To the q8y warrior riding his wanet… GROW UP!!!



While my sister was stuck in the morning  commute to work, in this humid weather, while fasting, at the crack of dawn every day, beating the crowds and the crazy drivers in the war out there.

So what happend?

Yesterday, she was in a two lane road still inside our area, yallah saba7 il kheer, she on the right, a young man of 23 on the left lane. Infront of them a uturn were theoritacillay people should stand and wait for the road to clear before passing. Makan fe ay majal inah a7ad min il u-turn enters their road y3ni. O il road is blocked ahead for several kilometers.

Fa while standing baman allah, One of the q8y warriors we face daily driving a huge waneet min hallee our guys love may 3la shino, comes charging through the Uturn and WHAAAM ghaseb 6eeb yene6 3la both their lanes, barely missing both cars!!! The guy honked his horn to the warrior in anger… so what happens next?

You would think the warrior would just make him self some room and ignore the guy shyly… nooooooo, not our q8y warriors who think they are alwayr right, who should not recieve a mere horn honk when they do wrong… mo tadroon share3 oboh. Fa they warrior angrily opens his windows (he is still sideways y3ni not completly in the road bumper to bumper)… get a bottle of water, sprays its contents on both my sister and the guy who honked the horn cars and windows… then throught the bottle on their direction, hitting one of their cars. I think it was my sisters car who was hit.

Y3ni ham foog sheenah gowat 3enah b3d! Ham qleel adab, laf 3lehom, o ma yabee a7ad ye7acheeh… WHY?! 3la bo sayem y3ni? inzeen its the crack of dawn, y3ni it was 7 ish… ma medak ityoo3 yet!!!! fa shino y3ni hal behaviour? My god what has the world come to?

Ana agool, on behalf of my sister o the poor guy who dares honk his horn ur direction, ye braveheart warrior of Kuwait, grow up, o i7terem nafsik, o irj3 3ogob il 3eed soom hal yoom cause ile saweetah akeed fa6arik… o allahomma ini sa2em!

4 responses to this post.

  1. etsadgeen mal ysawe hal 7araqa eb 3gaide n get his ass beat up 3ashan y7term nafsa


  2. OK, I have tried to read this post to understand the story line, however with all due respect, I think you should stick to one language (either english or written arabic) if you want fellow bloggers to understand your message.


  3. u think a guy with such manners really reads a blog /


  4. god! ma adre esh salfat il road rage hnee! walla its getting worse oo 6ab3an Ramadan road rage is 7ala 5a9a! kenna ma7ad 9am ‘3airhum!


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