate says to me “hathee nooqsa, yalla obsess about what to fill me with!!!! Make your life torture for a while”

Adri qelat adab mini to think this way. o adri inah no, not all people want their s7oon back filled with food, actually, almost 90% of people do not want food back for their neqsa. It is just sooo rude not to fill them back. It is one of those suffocating traditions i cannot get free off. I feel compelled to return it with something. Why do poeple still use their own plates is beyond me! What if u dont get them back?!

Fa now, why am i obsessing about this?

You see, one of our relatives send as a small round metal jeder of harees, and a smaller metal jeder of fried potatoes and friend chicken.

Fa me ana mom were eyeing the jdoor at fo6oor… already obsessing what to fill them with.

Min il etiquette ini i cannot put salad in a metal plate, o i cannot put back harees in the hareesh plate. Nor can i put 3eesh o maraq or tashreeba mathalan. O i have already sent them veggie macaroni bake in their previous metal plate with harees. Fa this time around… madry shasawee?

I thought and thought and though. What i make best is Pasta. So i decided to make Mushroom Fettucini Alfredo (low in fat)… and the little plate of fries i will put in it fried samboosa o kooba that mom puts out for fo6oor… Done right?! Disaster Averted… obsession ceased!

Next day at fo6oor, Teern Teeern… same relative, two even bigger metal plates… one harees (2nd recepie) o one yereesh…


Walla adry inha mashkoora o ya36eha il 3afya b3d 3mry ma gaserat. 3ad sej akelha latheeth…

But i would hate to fill the paltes from a restuarant. I think its from the etiquette ini i dont do so… i must show i care enough and im grateful enough for her gesture by having something “home made”…

o tra hal etiquette seems to be ini ana im2alfetah… i know there is no written rule book regarding it… but 3eeb… seems so madry!

O i feel fa6ayer/sandwiches just say “ur not serious.. ur not putting enough thought into it… shame on you!!!!”

I already suggested to mom i put my own legaymat! I cannot write my moms reaction here, especially after my hand burn. sorry u had to be there u cannot visualize it.

O in general,,, the plates are not suitable for sweets. Nor salads. Nor soups… do people send out soup? I make nice minestrone …

Fa shasawee fehom?! can you plz help me?!!??! any suggestions?!?!??!?!?

I thought about filling one of them with kobba bel laban… mathalan … mom does a nice one… but i feel it will fall under the category of soups… o plz dont tell me machboos or im6abag or imrabyan or immawash or im3addas or any thing else from the same culinary family…

what else?!?!?!!?  

For the record. Ya jama3a… next time u want to send out a neqsa… plz help others out o send it in a qasdeer/plastic sa7an… plz plz plz plz… o point this out to ur edida or mother too…

O while im at it, im invited to a ghabga tonight… mostly the guests are between 40-50 years old… i want to take something with me that is fast, new, tasty, funky, o appealing!!!! Any ideas??!??

P.S. Nastaqbel all sorts of noqsas in *plastic* plates till the night of 30 Ramadan 😉


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by delicatelyrealistic on September 25, 2008 at 2:57 PM

    Sarli sa3a afakir shino…madri ;s

    Oh and our neighbours (who we dont know at all) misakeen kanaw ysawon shay wayid irritating….y36ehom il3afya….bs they used to send nig9a bema3na ilkalima….y3ni shwaya min kilshay, literally! Y3ni cham 7abat magali……g63at bashamil…..i guess u get the picture….?

    O omi kanat tyen?! Shitsawi ib all these little plates?!

    Well they stopped now 😉 ashwa!


  2. I vote samboosa jeben.
    Lots of it.
    Hell, fill all three plates.
    Y’know what? Fill all three plates and send them my way!
    I’ll speak to your neighbour for you.
    They’ll thank me for it.
    You’ll thank me for it.
    I’ll thank you for it!
    Y’know what? We’ll throw a samboosa jeben party and everyone will thank us for it! ^_^


  3. you sound just like my mom…killa t7aty halsalfa hehe


  4. Posted by danderma on September 27, 2008 at 3:58 AM


    Waaaaaaaaaaaay shitsawoon feehooom?!?!?!??! How did they stop????

    I would have been glad to fill all plates with samboosas o send them ur way so you would send it to them afterwards… unfortunately i dont think even the samboosa guy in jm3yat il qadsya has enough samboosa supply for ur demand :p

    Mo moshkilaaa 3aweesaaa … mom maskeena sooo freaks out about it she always turns to me for help. I guess im automaticaly tuned to worry about it now 😦


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