I am a big big fan of american and british serieses. Even since i was a child i was always glued to KTV2. Some of my favourites off the top of my head “currently” are: Friend, DHW, Heroes, 4400, Smallville, Ugly Betty, Dr. Who, Ghost Whisperers, Lost… etc.

O on the contrary of many people, i cannot stand to watch any arabian serieses. La noor la 7yat il fahad la ay shay (except for old gems like 3la il denya il salam o darb il zalag mathalan, but mo qased kheer !! ) but in general, if i had to choose, i always choose my american friends over my own country men and women.


Min eye irmothan!? madry ya rabee sheseer fenee…

Showtime?! i cant stand it!

Dvd? Insaw il mawthoooo3!

Mako ila aqaleeb ib sama dubai, dubai, abuthabi, KTV, alrai, future… even 3man o il sudan o il yaman ag3ad a6al3hm! eee Layyyyshhhh?

shesalfa y3ni?! syaam = back to our roots mathalan?

Tawnee sm3t inah showtime is showing the new season of heroes, i looked into the showtime site, saw a picture of hal jyaker maloot DHW (3ad sej jyaker o la imsaweenhom hot babes… 3yayez allah yehadakom!!!!) … anyways … chan a7es ib qamtaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Chan agleb 3la … wella the page malat thell il yasmeen… fatma abdul raheem o madry mino in the picture ga3ed yesarekh… chan i feel at home!!!!! IMAGINE


whats happening to me?! am i morphing into something else??!!?!?



5 responses to this post.

  1. la 3adi .. althu ana ma ashoof 3arabi at all 7ata in ramadan (bs ‘3air bo qotada o bo nabeel) bs ham mo ga3da ashoof any english movies, serieses … at all kelsh (althu gabel ashoof daily)
    a7s tloo3 chabdy mnhom fe rmathan lol
    madri mn el 9yam aw la2 😛


  2. lol

    kelna nafs el 7alah

    lazim an extra dose of arabic crap tv in ramadan
    its tradition!


  3. Posted by Hamad on September 23, 2008 at 6:17 PM

    It’s in the tamurr!
    don’t eat it!!
    they’re trying to control us!!!


  4. Posted by delicatelyrealistic on September 23, 2008 at 10:08 PM

    La 3adi….happens to me too…
    Aslan my showtime ingi6a3 gabil irmithan…..gilt zain yat minhom…mani radita ila laman ykhali9 irmithan lol ;P


  5. Posted by danderma on September 23, 2008 at 11:40 PM


    Excatly how i feel… itloo3 chabdi minhom!!! Even when i hear one word in english itloo3 chabdi???!?!? ana hatha im7ayernee sara7a o ilee itloo3 chabdi minah usually (the khalejee o arabian ones) sar mithil il 3asal 3la galbi!


    Im thinking of a theory: inah i7na imkaweekeen 3la inah romthan = araibian serieses min ayam badr il zeman o 3jaj! Fa ymkin ham deep down we feel inah romthan wont be romthan with english intruders? I wonder if british muslims or american muslims feel the same?

    Loool like that theory!!! Only i dont eat tamor…
    Come to think about it… i cannot stand eating foregin food as well i.e. Creme Brulee or Chocolate or Strawberry tart.. it applies to all foreign cakes o pattiseries madry laysh?!?!?!? Maybe the theory of something in the food is going somewhere!

    La maskeen ana showtimee working fine o begging for attention! 7eta BBC Food ilee mafeha gheer food for romthan mathalan ma agdar ini a6al3ah … walla 7safa shakly basawee mithlich akhalee my subscription ends by ramadans begining


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