Lqemat Part 2: Automatic Lqemat Maker… Elly yadry wain tenba3 Plz yegollee!


So, as i said in my previous post, i had ordered from 3washas leqaymat at 9 pm for tommorow (yesterday)… before fo6oor the lovely golden plate of lqaymat is here… and im posting you two pictures to see the difference bain il 3nad o il legafa malat il q8yeen ilee 3nd ro7hom inhom they can do everything on earth all at once o bain the simple humble hobby we have in kuwait of picking up the phone and ordering home delivery.

By the way, though the leqaymat were golden o crunchy on the outside o kinda 3yeenish on the inside, it sitll doesnt compare to lqemat arth il qemma on its prime. Feeh something missing? Maybe the sheera was kinda 7amtha madry?! Fa lel asaf ma yaw ib rasee 3adel.


Mom gave me an idea, o grandma gave me an idea. Mom said why did u make the whole box of Lqemat Mix? Make a little so you would lhave like 10-20 lqeymat enough… which makes sense! Grandma saya ako makeena itseb il qemat automatically!!!!! Fa ilee yadri wain tenba3 plz yegolee… im making lqemat again and htis time i do not want to fail!!! Yes still q8ya malgoofa o rasi yabes shasawee …


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  1. i really dnt like lgaimat unless its seriously soggy hehehhee


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